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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Hey! This is our thread :)

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'Tis indeed. (:

Alright...well I think everything's pretty clear, yeah? Maybe the two boys could be from a band?

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments If you really wanted them to be, they could... But the one Im playing has been in show bizz since he was like 16. He's become famous for that. The way the other guy had managed to get in the big leagues in the idea i tossed had been something like: he additioned for a small part on a show and things kkicked off from there. But...if you really would prefer to alter it, we can discuss it.

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Ah, sorry, I failed to see that part in the plot, haha. But that's okay, that idea makes more sense. (: Okay, better question: character time? :)

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Sure :). Im sorry for being nit picky about that little part. It was just a huge chunk of the plot was related to just the movie life. If you would like, though, your character could have made it with a band and then became friend with my guy, and thats how the know each other. My brain wasnt working last night so i couldnt think up that lol.

And we can start characters now:). I don't mind how detailed you make them. I prefer to post shorter ones for one on one rps just cause it's easier and lets me develop my characters better. But you don't have to do simple profiles if you don't wanna.

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No it's fine, I like our idea anyway.

Okie doke, I'll get to creating my shorter profiles. How old did you have the characters in mind?

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Hmm...well, i was thinking between 21 and 26. Im making my guy 24, i think, and girl 21. That okay?

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[ Yeah that's fine ]

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments ((Cool beans :). So, i shall post soon!))

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments :)

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Name: Maxim Viscez
Age: 21

Name: Cassidy Romanez
Age: 22
Dobs - (view spoiler)
Snickers - (view spoiler)
Trail - (view spoiler)

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments Name: Benjamin Scott Ross
Age: 25
Appearance: (can be changed upon request ;).)

Name: Addison (Addy) Birch
Age: 21

((I adore the dogs!))

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Awesome! How to start?

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments I can come up with something. But i think imma change his picture. Found someone with a less creepy face

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments What is your guys name?

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments A bar! Finally actual allowed to drink in one legally! This day, November 2nd, marked the day of Addison's long awaited 21st. She grinned widely to the bouncer when she flashed her ID, and he returned her a smile as he put the ban around her wrist. She all but skipped into the bar behind her bestie, Cassidy. The air had a layer of haze hovering high over the heads of the packed place. The noise was pretty loud, everyone trying to speak over one another to be heard. It was nearly impossible to move through the place without bumping into shoulders or getting basically felt up by someone by mistake...or sometimes on purpose. Addy's smile had not fallen at all, despite the environment. She pushed her way through bodies to get to the bar. The tender made his way to her and she happily held up her wrist to reinforce she was old enough. "What can i get for you?" he asked.

"Two shots of Crowne Black," she told him and off he went, grabbing the small glasses and pouring them to the brim with her requested liquor. Addy had slipped him her credit card and opened a tab before she picked up the glasses and turned to Cassidy, handing her one of the glasses, encouraging her to enjoy this night with her.

"Tell me again why we are here?" Benjamin asked, cocking his head lazily to the side to look at his friend as they pulled up to the place the driver had been directed to. It seemed to be some old designed bar, but with plenty of people waiting out of it, wanting in. It had been awhile since Ben had spent more than a day in a small city like this. He never had time now days. After his career had taken off at age 15, he wasnt able to slow down. He had become quite a thing, having a new script sent to him regularly wanting him to accept and be in the film. Ben knew that his friend grew up in a small town and had been in it for years, so he could see why the small town still called to his bud. But why would he make Ben come along to stay in this godforskaen, small town for more than a few days?! Couldnt they be doing so much more with their time? Like...huge parties, hanging with models, doing whatever the hell they wanted... But instead, the small town of Crosser Springs was where the boys would be doing...absolutely nothing.

((that okay?))

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Unlike her jolly friend, Cass wasn’t as a big of a fan of places such as these. Of course she enjoyed the occasional outing and with this being Addi’s first time in a bar, she had decided that a little fun wouldn’t hurt in order to celebrate a thing that her best friend deemed important. Cass pushed her way through the crowd, throwing glares in direction of grabby hands, the attention not exactly appreciated. Once the two got settled on barstools, Cassie allowed herself to smile as she watched the brunette order shots. The girl had made it her own personal mission to get Addison completely wasted and hopefully the girl would learn that drinking wasn’t all that fun; that’s how her 21st had been spent. Ever since, she’s learned to be careful with the intake of alcohol her body induced. She was only teaching her friend a lesson, right? That’s what best friends were for.

With a wide grin, Cass gladly took the small glass, a gentle laugh slipping her lips for the mere thought of seeing her dearest friend under the influence. “To new found drunkenness and miserable hangovers!” Cassidy shouted before clinking the small glass against her friend’s and within a second of the rim touching her lips, the contents was gone on the inside. The familiarity of the burning sensation that crept down her throat made the tips of her fingers buzz in alert. “Happy birthday, Addi.”

