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Where students and teachers can make their own lunches with the food provided. They can also make their own breakfasts and dinners here. Late night snacks and hot drinks are allowed. If you don't want to make your own, you can go to the cafeteria or take your made food there.

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Artemis walked into the kitchen, rolling her shoulders. She placed her bow and full quiver down on a table and picked up an apple.

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((oh, didn't realise I was here :D))

Artemis looked at Athena and nodded once, biting into the sweet, golden apple.

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"Hello," Artemis replied. "What do you want?"

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"Then why are you here?" Artemis asked, taking another bite from her apple.

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"Well, I am leaving to go hunting a stupid dragon in a minute," Artemis said.

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"Because it tried to kill me," Artemis replied.

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"I do believe someone named Hades set is after me," Artemis said. "Immature boy."

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"All boys, certainly," Artemis said.

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((So sorry to interrupt. If you want me to leave, just say so!))
Thanatos wandered in, his appetite reaching raw meat level. He walked in and saw Artemis. A smile spread across his face. "Heh. Hey ladies." He said, smoothly tripping on his own foot as he walked to the coffee machine thing. He continued oggling Artemis as he made the caffeinated drink.

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((hey, Night! why would we want you to leave?))

Artemis looked Thanatos up and down. "Further proving I am right."

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((For proving Artemis right with my charrie? I dunno, I guess for interrupting you two))

Thanatos smile widened. "Glad I could be of assistance, yeah?" he said. He made his coffee extra strong and added only a pinch of sugar. he sipped and sat there watching the two. "Don't mind me"

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((nah, it's all cool :P))

"Yeah, yeah, boy," Artemis said to Thanatos. She looked at Athena. "I am usually right."

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"Ok, hang on. What'd I do?" he said, getting the feeling he had indeed done something wrong. "Promise you I didn't steal anything." he said jokingly, now his gaze moving away from the two. He was bored... again. He downed his coffee before shoving the cup in a random sink.

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"You are a male who proved me right," Artemis answered. "Thank fully you are not as idiotic as the other male I saw today." She looked Thanatos up and down. "You're more confident too."

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"Confidence? Yeah, no. Confidence is for people who are sure of themselves. Whoa re sure that they are right. Me? I just don't give a cr-" he broke off as he sniffed, smelling food. he turned and grabbed a cinnamon off a nearby tray, taking a bite before putting it back "Anyway, I'm just gonna leave you to it now." he said, nodding at the two.

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"You don't have to leave," Artemis said, walking to him. She nodded at Athena's comment. "What don't you give a crap about? And you seem confident. Confidence is in those who stand up for their race, and you certainly do that by the looks of it."

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"Yeah, strange. Like everybody else here is normal." Thanatos said sarcastically. "And it's more than 'not giving a crap'. I just don't care. Standing up for myself is simple. Anybody below me is either not worth it or are climbing up the ranks in the world. But me? I couldn't give a flying reapers scythe as to what people think of me."

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"Scythe?" Artemis asked after a while, frowning. "Why do you seem familiar..."

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"Heh. Everybody seems familiar to me. I wouldn't know though, I apparently have amnesia of some kind" Thanatos's eyes flicked over to Athena "Ok, if you say so. But I haven't met that part of me yet."

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Artemis tilted her head to the side. She picked up a fresh apple, and to watch his reaction, pegged it at Thanatos.

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There was a flash of black and the apple appeared not to reach him. He smiled and the apple was back up on a table after another flash of black. "What was that for?" He asked, raising an accusing eyebrow.

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Artemis looked at the apple and back at Thanatos. "I just like to peg apples at guys," she replied, happy her test was successful.

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"Ah, that explains every thing." Thanatos said. There was a slight shimmer and his wings unfolded on either side of him, narrowly missing a rack of point up knives. "Well, other people can do thing so I guess this isn't that surprising." He shrugged

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Holt (tnkphk) | 89 comments ((Heyheyhey night!! ))

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Artemis watched him, smiling in amusement. "Nice wings," she commented. She had kind of zoned out when he had been talking.

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"Think, girl," Artemis said to Athena.

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"She is. They appear to be for decor, since I'm bloody afraid to use them." Thanatos said. "They freak me out. A lot." And with a shimmer the appeared to disappear.

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"Oh Hey, just because we can die must mean we aren't afraid of death" he retorted, smirking slightly. He liked Athena's wit.

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Artemis rolled her eyes and took another bite of her apple. "Immortals can die," she said. "Mortals can die." She took another bite again. "Ever heard of living for the moment?"

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"But are my wings part of me? I only recently figured out how to control them so they don't knock people out every time I brush past. They feel... unnatural." Thanatos shrugged. "And Immortals can still have their consciousness and body ripped into extremely fine, microscopic, pieces and scattered through out the universe. That is equal to death." He said. He had no idea how he knew this.

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"Like I said," Artemis sighed, rolling her eyes. "Immortals can die."

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"Yeah, all the more fun to know how though, yes?" Thanatos winked at her. "Right, I'm off to see some guy I recognize. Dunno where from, but I intend to find out." He turned, taking the apple out of Artemis's hand and taking a bite himself. He continued eating it as he walked out the door.

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Artemis crossed her arms. "Males," she muttered. She picked up the apple she threw at him and bit into that.

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Artemis looked at Athena, still munching on her apple.

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"What?" Artemis asked. "Are you just going to keep on watching me?"

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Artemis sighed. "Sorry, I'm not looking for a relationship," she said and walked to the door.

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"Sure," Artemis said and left.

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