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Angelina Jolie for Eve Dallas!
Jacqueline Lam Jacqueline Aug 28, 2013 03:33AM
I like to picture Angelina Jolie as Eve Dallas. Any like minded fellas?

I'm with Lorene...hell no and yes if a younger Mariska type actress is out there. Eve is NOT pouty and if you read the book you know she is lean and hasn't much in the breast department! lol

NOOOO.... not because of age, but for all, Jolie is totally different with Eve in my mind, can't imagine if jolie play as eve .... uuugghhhh....

Jacqueline wrote: "I like to picture Angelina Jolie as Eve Dallas. Any like minded fellas?"

Hell no!!!!!
I pictured Eve just like J D Robb's picture on the back cover of every book.


Mariska would have been perfect, but she is getting too old. NO ONE is as pretty as Roarke so I can't image who would play him. Maybe Alec Baldwin, waaaayyyyy back in the day.

Angelina hell no.... stana would be great.

Stana Katic from Castle, She would be great. Especially how she plays Kate in Castle. and she is thin moves quick and has a sharp mind.

No to all of them, I love Angelina & Mariska & Stana Katic but they are all too old now. Eve was late 20s or maybe early 30s when she met Roarke? So it would have to be a younger actress, definitely late 20s, no older, if they were to make a tv series or movies.

Stana Katic

Accept for the pouty mouth I think Scarlet Johannsen might be able to pull it off. She's tough and about the right body type. I think of her in the Marvel movies and she's close to Eve's personality. Roark? A tougher call. Needs to be dark, brooding and definitely Irish. If Pierce Brosnan were younger...maybe?

I also agree with some of the comments above...Let's just not put them in movies or tv at all.

Kelly Hmmm. Jodie Foster...maybe. I went back and looked at Mariska Hargaty and she would make a good Eve, but again the age may not be right.
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hell no

What about Gerard Butler as Roarke?

For me when you read over the series, they type, character, his presence, and overall "air" of roarke....better make sure the female is just as good. How I've pictured roarke in my head....even Scarlett doesn't add up for when I pictute her next to him.

Kelly Yeah. I don't think anyone can live up to the Roark I have in my head LOL ...more
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Jacqueline wrote: "I like to picture Angelina Jolie as Eve Dallas. Any like minded fellas?"

NO WAY!!!!! Eve is soooo different than that!Maybe a little bit like kate from castle but not completely, just similar...

I shudder when I consider any actress playing Eve Dallas. Those who could match the physical description don't have the acting chops and those that could pull off the character don't match physically. To be fair though I rarely see an actor or an actress play a book character true to the author's vision.

I agree with the Mariska Hargaty portrayal but the others no I can't agree.

No, hell no! Angelina Jolie as Eve? Might as well put Brad Pitt as Rourke. Both are just as wrong and ridiculous. I could go with Stana Katic. I think she could play Eve very well.

I love Angelina but she is way to short for Eve Dallas. Eve is tall and while Mariska is tall she is not thin enough nor young enough any more to pull it off. I like Milla Jovovich, She's tall and thin and has had kick ass rolls before.

Sharon (last edited Feb 01, 2015 09:25PM ) Feb 01, 2015 08:48PM   0 votes
Milla Jovjovich would be triple iced and Antonio Bandares,just how he looked when he played in Desperado. Yaphet Kotto from homocidal and aliens would make a great Commander Whittney. Captin Feeney could be Shawn cConnery Peabody could be Jennifer Lawrence.

Emma Stone would also be good as Eve.

Gloria (last edited Sep 10, 2013 07:04PM ) Sep 10, 2013 06:59PM   0 votes
Angelina is way too busty for EVE.

But if you saw MLEY Cyrus's swing on the wrecking ball you will see she has EVE's body type perfectly.
And her hair!!! but She will need contacts for the eye color.
And Mylie has that dark side that Eve and Roarke both share.
And I have seen her act in a tv drama with a darker part.
I still say, blue eyed Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus. are perfect.

Stana Katic HANDS DOWN

I agree with the majority on this. Not Angelina. I love Mariska tho.

Thank you, I have been trying to remember the woman's name from Law and Order. I have always thought she is exactly how I picture Eve. Or Stana Katic from Castle. Especially when she had the shorter hair.

I would rather se a new actress take this role. An actress that doesnt have any big roles behind her...

Hell NO! I wouldn't even bother to see the movie if Jolie was cast as Eve.

And NOOOOOOO to Angelina Jolie. I live Angie, but not for Eve Dallas.

I agree No Jolie!!! Uggg

Absolutely not Angelina.

Absolutely not. I agree with Lorene about a younger Mariska.

I dont picture anyone to play Eve and Roarke they are in my mind,but I dont know if this actors be like them in real life.

NOOOOO. Don't see Eve that way. Hell No is correct. Besides, don't really want this series made into a movie. I would like some books left to my imagination. Movie ruined Harry Potter series for me. There are very few movies that are able to capture the true spirit of the books they portray.

Stana Katic HANDS DOWN. I love Jolie BUT for me it would be as bad as 'you know who' for Jack Reacher ugh

I like Angie Harmon (Rizzoli & Isles)for Eve. I like Liv Schreiber or Colin Farrell for Roarke.

Vannessa (last edited Dec 29, 2013 05:03AM ) Dec 29, 2013 04:58AM   0 votes
Hilary Swank is my choice.

I really like Jolie but can't picture her in the role.

I don't believe Stana Katic, Mariska Hargaty nor Milla Jovovich can pull it off because none of them have played roles that have required playing challenging characters.

She is too old and not perfect as i picture eve dallas in my mind

Hell, No with Angelina Jolie! But I do think like some of the others here do that Stana Katic would make a great Eve.

No way!!!!!

Not just know, but HELL, NO! Ive always pictured Eve as a younger Mariska Hargaty. (from Law and Order)

Lynn (last edited Mar 28, 2014 08:19PM ) Mar 24, 2014 06:48PM   -1 votes
Charlize Theron to play Eve Dallas - Tall, short blonde hair, right age, good actress, can play tough and sensitive. Gerard Butler for Roarke. Last I heard, Mel Gibson had the rights to the series, but that was years ago. Maybe at the time, he thought about playing Roarke. Don't know if he sold the rights to someone else.

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