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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Girl's family moves to isolated forest, little brother ends up possessed by a disgusting monkey-goblin. /s

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message 1: by laurenpie (new)

laurenpie | 132 comments Probably YA Fantasy/Horror, read in the 90's. Female teen protagonist and her family (parents and little brother) move to an isolated forest. She meets a mysterious Puck-like character (though she never makes that connection) who is surreptitiously trying to save her family from some evil element(s) in the forest. Her little brother ends up possessed by a disgusting monkey-goblin that only she can see. Her parents, not realizing what's actually going on, have him hospitalized due to his uncharacteristically bizarre behavior.

The novel is very vague in my memory, but here are my impressions:
1. The writing is a bit surreal; creepy around the edges.
2. The setting was purposely indistinct--could have been anywhere in Western culture, and just about anywhere in the 20th century. Though I personally interpreted it as approximately 1960's to 1980's America, I don't remember whether that was stated or just me filling in.

message 2: by Delanie (new)

Delanie | 39 comments Faerie Tale by Raymond Feist might be it? The family moves to a small town that borders a woods where the fey live. One little brother is kidnapped and the "changeling" left behind behaves abominably and gets hospitalized. The other little brother has to save him.

message 3: by laurenpie (new)

laurenpie | 132 comments Thank you for the suggestion! I downloaded the Feist. Don't think I'll have time to read it for a week. Hope it's the one I remember!

message 4: by Marama (new)

Marama | 13 comments Definitely sounds like Faerie Tale to me. Although, if it's not, I'd sure like to know what this one is :)

message 5: by laurenpie (new)

laurenpie | 132 comments Yes, Dalanie and Marama, it was definitely Fairy Tale. Thanks so much for helping me find it!

Enjoyed the re-read, though it's interesting how, the first time through, I identified with the teen girl (though I would have been around 30), and this time through I didn't at all. Empathized much more with the boys this time around.

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laurenpie | 132 comments Could a moderator move this to SOLVED for me? Thank you!

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6972 comments Mod
Taken care of Laurenpie.

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laurenpie | 132 comments ty!

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