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Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Hey! So I'm guessing sine you are doing the two ideas from the request thread already you want to do something new?

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Id prefer to do a different. Do you have any ideas? If not, i have one that was put on hold awhile back and can be recycled if need be. But id like to see if we can come up with one new one instead.

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments I am sure we can come up with something! What kind of role plays do you prefer?

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Honestly, i can enjoy any role play if it has a good, alluring, twisting and turning plot that is enjoyable to do and the partner to it is a good writer to work with.

If it's fantasy related, i prefer not having a whole new world thing. But rather the supernaturals hidden in our society as they generally have been portrayed.

If it's realistic, i don't have any preference really and am down for anything almost (almost).

I like the ages anywhere between 18 and 28.

I enjoy the doubles characters to all intertwine in some way to make the plot and rp more elaborate and interesting.

What do you prefer?

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Okay I just thought this up as I typed it so let me know if you hate it!

Its the future and Apocalypse has long ago passed by no there are three sections Red,Yellow and Green

The Green area is the safest, there are still buildings, stores and is the most like the way it was in the past the oxygen is still around.

The yellow area is where the poor community lives, it is still safe though barely. The oxygen here is much worse and hardly anything grown resulting in many people dying from hunger. The worst fear though are the clans that live in the red zone.

The red zone is uninhabitable for 99% of humans. Nothing grows but a small group of people who were exiled from the Green and Yellow areas have adapted to survive. They eat human meat, animals anything they can find and raiding parties are sent out to the other zones ( Mostly yellow though) to recover whatever can be found to eat.

That is the back story now here are two ideas I had for it

1) A young girl is captured on one of the raiding parties and brought back, originally for food but upon discovering she is capable of surviving in the zone the Chief decides to give her away as a breeding partner since new blood is rare in such a small clan. All the boys old enough fight for the right to breed with her and the strongest obviously wins. He is cruel and almost animalistic creature. Can the young girl learn to love him, and can maybe this strange man discover that he to his able to love? Can the girl learn the strange ways of the tribe and survive?

2) Something happens in the green area (Perhaps the yellow area strikes back) and many of the families are killed or forced to live in the yellow area. A girl and her younger brother find themselves all alone and with no idea how to survive until meeting an older man who just happens to be an expert. They ban together ad he teaches them the way of the wild. Do they girl and boy have what it takes to survive?

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Were you wanting to do doubles? I can easily expand on the first idea to make it so there are two diff stories going on that are related. Or did you want singles?

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Um it's up to you! WE can do doubles if you want! I'd love to here your suggestions! They were kind of a last minute idea. (:

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Well, if you wanted to have another story going on, the girl could have had a sister who wants to find her at all costs. So she asks the help of this somewhat nerdy, brilliant guy (an inventor) to help her able herself to go into the other zones. The guy says he will and goes with her in search. They obviously come across issues along the way and all that. Way later on, they can find the sister and all that?

Thats the jist of the idea :). Word in advance, i don't think i would be great at being an 'animalistic' character. So, i could play the nerdy, but awesome inventor and the taken sister if you would be okay with that? Or if you wanted to keep it as singles, we could. But llike i mentioned, id be really bad (i think) at being a dehumanized character.

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments I like that a lot! Ya I can be the tribe dude, most my male characters are pretty much always cocky bastards! (:

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Woot! Im glad you liked it! So, anything else to iron out? Also, do you do indepth character profiles or just basics?

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Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments I usually do fairly detailed characters, though their length mostly depends on how in depth I feel I need to go. Mysterious characters have shorter profiles then someone who is open about their every day life. Does that make sense?

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Makes full sense :). Im not sure how long mine will be. I might not really put a history in there for the sister and maybe not the inventor either... Would you be alright with that? Im working from my phone and it's just annoying to make indepht profiles.

How old are you making yours?

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Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments I completely understand, make them however you want! They are you characters after all!(:

I was going to make the tribe man 24 and the sister 17ish.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Mkay. Im thinking my sister will be around 20, having been the older one that looked out for the younger. And the inventor probably about 23-25. Not sure yet. Sound okay?

