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Natasha may or may not have pulled some strings to get a manor for the family.
*insert pics here*

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Annie drove the Land Rover up to the house and pulled up right by the door. She jumped out and opened Matt's door. "Hey," she said. "We're here."

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Matt sat up blearily stepped out of the rustic car. He took a step forward before falling onto Annie. "Thanks yeah?" He said drearily, not happy that he was useless.

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Annie wrapped his arms around his body to help support him. "Okay, mister, you're going in my room." She practically dragged him to the door and inside.

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Matt chuckled softly and faintly. "Ah, that is the first time I've heard that in a while" He teased.

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"Oh, Matt," Annie sighed. "When you're better, darling, then you can interpret it like that." She looked at the stairs and sighed, walking up them with Matt in her arms.

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Matt tried to say something else, but gave up as his eyes dropped. He tried to fall on the stairs, but Annie wouldn't let him. "C'mon, let me sleep!"

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"You are not sleeping on the stairs, love," Annie said. She dragged him into her room and shoved him onto her bed. "Now you can." She wiped sweat from her forehead. He was heavier than her little brothers.

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"I would have thought you would be used to lugging unconscious bodies around" he said, breaking off in a yawn. "You wanna sleep wif me?" He asked her tranquilly.

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"I'm use to lighter bodies," Annie said. She smiled softly. "Sure," she whispered and laid down next to him.

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"You calling me fat?" He asked quietly, already falling into sleep. " that's not very nice you know"

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"I was not calling you fight," Annie said softly in amusement. "I mean I was use to my little brothers."

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"Oh" Was all he said before he was unconscious. He dreamed about fighting. Matt was fighting, and for the first time Mattimeo wasn't rising. Because Annie was fighting right next to Matt.

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) ( Im interjecting The Wizard in here... cause someone payed him to kill Matt)

" How touchingly sentimental... but alas its pointless." A voice said as the Wizard floated in

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Matt only turned over in his sleep. He had nearly but not quite recovered from his power usage.

((Sorry, I'm still not on my Laptop, Dcboy.))

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) ( Eh I prefer Damian)

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Annie watched him sleep, a smile on her face. She gently snuggled closer and closed her eyes. She fell asleep slowly next to him.

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) Wizard lined the home with explosions " Now the brat and boar will b no more.." he said activating each bomb.

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Annie heard the bombs and jumped to her feet. "Matt!" She exclaimed, activating the bomb shelter in her room.

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) Wizard yawned a bomb shelter it the truly the best you got. He said throwing a black hole device literally sucking it open as he floated " I'm here for you Matthew."

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Annie stood between Matt and Wizard. "F*ck off," she said.

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) Wizard just shrugged throwing a disk on her and tossing her maybe a mile away out toward the ocean and making her 500 pounds heavy so she would sink.

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((god modelling...))

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Matt woke with bed messed hair and wide eyes, a flush in his cheeks. He would have looked cute/handsome if it weren't for the dire situation. He was up in a second, his head looking between The Wizard and Annie. He was off after Annie in a second, morphing giant Peregrine wings to follow her. Once with her he lifted her, taking her entire weight by morphing his muscles larger. He flew to dry land and placed her down, checking her vital signs.

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) ( Actually no its gravity manipulation)

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Annie, once on land, coughed up the water naturally and gasped for air. Her clothes were sticking tightly to her small frame.

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inactive account (inactiveaccoun) | 1565 comments (( ._.

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) The Wizard's disk attached the Matt placing him ina force field that blasted him hard enough to knock even Thor out.

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Thegotenza wrote: "(( ._."

((i'm only on one thing as I do my assignments, I can't do anything else))

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inactive account (inactiveaccoun) | 1565 comments (( oh um yeah I know

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Matt fell and broke his foot somewhere. Maybe his ankle. He wouldn't know as soon he was unconscious.

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Annie jumped up and sprinted to Matt, activating a shield of energy around her. She put her body over Matt, protecting him.

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) " Well tah tah for now.." The Wizard said waving off before disappearing in a bright flash with matt in the force field.

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Annie kept her body over Matt's, her energy shield kinda cancelling out the force field's affects on her.

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) ( He's gone)

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Kristin {Black Widow} wrote: "Annie jumped up and sprinted to Matt, activating a shield of energy around her. She put her body over Matt, protecting him."

(she jumped onto him and held on before wizard left)

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) ( Me and Matt already greed and he had a disc attacted him so he's gonna teleport out with him)

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(but she was on him... so what do I do. No body else is on. Not Rogue, all your charries are evil when with mine and I'm going through a time of wanted peace...)

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) ( But thats not gonna stop him from teleporting away... and Nightlock already agreed on Matt getting kidnapped)

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(I got that part from your last post. Just my only active charrie was annie and now she aint active as no one is on to rp with or is available to rp with)

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) ( SO as soon as Nightlock Mat's on hes disappearing)

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) ( as soon as he's on, Matt is disappearing with Wizard)

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(ah. Yeah. Just I have no one to rp with since rogue is AWOL and Cori left)

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) ( Well I still have heroes you know)

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(who always disagree with my heroes...)

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) ( How did Eli Nelson disagree?)

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(clashing ego's with one of my charries I'm pretty sure)
(gtg, basketball. Be back in around 4-5 hours)

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((*Is about to be missiled at by Kristin* I'M SORRY AND I LOVE YOU! Although, what happened to Rogue???))

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) ( I dont know... Hey Nightlock... you wanna continue Quinn and Sam ;)

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