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StoryWeaver | 430 comments Mod
As a collector of obscure knick knacks I loved visiting Fred's ,the pawnshop at Hunter's alley.Fred who never even bothered removing the magnifying loupe from his right eye seemed almost to be as much of a fixture as the gargoyle book ends on the rack above him.
'Hi Lowpezzz' , he drawled, intentionally mispronouncing my name as he always did without even raising his head. He was a master as recognizing people by the sound of thier gait and my shuffle made things far too easy.
Curious I went around his desk to see what he was examining. It was a coin, the size of a quarter but with a very indistinct octagonal outline. It seemed to be of old dull copper as Fred was getting most of the green corrosion gunk off and slowly proceeding onto the final steps of his cleanup. I could vaguely make out the details now.
Knowing I was almost hooked Fred tossed it for me to catch.
The force of habit is a peculiar thing ..... I yelled 'Tails' and caught it in my outstretched right palm while slapping down on it with my left. I opened my palm to reveal the outcome and felt a rush of joy and anxiety as I noticed it seemed to be the tails side of the peculiar coin only because it had a cameo of the rear end of a dog with a tail curved to the right with the legend ' Lucky tails never fails' running around the coin face circumference. I almost dropped the coin in my urgency to chek the other side. It had the front of the dog with what must be definitely described as the most sinister canine grin I've ever seen.....

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 15 comments This dog was a yellow lab. I love yellow labs. I think this lab had a bad picture day. His name was Lucky, of course.
"Fred, where did u get this coin?"
"I found it in the street. Ever since I got it I've become more lucky. I won the lottery yesterday. My Aunt died early today and in her will she left me her diamond necklace. Florence, my old girlfriend wants to see me again. I feel like a new man."

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