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Alex (UndeadNeko) | 14 comments Mod
This Topic is for all things under the genre Shoujo!

What is Shoujo genre Manga/Anime?
Shoujo is defined as a class of manga/anime created for young girls.

Keep the rules in mind when posting!

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Alex (UndeadNeko) | 14 comments Mod
Hey guys! So I've been reading a series called Strobe Edge and, I swear, I love the art style! The storyline is kinda all over the place and kinda gets you in the feels a little but I really love it~~
One of my favorite parts is when I read Sakisaka's bonus pages! She always includes weird little stuff like her towel-blanket club! >u< Anybody read this manga yet? It's not finished yet, so I'm still waiting for the next volumes to come out!

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