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Simon or Jace
Parnika Parnika Aug 28, 2013 09:18AM
Hey guys, I was just wondering--if you had the option, (and don't we all wish we did, haha) who would you date? Simon or Jace?

I know Jace is a better match for Clary (although *SPOILERS* before I found out that they weren't in fact siblings, it was really awkward to read about how they felt for each other--it bothered me a lot) but I think personally it'd have to be Simon.

Simon's awesome. He's the sweetest thing and he's pretty funny too. Nerdy guys are cute XD. Idk the fact that he's a vampire makes him even better...mysterious in his own way. I honestly think in real life I wouldn't be able to stand Jace's personality at all, maybe because I'm just as arrogant and proud so our personalities would collide.

So who would it be? Simon or Jace?

Jace! He's the perfect one for Clary. Simon is just her best FRIED, nothing more.

Jace. He's hotter and fierce. <3

I guess both.....

Jace is super awesome but he is a bit to dark for Clary's good nature, but Simon has always been there for Clary and he is willing to put up with demons and everything just for her.

Clary must be a pretty lucky girl, having two epic guys fall in love with her...

Jace is the best!! :D He's gorgeous, sexy and an arrogant bad boy; everything I love in a guy! So, it has to be Jace... ;)

Amanda YES!!!! I totally agree!!
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Madison I agree too
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I personally do not like Simon for some reason. I prefer Jace, because I love it when they are together, but then Cassandra have to drop that twist on me GOSH i don't want to believe they are siblings. It cant be true. ughhhh!!!!!!!!

Jace, because I love how protective, sarcastic, and affectionate he is to Clary. Whenever I read these books he always makes me laugh! I wish I was Clary!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simon...he's so cute and funny. And besides I can hardly stand Jace in the book sometimes, cant even imagion how bad it would be in real life. Seeing as I have big oppiones about a lot of things. So we'd most likely have a lot of aguments about almost everything. So I'd have to go with Simon.


In general Simon but for clary Jace

I think Simon. He seems down to earth and would do anything for Clary.

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I would pick JACE a week ago, but now since City of Heavenly Fire came out, lets stick with Simon.....

JACE. I hated Simon in the books and in the movie. But more in the movie, he just want to know everything and he doesn't make good decisions sometimes.

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Jace. Jace. Jace. Jace. Jace. Jace. Jace. Jace. Jace. Jace. Jace. Jace. Jace. Jace. Jace. Jace This is not even a question.


He is just so hot and romantic, that is so cute <3



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Jace belongs with clary sooooo uch more.
but i prefer simon. Isabelle you better watch out =P


Jace, for sure! he`s hotter and more romantic and just perfect. Plus he has a good sense of humor, something we both have in common

Hands down: Jace

Jace. Sí, no voy a negar que Simon es una gran persona y que quedaría genial con Clary. Pero ahora el mundo de Clary y su vida está con los cazadores de sombras. Mientras que Simon... bueno, ya sabéis lo que le pasa en el segundo libro, es que, ¿cómo vamos a poder pasar eso por alto? Y Jace, ¿no se merece un poco de felicidad? Sin duda alguna escojo a Jace. Y además Jace no es tan malo, puede a llegar a ser muy romantico cuando se lo propone (ejem...ejem.. ciudad de cristal... ejem...ejem).
Saludos Nefilim.

Jace!!!j He is a sexy bad boy! I love his personality too! Jace all the way!!

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