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Ginny's Lesson
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Giveaway! Lesbian erotic romance!

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Anna Bayes (annabayes) | 6 comments Giveaway on my blog until August 31st!

If you enjoy lesbian erotic romance, with light BDSM elements, I'm sure you'll love this tale.

Ginny's Lesson by Anna Bayes

(Warning: adult content)

Title: Ginny's Lesson
Pages: 13
Keywords: Lesbian / Contemporary / BDSM / Spanking / Love / Romance / Erotica

Blurb: Another broken heart means another night of earth-shattering comfort sex with Ginny, or so Melissa thinks. Ginny, on the other hand, is tired of pacifying Melissa every time she has given her heart out to the wrong person. Ginny thinks a lesson is in order — a lesson Melissa will never forget.

Read an excerpt and participate in the Giveaway here: http://wp.me/p2Zwms-6i

Anna Bayes

Kent (acurmudgeon) | 18 comments I went and checked it out and entered. Thank you.

Kent (acurmudgeon) | 18 comments I received the story, read it and reviewed it both here on Goodreads and on Amazon. I enjoyed the story and look forward to more like it in the future. Thank you Anna. <3

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Anna Bayes (annabayes) | 6 comments Thank you Kent! Put a big smile on my face reading your review. I'm very glad you enjoyed it. Muahhh!

Kent (acurmudgeon) | 18 comments You're very welcome. Thank you for sending it to me. I look forward to reading many more of your stories as they come out. Have a great weekend!

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Anna Bayes (annabayes) | 6 comments Last day today! Don't miss out! ;-)


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Hello, Great group, I didn’t see an authors page, hope I am not breaking any rules…I am Jane Brooke, a 22 year old lesbian British savage writer of LGBT/LESBIAN/HETERO all genders erotica and I have this year 8 new books from Amazon and of course with my PIC on my page. My work described to me by my readers is banal, URBAN, RAW, Ultra sexual, profane, beautiful and finally bullet in the head MY GENERATION-REAL. I do a yearly jaunt through the underground sex, scene and fetish clubs of Europe, and infuse my work with what I see, as a voyeur in these freedom loving people’s private lives. My work is not for the weak-of-heart, so SEAT BELT REQUIRED, and since I am done whoring myself, a girl uses what she has, BIG SMILE, WTF just dropped an ash from my cigarette into my tequila shot, smoke in my eyes, collateral damage of being a writer, Cheers Jane from London Warehouse Wonder World by Jane Brooke

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Jane Brooke The 1st Lesbian hit woman novel. DEATH AT THE SAPPHIC BALL... Death at the Sapphic Ball by Jane Brooke

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