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Nicholas Smith (nicholassansburysmith) | 13 comments Join the revolution and see why readers are calling the new bestselling dystopian title, the Biomass Revolution, "a modern day 1984."

What would you do if you lived in a world where your every move was scrutinized by your own personal artificial intelligence--a world where everything is regulated, from power usage to relationships--a world where everything you thought you knew turned out to be a lie?

Welcome to Tisaia - The last hub of modern civilization in a world left scorched by the nuclear fires of the Biomass Wars. Surrounded by a fortress of steel walls and protected by a fierce and loyal Council of Royal Knights, Tisaia seems relatively safe to the average State worker and citizen. A plentiful supply of Biomass powers the cities and food is abundant, but security has come at a terrible cost. The State will do anything to protect its resources, even if it means suppressing the rights of its citizens and deporting immigrants into the Wasteland - a virtual death sentence.

Spurious Timur is one of the State workers helping keep the wheels of prosperity turning in Tisaia. As he starts to explore Tisaia and question his own worth, he realizes there may be more to his subsistence than he thought. When he meets and falls for co-worker Lana Padilla, he begins to understand he may hold the key to restoring Tisaia to a just and free State.

However, restoring Tisaia will come at a cost; both to Spurious and those he cares about, because in Tisaia nothing is ever what it seems. And as more of his past begins to surface, he is faced with the ultimate decision--on which side of the revolution should he fight?


I'm gifting this book via amazon to 50 readers interested in a read for review. Just leave your AMAZON email below and I will fire the book off to you. In addition to a review on Amazon I would appreciate one on goodreads within a couple weeks of the date you get your copy.


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Sarah (sarey17) | 1 comments My name is Sarah Miller, amd my email is sarey17@gmail.com !

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Nicholas Smith (nicholassansburysmith) | 13 comments Sarah wrote: "My name is Sarah Miller, amd my email is sarey17@gmail.com !"

Just gifted it to you via Amazon. Let me know if you have problems getting it. Thanks Sarah.

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Francie (love_francie) Hi, Frances Olea and my email is, undomesticgoddess120404@yahoo.com. Thank!

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Marce Hi, I'm Marcela Demková and my email is astaroth.zoe@gmail.com.

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Nicholas Smith (nicholassansburysmith) | 13 comments Just an FYI to everyone, this has to be a US amazon associated email. Please let me know if you can't meet that criteria and I will find another way to get you the book. Thanks!

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Laura (lauritagoddess) I'm Laura and my e-mail us lauritagoddess@gmail.com. Thanks!

Jane (janeinri) | 129 comments Hi, I'm Jane and my e-mail is gsjane@aol.com

Or my kindle is gsjane@kindle.com

Not sure if I'm doing this right, but it sounds interesting and I'd love to read & review it!

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Mary | 1 comments Hi, Mary Ashmore. My email is marycashmore@gmail.com

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Cheer Papworth (cheerest) | 390 comments Nick,

I received this message on your behalf:

subject: re: [YA Apocalyptic and Dystopian Fiction] Read to Review: Biomass Revolution
message: Hi, I'd love to read it - sounds interesting!


Lydia (lapetitelydia) My email is lydiajoydouglas@gmail.com :)

Robynn Bodinsky | 7 comments I'm robynn and my email is bicron101@hotmail.com

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Erika | 5 comments very interested in this..1984 is by far one of my all time favorite books.. and if this is being compared to it, i need to read it!! erikachrystal@gmail.com

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Nicholas Smith (nicholassansburysmith) | 13 comments I think I got everyone so far, please check your email. If you didn't get a downloadable link from Amazon please contact me and I will figure out a way to get you a copy.


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Sarah (aladysmanifesto) | 7 comments My amazon email is aladysmanifesto@gmail.com

Thank you, Sarah

Nancy (bubbysmama) | 13 comments I'd love to R&R! My email is lindleyd57@hotmail.com

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Jason Hamilton | 4 comments my amazon login name is jennraebe@aol.com

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Nicholas Smith (nicholassansburysmith) | 13 comments Nancy wrote: "I'd love to R&R! My email is lindleyd57@hotmail.com"

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Nicholas Smith (nicholassansburysmith) | 13 comments Jason wrote: "my amazon login name is jennraebe@aol.com"

Book Catharsis (bookcatharsis) | 1 comments My amazon longin is justinedingman@gmail.com

Nancy (bubbysmama) | 13 comments I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get this up! Here's my review:

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Stephanie (stephnizi) | 9 comments I may be too late, but if you're still looking for reviews, I'd love to check it out!


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