“Because my parents have been demanding I come home for two weeks or so.” Max replied casually, his eyes glued to the shaded window. He recognized everything; the way the old lamp posts radiated dimmer lights than in the city, how the buildings formed this sort of mural of memories – especially their back lanes. Not only that, but now he’d get to go into the only bar in this minuscule town. It was the hotspot of this small settlement. ‘Where all the big kids go to have fun’ he used to say. Well today was his lucky day (actually, it had been his lucky day about two months ago) because he was an official big kid and had the card to prove it. Not only that, but he was a famous big kid, that had to count for something, right? This meant that they didn’t have to wait this stupid line.

“C’mon, Ben, come meet the Crosser Springs girls, I hear their extremely friendly, if you know what I mean.” The ghost of a smirk played on his lips as he winked at his friend, stepping out of the black Jeep. He stood up straight and looked up at the old looking bar with a proud beam. “Home sweet home.” He murmured to himself and without a second glance to check if Benjamin was following behind (he knew he was) the boy, no, man strode passed the line of anxiously waiting people, all the way up to where the bouncer, Robbie, stood, allowing access to people.

It didn’t take long for the burly man to take notice of the boy he’d known when he was nothing but a weasel. “My oh my, is that little Maxy? What the hell are you doing ‘round here?” The big man proclaimed as the two exchanged a reunion of hugs.
“Ah, figured it was time to pay this place a little visit – it’s good to see you, Robbie.” Truth be told, this guy had been Max’s babysitter for a few years and had acted as a father figure seeing as his biological dad had passed away a few years into the young boy’s life.
“Well I’m sure glad you did, but this little town is too small for a boy like you now.” At that, Maxim could only throw his head back and laugh, shaking his head. Absentmindedly, he glanced back and caught sight of Ben; right, they were here to head to the bar.
“Well, aside from being old enough to cross this velvet line, I’m still the same guy, I promise.” He grinned; flashing his proud ID at the man he could call his father. “Oh and he’s my friend, he’s with me.” He pointed his thumb back in direction of the muscular entity nearby. Robby nodded his head and strapped a green neon band around the both of them, allowing them to slice through the line like a stick of melting butter.

Once inside, Maxime came to realize he felt like a greedy kid in a candy store. “Dude, bar of dance floor?” He asked his friend who currently stood beside him.

[ Yours was good, don't worry - hope mine was ok; I'm still in the process of relearning how to play a girl, so sorry about her. ]

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments (Yours was very good :). I can tell you favored the male roles, but Cassidy's was good too!)

Addy was only three shots in, but thanks to the quickness of them, she was feeling the effects, a smile written across her face. Addison wasnt sure if her roommate--and bestie of three years now--knew that Addy had been drunk a number of times with her old friend. Those days left when he did though, not wanting to drink. That was the sign of an alcoholic, was it not? Drinking alone? So Addison stopped her more fun days and began to calm down a little. Thanks to that long break, Addison had returned to her lighter weight days. "Have I ever told you how pretty you are?" Addy asked, pointing at Cassidy. Addison had taken full claim of the bar stool she had gotten during her first shot. "And thats not the liquor talking!" she rushed out with a childish head shake. To anyone who had ever been around Addison when she was truly drunk, they would be able to tell that she was not actually drunk now. It was mind over matter thing, and her mind was powerful, making herself feel drunker than she was.

Ben had felt out of place enough and hated standing still while Max got caught up with the bouncer. The most disturbing part was the fact those in line that recognized him only gawked with wide eyes and amazement rather than screaming like most. It was nearly inhuman. Then the fact that Max did what Ben had done numerous times with Max. 'He's with me.' This was an entirely new world and Ben wasnt sure what his opinion of it was. When they got in, forcing their way through people just to do so, Ben scoped the place out. "If Im going to deal with this, i will need to be drunk," he informed Max, looking to the bar. He could see some rather cute faces there, and at the bar in the cramped areas, it was extremely easily to talk to girls--though it was always easy for Ben to talk to them.

((sorry for the shorter posts...))

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[ And I can tell you favor the girl, haha. It's not that I favor them (maybe I do a little >.>) it's just that there's been such a high demand of being the female that I caved in and succumbed to everyone's fantasy boys and then I realized that boys are much funner than girls to play (and easier because people are less likely to bitch about boy characters than they are about girl characters) and then, yeah. And now I've realized I can't even write a girl anymore so I needed to put a stop to that, haha. ^^' Starting with Goodreads - thought it'd be a fresh start. ]

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments ((I favor different characters in generally. Some guys Im better with some girls i am. Just depends how good i fall into character :). It also depends what is going on, ya know? But Im.better at a girl mainly from hthe books i work on being from their perspective :). And i respect you for being able to bend to others wants. I couldnt. I compromised. Doubles, plus more to work with in the plot thanks to their being double the characterss :).))

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[ Y'know, I usually end up liking secondary characters more than the main ones usually, to be honest; is that weird? But kudos for you for having a backbone, haha - I just feel so bad all the time and I know that it's easy to take advantage of that and the majority of people I'm roleplaying with right now have done that so far. xP But it doesn't bother me so much. But I agree, the more characters, the more plot development there is but I don't think there's as much depth as opposed to single character roleplays, haha. But that's just me. ^^' Anyway, I'll be getting on my reply right about now. (: ]

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments ?

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 562 comments .......?

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