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Promo Girl Edition (The Day Job Diaries, #2)
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message 1: by Agnes (new)

Agnes | 2 comments My book Promo Girl Edition is in its debut week and would love some reviews! ;-) I set it to free on Amazon (for the next 5 days). The Day Job Diaries series has been described as similar to a "California Sex and the City" - here is the synopsis for Promo Girl Edition:

Elsie Faber has a problem. She wants to be an actress, but it's taking longer than she expected to become a movie star. How does a young woman in exorbitantly expensive Los Angeles support herself without the help of a trust fund or sugar daddy?


This book is for anyone who's ever wondered about the girl who gave them a free shot or branded keychain at the bar. This is her story.

Warning: One sex scene, some drugs, lots of drinking and even more Hollywood debauchery.

Promo Girl Edition is part of The Day Job Diaries series but definitely can be read as a standalone novel.

Approximately 80k words, or 225 pages. Perfect for the Vegas to Philly flight!


message 2: by Agnes (new)

Agnes | 2 comments Hi MaryAnn,
It's not in paperback yet, but it should be soon (and I'm sure I'll still need more reviews!;-) Will send you an email once I get it in print. Thanks so much for your interest :-)

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