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What has your experience with reading been like?

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message 1: by Liemberger (last edited Aug 28, 2013 10:18AM) (new)

Liemberger | 5 comments Mod
In 8-10 sentences, explain how you view reading and why you feel this way. Some questions you might want to consider when constructing your response are:

What books have I enjoyed reading and why?
What books have I not enjoyed reading and why?
Do you read on a regular basis even when you don't have to for school?
Do you think it is important to read on a regular basis?

message 2: by Raymond G (new)

Raymond G | 3 comments I view reading as a very helpful piece in life. I feel this way because without reading people wouldn't be able to get jobs and achieve other things in life. One book i enjoyed reading is Night. I enjoyed reading Night because it taught me things about how cruel the nazi was towards the jews. A book that i least enjoyed reading was Speak . To me Speak is a girl book and I'm a boy so her problems were irrelevant to me. I do not read on the regular basis because I'm too lazy to . But I do think that reading on the regular basis is important because it can help you out with your reading skills and it can improve your reading speed .

message 3: by Domenic (last edited Sep 11, 2013 06:07PM) (new)

Domenic Giangiulio | 5 comments I view reading as an essential part of my life. Reading is that one important subject that will travel with you wherever you go, like when you're out getting a job, or need to pay your bills.

While I do not view reading as the most enjoyable subject of killing time, I do enjoy reading books that intertwine with my interests. Books such as "Captain Underpants", and "Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy" best fit in this criteria. Books that do not fit under my criteria are books such as Twilight and Harry Potter. Since there are so many books like those, I normally don't read on a regular basis. But, I do think it's important that I should start reading on a regular basis. I truly think that If I read on a regular basis, I might have a better understanding of words I didn't know, and may even find a wider selection of books that I would like.

So yes, my views of reading are quite important. And hopefully during this school year, I will read and learn lots of important subjects I never learned before.

message 4: by Ilina (new)

Ilina M | 5 comments I view reading as an adventure. I feel this way because I can see things through different characters' point of view and analyze why they act the way they do. Books I have enjoyed reading are Green Angel and Crispin: The Cross of Lead because I liked the themes and messages it contained. Books I have not enjoyed reading are Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry and Fever 1793. These books were not enjoyable to read because they were not straight forward and dragged on. They gave me the impression that they took place a very long time ago and they just were not relevant. I don't read on a regular basis, although I try. It is rare that I have free time to sit down and read, but when I do, I read to the fullest extent. I think it's important to read on a regular basis because it can help me expand my vocabulary and offers an escape from reality. Reading is very important in general because it spans across curriculum and integrates many subjects such as science and history.

message 5: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa R | 5 comments I view reading as a way to expand your vocabulary and a way to help with your english skills. I feel this way because by reading books that are above you level it helps you to use context clues and other various reading techniques to help find a definition to a word without having to always use a dictionary. This is because you don't carry one around with you every day of your life. Reading is a really good way to help expand your knowledge in many types of ways. Reading on a daily basis can really help to improve your skills as you get older which will help you as you get older. One book I enjoyed reading was To Kill a Mockingbird, I enjoyed this book because I like books of that genre and it kept me in suspense wanting to read more. One book I didnt enjoy was The Giver because it didnt interest me and to me just wasnt a book I would consider reading if it was my preferable choice. I don't read on a regular basis because reading is not something I like to do on my down time, but I do think it is really important to do on a daily basis to help expand and improve you vocabulary. Also, to help you understand a lot more un descriptive passages!

message 6: by Jarod (new)

Jarod Rodio | 2 comments I view reading in a way to expand your knowledge. I think reading is a very important thing to be doing now a days because if you don't read you wouldn't be able to have a wide variety with words and vocabulary. the more you read the better you can be at spelling, reading, speaking, and listening. You can learn new things about almost anything when you read. You can pick from a variety of genres. There are many books that you can read. One of my most favorite books that i have read was Stephen King's The Shining. i enjoyed this book a lot because i enjoy horror and Stephen King is one of my most favorite authors.

