Tiger's Curse (The Tiger Saga, #1) Tiger's Curse question

MOVIE ?!?!?!?!?

oh, my! so excited! hopefully the movie industry wont mess my Ren up!

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Ugh.. I hate when good books are turned into movies. I'm always sad when they don't get a certain scene in or they don't have the characters exactly the way they have them in the book.

Wanderer Yeah I know how you feel...I debated that with myself..like ï've read this over and over again..for like what a whole day and yet the essence of the b ...more
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Do you think the movie will be good? I feel like they never get paranormal movies right. They're very often quite different from the book.

Wanderer I know right?The movies lack some things that kinda makes you leave with a hole in your head and starts to wonder what went wrong or something...
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I am so excited to hear that Tiger's Curse will be a movie. Can't wait. I hope they find the right people to bring the book to life.

I'd love to see this story into film!!!

The movie is supposed to come out sometime in 2015, but from the website, www.tigerscursebook.com, the cast doesn't live up to what I expected. I don't think that's the actual cast, and the cast isn't on imdb yet, but I expect this movie should be good.

I just hope they include the huge important parts of the book and keep everything like it's supposed to be. I recently saw a movie where most everything was right, but the end was in the wrong building and wasn't portrayed right.

they must find a good actor for ren
since he is my favorite character and CANT be ruined

I cant wait...I hope its good

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yes !!! so exited check out the link!!!! (view spoiler)

Tigers curse link!

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