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Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Sounds perfect!(:

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments I think Im just going to leave out their personalities and histories because i want to rp their personalities and their histories... Well i can better explain those through the rp in pieces. Is that okay?

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Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Of course! You can simply put a picture and name down and I would be okay with it! We all like to do things differently! Heck you could just tell me their names!(:

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Name: Elizabeth (Liz)
Age: 20


This is Liz's face and hair

This is what Elizabeth generally looks like (except face and hair)

She has blue and gold mixed into her eyes that create a beautiful mix thats rimmed with gold. She is around 5'4" tall and weighs about 127 lb.

Quick overlook: Liz has always been a fighter with a determined personality, thus why her sister and her are survivors. There are things that Liz hates to admit to having done to keep them where they were, but it was all worth it. She does what she has to to keep alive at all costs.

Name: Connor Mars
Age: 24


Quick overlook: Connor is a bit scattered, but he is brilliant and quite kind. He has made a ton of different gadgets, both to help survival and weapons sorts. He doesnt believe in violence persay, but he doesnt believe in just letting others push him around either. So when needed, he will resort to desperate measures.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Those okay? Wasnt sure what the sisters last names were. I assume their family is dead for some reason?

message 20: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Ya they are awesome! The dude is so cute in a geeky way, I already love him and I am kinda want the girls hair! (:

I am working on my characters now but they probably won't be up before tomorrow, I have some math homework calling my name that I can't keep ignoring!

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments I know, right?! I love Connor's appearance! He's freaken adorable. Actually, that image is why I suggested a geeky inventor lol.

And no problem :). I know you probs want to do yours all detailed like, so i wont rush :D. But you're welcome to make sure profiles as well lol.

What math? I used to be extremely good through anti derivatives and all that sort of cal. But i had to delete it to make room for all my biological science stuff for my degree :/

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Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Oh I do that all the time too! There are just some people out there that are perfect for a role and you have to use them!!

I am still not sure how detailed mine are going to be, depends a lot on how much time I have because I really want to start this role play.

It's 'Applied Math' I don't know if you have heard of it, I guess it is a new thing my college is trying!

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments I've never heard of it but it sounds difficult. God i wish i would have went into architecture! I would of been so good at it. But nooooo i have to be a vet instead.

Anyways! Lol. Yeah, Im super excited to start as well. Did you have an idea of where we would start?

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Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments A vet, dang girl 8 years of college I don't know how you do it! I still don't even know what I want to be....maybe just a serial killer. (;

I was thinking Liz has just gotten kidnapped? Maybe her sister is hiding somewhere and is forced to watch it and right after goes on the hunt for someone to help?

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Psh, girl. I finished my BA in three years (just finished). Im taking a freaken break! Im gonna work for two ish years to save money for vet school... So, I'll have a break before the next years of schooling.

And yeah, that sounds good. Are we going to just play their girls until the kidnap is done? It may be easier unless your guy is in the kidnap scenes. If not, waiting to start up the boys would be easiest, i think :).

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Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Reading that made me tired I don't blame you for taking a break (if you can call it that!)

I don't know if you have ever seen The Game of Thrones but I am pretty much stealing a chunk to base the tribe off of. Lol

Ya role playing just the girls for a while makes the most sense. I don't think tribe guy should be a part of the raising party. I was thinking the first time he saw Liz would be after he won the contest and walked into her tent?

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments I have not seen it...i want to, but i will have to ststt and the start and the first season and episode don't exactly come on anymore :/. And don't worry girl , i use some parts of series and movies at times as well. It's not like we are publishing or anything, so we can just play with the ideas :).

And i think the meeting for the two like that is a good way to go about it.aasfor the sister and connor, she could come to his workshop and just meet him there?

