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Panda (may-the-gods-be-jealous)
Vulcanos are large giant holed volcanos that rest near the tundrafuls. There are about 3 volcanos and the lava looks abnormal. No one really knows this but the Vulcano lava does not burn. Infact, if you jump in the lava, you can get to the Underlands. No one knows this due to the lava seeming too dangerous and the air being hot.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Elda and the now bigger Alice trudged through the Vulancos. The Other Hatter had never gone to this part of Wonderland simply because it freaked her out. The lava was too odd looking, and the air was to warm for her liking. Already her brown and blonde hair started to frizz from the humidity. She took off her hat and started waving it across her face in the hope to cool her off.

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Panda (may-the-gods-be-jealous) Alice looked at Elda than sighed. She was so hot, especially because she was wearing heavy cloth and thick stockings. She looked at the hot ground as her hair stood still. Personally her hair was too silky and straight too frizz, but for some reason it was getting like her real life hair style, wavy. She walked along the Vulcano as they were closer and closer to the top. She sighed and soon used her Vorpal Knife to get a bit of coldness. Alice rubbed her eyes soon, she looked back at Elda and than at the ground. She never was at this part, never wanted to be.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) ((I'm really sorry, but I'll be gone for a few days. Do you mind?))

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Panda (may-the-gods-be-jealous) ((No, i have been fairly busy myself XD))

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) The Other Hatter whipped a green gloved hand across her slick forehead. The heat was really getting to her. She now stepped with great care, worried not to touch the lava that flowed in streams. Her steps were long and arching, if a little overdramatic. But she had always been dramatic – it was her nature.

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Panda (may-the-gods-be-jealous) Alice soon glanced back at The Other Hatter, seeing her wipe her forehead with her green leather around her hand. She soon sighed as she arranged her dress to not lift again. Her tights under her skirt was regular white that reached all the way to the tip of her toes, closing the gap that her toes would poke out. Alice didn't like this part of the Wonderland world. It was humid hot, and was always boring. Soon Alice jumped up to get to the corner of the volcano hole, which was about 1 yard large, Alice soon almost fell, close one.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) The Other Hatter followed Alice, craning her neck downwards to peer into the hole she nearly fell into. Humid air wafted into her face, and she coughed with the heat. Her had waved across her face in the hope to cool herself down, but it wasn't working. “Je-doodle,” she mumbled, “this place is hotter than the Jabberwocky’s stomach. So, why are we here? Is this how we enter Underland?”

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Panda (may-the-gods-be-jealous) Alice soon looked at Elda again. Her hair flowed like crazy on the high wind as her cold pale green eyes looked at her. Soon Alice shrugged than said "Its not that hot". She had to admit it though, once falling inside a Jabberwocky's stomach, not pleasant. She though wondered what was happening in the real world now, the real Alice. Of course she knew that it was morning, but she did have to leave for the god dang therapist session. She loathed Angus Bumby, he was a child molester and a murder, Alice just couldn't stand him. Soon her mind traced back as she replied quickly to Elda again "I don't know. Underland is just a myth, I don't know how to get in". Soon Alice sighed before looking at the lava, it sure looked real...

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) “Well then,” Elda asked, leaping over a small stream of lava that crossed her path. “What do the myths say about getting into Underland?” She took long, careful and elegant steps. For a split second, she thought she heard something, and her hand went to her shoulder, as if to unseat something that clearly wasn’t there. Or, what looked like it wasn’t there. But soon she realized it was just a deep rumble of a volcano. It didn’t seem to be a serious rumble, though, so her hand went back to her side.

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