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Kate Kavanagh

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Denisa Diana What do you guys think about her? I like her, I think she's more realistic than Ana. I mean, at least she realized how creepy the contract actually is.

Did you like her interactions with Ana? Do you think it's good that she ended up with Elliot? Did you want to see her with someone else?
Would you have liked to see more Kate/Christian interactions?

I didn't see many topics about her and I think it's a good idea to, at least try, light up the 'Discussion Topics' for 50 Shades. So, let's share some opinions, shall we?

Arlene OK. Here's what I was thinking about reading the story. Obviously Ana was drawn to strong personality people. Opposites attract, right? I do hope that there is a story in the works for Kate and Elliot's romance. I thought he was adorable!

Paula I really wanted a story about Kate and Elliot. I liked Kate a lot and would have liked to read about their romance. I think she was a great friend to Ana and I think that she was the only one to stand up to Christian. E.L. James should make this her next book.

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