message 7: by Alhassan (new)

Alhassan Bah | 1 comments well, you know it was difficult at first, but in the end i got the hang of it.i love reading books.it is one of my favorite hobbies.i always learn new things by reading books.the kind of books i read is sports,suspense and young adults.reading is very fun.and i think that people should read more.after school i go to the library and read.i like reading because it is a time of peace and quiet

message 8: by Charles (new)

Charles Kelly | 1 comments I see reading a way to cure boredom and a way to reach into different worlds with new experiences. These days not many people read because of those video games. Reading can expand your vocabulary along with your overall knowledge. Within all of the fiction books that I have read the Hunger Games series really stood out to me. Keep in mind fiction is my favorite genre of book. These books made me feel in touch with the characters and their feelings. When a character died, I felt angry. The author, Susanne Collins, is a an amazing writer and I believe she should keep writing these inspirational books.

message 9: by Zach (new)

Zach D | 5 comments I view reading as one of the benefits in life because it opens up so many opportunities such as jobs and etc. Reading is very important and I think everyone should know how to do it. If no one knew how to read then there would be so many things that we wouldnt me able to do. My experience with reading is a good one because I learned a lot from reading books. While some of the books that I have read have been boring a lot of them have been good and helpful. I think everyone should read more to become smarter. I dont read on a regular basis.I will try to read more then I currently do now.

message 10: by Jibril (new)

Jibril Little | 5 comments I view reading as very helpful in everyday life. The reason I feel this way is because I personally believe that, without reading people would really be unstable in life because the lack of- NOT FINISHED

message 11: by Mohamed, (new)

Mohamed, S | 3 comments my experience with reading is pretty simple i read just books.If the book does not speak to me then I do not read it. the books i read have to be interesting for taste.but generally reading has helped me in some parts of my life so yeah reading has been a good experience in my life. but your interest in reading books depend on the author

message 12: by Hileem (new)

Hileem D. (HileemD) | 5 comments I view reading in as a way to expand you knowledge and to learn among different people and cultures of the world. I feel this way because reading is a way to explain life in different ways that everyone would understand. I have read alot of books in my lifetime, bit one book that I really enjoy reading is "The Giver".
I enjoy that book because it reminds me of "the hunger games" my second favorite book. It is entertaining and renain you substaning interest in the book. I read on a daily basis not only books but signs, signals, newspapers, and digital objects. Weekly I might ready books but not on a daily basis. I think it is important to read on a daily basis because, thats like saying is it important to learn everyday . Its very important .

message 13: by Hong (new)

Hong Ly | 5 comments I view reading as a way to escape from reality. I view it this way because when I'm reading, I feel like I'm inside the book myself. Being able to seek or visual what the characters are doing in my mind, I feel as though I'm with them. I love it when I get lost in a the book, that's how I know I'm actually enjoying it."I Am The Messenger" is one of my favorite book that I've read. I love this book because it has my favorite genres in it, which is mystery and it taught me that having a future is very important and helping others is also important. One book that I didn't enjoy reading much is "The Book Thief" because I didn't really get the plot of the story that much. I don't read on regular basis because I feel as though I never have the time to just sit and read because of homework and chores. I thinks its very important to read on regular basis,cause you always learn something when you read.

message 14: by Dylan (new)

Dylan | 2 comments I view reading as a way to learn new things and i also view reading as a hobbie to some people. I feel this way because I know alot of people who like to read and and get so much educated. The books I enjoy reading are mystery books and thats kind of it. I dont like nonfiction books, scienic fiction books, and fiction books. I never read on a daily basis i really dont like to read at all. But when I have to read the books i liked that I already read where the giver and night. I liked these books because I liked how tohe book went, it interested me. I think it is important to read on a daily basis because it strenghtens your brain.

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