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Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments If you do ever watch it read the books! I am currently on the third book of 6 (7?) and you understand everything so much more as usual. (:

Ya I was thinking the sister just sorta burst in and demanded he help her..or else. Sam, I think her name should be Samantha is just sorta pissed off and scared for her sister life as well as being on her own for the first time ever. She is desperate and is willing to do anything to get her sister back.

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Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Anyways I am gonna do my homework and then probably hit the hay so goodnight!(:

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Night! I look forward to starting up tomorrow :). Good luck with ur hw!

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Despite her hair being semi cool, i think imma change her facial appearance to another but keep the clothing style as well as the holster and gun lol. That okay?

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments So impatiently excited!

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Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Name:Kahl Grodo He is mostly known as Drogo.
Age: 24 Birthday: He was born in the winter.
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Drogo abides by the customs of the Dothraki, that is to say that he braids his hair and doesn't cut it, unless the individual has been defeated in battle. Drogo is one of the few Dothraki warlords who has never faced defeat, and as such, he has a long braid which reaches to his thighs. Drogo has a deep copper complexion, black hair and eyes and is naturally tall and well-muscled.
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
Personality: Drogo is animalistic, fearless and above all stubborn to the bone. He has no use for words and mostly finds himself grunting answer to whatever question he is faced with and is much better slaying people in battle then sitting down to talk. He is smart, as smart as you can be simply being raised in a tent and taught how to shoot a bow from his horse at age seven and have killed his first man before eight. As all Dothraki people Drogo is proud and while he hates raiding the yellow and green areas for human flesh he well do so that others in his tribe can survive. He has a soft heart only for the young children and the only time you really ever see him laugh.
History: Unimportant but here are some things you need to know about the Dothraki people- The Dothraki are divided into several nameless clans known as khalasars, led by a single leader, the khal. The khalasars are always on the move looking for new pasture lands and new targets for plundering. The Dothraki frequently raid neighboring regions and live by taking what they need including supplies, valuables, and new captives to serve them as slaves. The Dothraki respect force, and thus only respect those who are able to successfully resist them, while conquered slaves deserve only contempt.
The Dothraki traditionally fight with curved swords known as arakhs, and also employ whips or huge, recurved bows with impressive range and striking power that can be fired from horseback. They also shun armor, considering speed and freedom of movement to be more important in battle. Warriors braid their hair and only cut it when defeated, so the world may see their shame.
Mirroring the importance of the horse in their culture, the Dothraki religion worships a deity known as the Great Stallion.

Other: His horse who he paints with the blood of his enemies-

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Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Sorry it took me so long! I got sick >.> so he definitely isn't my best work.

Anyways I'll have the girl up shortly!

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments D: i hope you are feeling better!

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Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Thank you! I have stopped throwing up so I hope that means I am getting better, about time too I have spent the last 48 hours passed out in my bed.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments .....at least the puke is gone :).

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Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Yes! I don't really enjoy that part of being sick.

I really am sorry my guy isn't better, I had this grande image in my head of him but it sorta faded the longer I was sick. :/

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Im not worried about the profiles. It's the rp Im.excited for :).

