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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Thriller: Corporate retreat at exotic island resort; men are attacked; wives escape to jungle [s]

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laurenpie | 132 comments Fiction: probably 90's. Five or six American men bring their wives along on a corporate retreat. The resort is attacked while the men are there, but their wives were either away or managed to escape (with nothing). Most of the story is about the women figuring out how to survive in the jungle and how to circumvent the attackers to make it back to civilization.

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Lobstergirl | 37833 comments Mod
I wondered if you and this person are looking for the same book:

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Lobstergirl | 37833 comments Mod
Maybe Hunter's Moon?

"A corporate hunting retreat turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse in this latest addition to the Kate Shugak series."

Although, it takes place in Alaska.

laurenpie | 132 comments LOL, that's the thread that reminded me about my book! Not the same plot, because no computer-support people save the day. Come to think of it, I think my novel was set just before computers became prevalent in business, and definitely before internet ubiquity.

laurenpie | 132 comments Unfortunately, not Hunter's Moon. Mine was set on an exotic tropical island. I'll bet I would like Hunter's Moon, though; it sounds quite similar and has really high ratings. :)

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Anna | 207 comments Pretty sure this is Savages by Shirley Conran.

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I agree with Anna. As soon as I saw the thread title that's the first thing I thought of.

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Beverlyc Sounds like Savages to me as well.

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laurenpie | 132 comments Got a copy of "Savages." The first portion isn't ringing any bells with me--but maybe I only remembered the parts I liked, where the women are on their own. I'll let you know this weekend after I've read further..

laurenpie | 132 comments Well, that was a weird experience!

Savages has got to be the same book, the plot is the same. But, the writing style and the details as the plot is fleshed out are so very different than I remember from fifteen years ago!

I've never had my memory betray me to such an extent upon re-reading a novel, even novels that I didn't reread for decades. Makes me wonder if it's possible that I previously read a post-edit published version and that this Kindle download I've just finished was an early, un-edited version? Is that possible?

For instance, in my memory:
1. There was very little time spent on the husbands.
2. There was much more time and detail spent on Isabel, particularly her obsession with being organized and prepared. I had found that part very interesting.
3. The initial ambush happens inside, not outdoors.
4. Silvana, not Suzy, is the bait on the beach. (That was one of my favorite parts the first time around.)
5. I don't remember any cannibalism at all.

And, most importantly, in my memory the writing style was so much better--exciting even! But, on this new read-through, the writing was horrible! I was bored.

So... it's probable that I simply read it too hurriedly the first time, or maybe my tastes have changed that much. But, I'm hoping, to save face, that this was a different edit!

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Laurenpie--it's very possible that it is a different book. If the first part didn't match, then I'd keep looking, especially if there are as many differences as you say.

Unfortunately, there ain't nothing new, as the saying goes, so many books follow the same plot line. And if it is a hit or not depends on the skills of the author. While your taste in reading matter might change, your appreciation of writing ability doesn't usually change that much. So again, I'd go with it being a totally different book. (But then again, I too hate when I go back and try to find a beloved old book and when someone suggests a title and it isn't as good as I remember it I am broken hearted. Have had this happen to me a couple times in the past, and each time, it turned out to NOT be the correct book.)

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laurenpie | 132 comments No, unfortunately, I'm sure it's the same book. Same characters and too many plot events too close. Hopefully just a different edition.

Could someone move this to solved for me? Thank you! :)

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Perhaps it was "updated" and you actually have a (badly) revised edition?

Anyway, sorry it wasn't as good as you remember. I've moved it and shelved the book as well.

(Handing a hanky to laurenpie so she can wipe away her heartbroken tears.)

laurenpie | 132 comments LOL!

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