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✥Create Your Wonderland Weapon✥

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Panda (may-the-gods-be-jealous) | 322 comments Mod
Here you can create any wonderland like weapon. It has to be fantasy like and you can use any template but must have. The bold is the most have while the italiced is the hints or helping tips:

Weapon Name:
Weapon Earned At:
Where can you get the weapon at?
Weapon Appearance:
Weapon Appearance Description:
Weapon Ranged Or Primary?:
Is it a ranged or a melee weapon?
Weapon Weakness:
Weapon Advantage:

message 2: by Panda, Queen Alice (new)

Panda (may-the-gods-be-jealous) | 322 comments Mod
|Weapon Name|Steampunk Composite Bow
|Weapon Earned At|Hatter's Domain, Doll House
|Weapon Appearance|

|Weapon Appearance Description|

The steampunk composite bow is basically a mechanic bow. It is made out of mostly iron and gold though appearance does change through out upgrading. The bow has what seems small spikes coming out and metallic string as the cord. It is also made out a a variety of what seems to be arched metal scraps or shards, which is made out of either iron or gold. The arrows look the same through out upgrading. Once the arrow hits a enemy, it opens insde them, meaning that if it is taking out that chunks of flesh will as well. There are what seems to be metal springs to keep the arrows at certain lengths at points. During upgrading, the bow will look more fancy and more like a gryphon's head at where the arrow is set and shoots out. The ends of the bow will also look like forming claws out of the head. The upgrading increases setting up the arrow speed and power speed.

Level 1:
During the first gaining of the weapon, it will be the same as in the photograph above. For now it looks nothing like a gyrphon's head besides the claw or hand formation at the end.
Level 2:
Once upgraded once the weapon is starting to look more like a gyrphon. The middle of the bow will look like a simple iron carved head that is opening it's mouth. The claws will form just a little and have more detail than the first level.
Level 3:
If upgraded again, than the weapon will change color. Instead of silver and gold, it will be red and gold.The gryphon yet again will have more detail as well as the claws
Level 4:
Once you upgraded the weapon to maximum, the bow will completely be finished. The gryphon's head will be extremely detailed and will have red glowing eyes. The arrows will have fire-like details, including color, Shard wavy looking, arrow fire looking. The claws as well will be well detailed, with what seems to be blood at the tip. The color of the bow is basically red and gold, with white at some points
|Weapon Ranged Or Primary?|Ranged
|Weapon Weakness|Can't move around as much when using it. You will also not need to reload
|Weapon Advantage|Does not need to take time to 'refresh' or 'reload'. Can also arch or bend shots

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