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Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Name: Samantha Nickname: Sam, Sammy only to her sister.
Age: 17 Birthday: Doesn’t matter anymore.
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Sam is a rather small, petite young lady and if circumstances had been different would probably have ended up on the cheerleading squad. As it is though she has survived an apocalypse and her once petite body is now rippling with lean muscles, making her fast and a hard target to catch. She has blonde hair falling in loose ringlets to just below her shoulders and mostly is up in a messy bun/ ponytail. She has a light tan on her skin though no amount of time spent outside can seem to make her any darker and under the dirt is a very beautiful woman though few every get to see. She has dark brown eyes that clash perfectly with her blonde hair and fair skin and if it weren’t for the time Sammy has the making of a super model. She has a smile that could light up a room and a laugh that is contagious to anyone standing close to her, though both happen very seldom. Her usual outer wear are jeans and work boots and tank tops usually black and covered in some long sleeved button up that is left open. She can, on occasion when the weather permits be found in a beanie and dark leather jacket that has seen better days.
(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
Personality: Sammy grew up smack dab in the middle of the apocalypse and because of that is nothing short of a survivor. She was taught to fight growing up and now there are very few humans (Other than her sister) that are able to beat her in one regardless of the type. Her preferred weapon is a knife because it is quiet and that right there tells you more about Sam then you would learn in a year. She is small and can easily make herself near invisible and relies on this to take out threats by simply slitting their throats while they sleep. Don’t let that fool you though Sam is brash and can be a little reckless when it comes to everyday life, her quick wit and big mouth putting her in a couple situations she could not have gotten out of without the help of her sister. She is loyal believing family comes first and as a result puts 180% in everything she does whether it is train in, finding food or having her sisters back. Sam would blindly follow her sister to the edge of the earth if only asked and has taken more than a few wounds for her sake not that Liz hasn’t taken her fair share of bullets for Sam. Samantha can be sweet on the few occasions that call for it but mostly likes to steer clear of the chick flick moments when able. She is good with her hands, able to fix almost anything though cars are her specialty. In another life she would have made a great mechanic but for now relies on her skills to hot wire vehicles for herself and her sister.
History: There isn’t much to say, her parents died when she was still a kid and Sam owes her life to the dedication and love of her sister. Everything Sam has ever learned has been from her sister and it is pretty obvious Liz is the person Sam looks up to and strives to be like every day she is still alive.
Other: Nope.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Her pic is bad ass lol. So...do you wanna do the first post?

Also, check the very poor description of an rp i want to do in the requests? I don't know if you remotely like the supernatural or not, so if you don't. Don't check it out. But if so, it's a veryyyyyy short outline of what i wanna deal with a bit. And if you wanted to do it with me. I would adore that cause you're creative and all that :)

message 42: by Inigo Montoya (new)

Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Thank you! Oh gosh, ya I can start. We are starting with Liz being kidnapped correct?

Okay, I shall go read it now! (:

message 43: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments We are indeed :). And if you didnt want to start it, i could. Im indifferent :).

It's a very short terrible description of the plot, so i hope it is enough!

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Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments I love it, especially the vampires not sparkling and the werewolves being true ones. It has been forever since I have done one where they are forced to change during the full moon etc etc.

I am also dying to try my skills at a tall dark and handsome vampire which I am hoping is what you mean by 'dark knight' ?

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Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Naw I can start! Which I shall do now, do you want to make another topic for the supernatural one?

message 46: by Savannah W ~ (new)

Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments I know!!! I love old fashioned werewolves! They are so much freaken cooler! And yes, yes he is the dark knight :). Ill make another thread! Im excittteddd! Off to make it! And i look extra forward to the post you make :D

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1...

And finally decided on Lis's appearance lol.

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Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments Every breathe Samantha took felt like needles were being stabbed into her lungs regardless of that though she pushed herself on hearing the clatter of horse hooves on the crumbling pavement. Had it been twenty years earlier Sam would have found herself running across the parking lot for Wal-Mart now though it was little more than a crumbling fortress you might expect to find in an old story book. The kind filled with Prince and Princess, Wizards and castles. The thought briefly crossed Sam’s mind as she lunged over an old shopping cart and glanced behind her seeing her sister not two paces behind herself. That was comforting, Sam had always been faster than anyone she had ever met and the last thing she wanted to do was leave her sister in the dust. She saw an alley way up to her left and took a quick turn barreling behind it and pulling out her old pistol firing a few well aimed shots to give her sister a few minutes head start. The Dothraki were fearless warriors but even they hesitated at hearing gun shots.

The faint cry of a wounded horse made Sam smile, knowing that she had wounded one of those sons of bitches animals was enough to make her day. She heard more than saw her sister tear around the corner and after another shot once more took off after her. She caught up quickly just as they two young girls were forced to a halt; it seemed they had reached a dead end. Sam collided her fist with the brick wall cursing when it returned bloody "What are we going to do now? "She hissed frantically looking around the small area around them, her eyes falling onto a small drain pipe that was sure to lead to over flowing sewers. It was small though, too small for Liz and even Sam as small as she was would have a hard time slipping into it, maybe she could stay there for a little while but there was no way she could follow it all the way to the sewers and not get stuck. "Fuck, fuck fuck." she growled having no other way to let out her rage she punched the wall again, remembering for a second time why that wasn't a good idea. She cradled her already bruising hand and turned to her sister, who always had a plan no matter how bad the circumstances were that the two girls happened to find themselves in.

