The Earthshattering re-read

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Milo (milomccowan) | 28 comments Mod
Yes, I have read them all.
I found Cormac when All the Pretty Horses came out, bought a first edition right out of the bookstore and now have that valuable copy. I was blown away.
I began my search for all of his work and bought 1st editions of all of them [some at huge prices]. I read like a madman. That was back in the early 90's.
So, today in the 2013's I began my re-read though a bit backward. The took the first three of his books and re-read them in reverse order:
Child of God- first
Outer Dark- second, and
The Orchard Keeper [his first book]- third

Try it. The rewards are immense. I now go word by word and continue to marvel at his capacity to describe and his uncanny use of dialog.
Is he an easy read?... Hell no
Do his books have happy endings?... Never
Does he copy Faulkner?.. No, he betters him
Is it worth the time to digest his works?... only if you have a brain and a thick crust.

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Milo (milomccowan) | 28 comments Mod
Luck, bucks, and love of books.... Worth every dime I've spent.

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Milo (milomccowan) | 28 comments Mod
My 1st Outer Dark is signed [rare]. I also have signed Stonemason, Gardener's Son, Border Trilogy, etc.

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Milo (milomccowan) | 28 comments Mod
For all of you McCarthyites out there.. a bit of trivia.

Q. When was McCarthy fist published?

A. Yale Review, Spring 1965 "Bounty, a Story" and the Sewanee Review, Spring 1965 "Dark Waters" both excerpts from his "upcoming" book The Orchard Keeper.

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