( Wow, sorry that was so sucky. I took some medicine and I think it has drugged my brain into a mediocre writing state. :p)

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Scanning the area while her sister let her anger get the best of her, as usual, Elizabeth found the one possible escape. She double checked to ensure this was it, the only way. And it was. Without informing her sister of the downfall to this plan, Liz went over to the brick wall that blocked them, kneeling with her back towards it and her hands cupped together in front of her. Her gaze was focused on her sister, expression serious. "There is a hole, see it?" she asked, knowing Sammy would see the spot missing half a brick that could be used to put a foot in and help get over the top of the wall. "Run towards me and I can give you a boost." Liz knew with a boost, her sister could manage to get a weak hold on the top of the wall, but she wouldnt be able to pull herself up by her fingertips. So, she would have to use that hole to put her foot in and push herself up a bit higher to get a better hold. Due to the situation, Liz hoped her sister wouldnt realize the outcome of the situation until the was up the wall. The only way to manage to get that high was from a powerful boost, no other way. Meaning, only one was going to get up. Only one would escape.

The sound of hooves was growing louder and the little time they had was ticking away. "Come on, Sam, get a damn run and start!" she instructed her sister, though it had only been a second since she had explained what to do. Being the older sibling had not always been Liz's job. She could easily recall her brother's face and how he had once watched over her and Sam...that was until he had suffered a fate similar to the one Liz figured she was about to. That was years ago, and Elizabeth would admit, adjusting to become the protector of another was difficult. But it had been a requirement, and with that requirement came the responsibilities like this. Sam would adapt as well, Liz told herself. Sam was a good survivor, and with no one to have to watch out for, Liz knew Sam would make it.

((I'll apologize for my badness as well... You did good :).))

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Inigo Montoya  | 74 comments (( What? No you are an awesome writer! ))

Sam followed her gaze and was already aware of what her sister wanted her to do before the whole plan was out of her mouth. She didn't have time to think of the ending, instead she looked behind her once more and took three hesitant steps back and took off for the wall feeling her sisters strong and capable hands shove her up enough that she clung to the end of the wall. Her feet scrabbled for a minute, and Sam heart stopped fearing she would fall back down more than likely breaking something as she did. Thankfully though her foot found the hole and she managed to pull herself up to the top lying on her stomach and looking at her sister who seemed so far for now. "Jump, I'll grab your hands." she yelled leaning down as far as she was able to without plunging to her death.

There was a small voice in the back of her head that told her it couldn't be done that the only way someone could make it to the top was with help up like she had just received. When she fully processed the though she had to cling to the wall, wanting nothing more than to jump back down and help her sister. She knew she couldn't though; her sister had risked herself to ensure Sam’s life went on and she wouldn't defile her sister’s last wishes by throwing herself back into danger, no matter how much she wanted too. "Liz!" she called out her voice breaking and all at once she felt warm tears trailing down her cheeks until all that was left of the view below her were blurry streaks of color. Sam quickly wiped her eyes " Elizabeth!" she called out again pulling out her pistol and shooting two of the riders down before she ran out of bullets.

Having nothing to shoot at the five remaining Dothraki warriors she chucked her pistol down and managed to hit one in the head. She felt something big pierce her left thigh and it took Sam a moment to see the arrow deeply embedded in her leg. She let out a soft moan and clutched her leg, the tears returning to her eyes and the last thing she saw before passing out was a blurry version of her sister being hoisted onto a black horse. The world fell dark around the image and Samantha's motionless body fell down the other side of the wall, hitting the ground with a sickening thud.

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