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Homes > Nali, Cris and Shy's house.

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They arrive at Nali's house. When they reach the door, Nali unlocks it.

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Shy is in the kitchen unpacking and walks out when she hears the door open.
"Hello," she says to Jaz.
" Shy, this is jaz, my friend. Jaz, my sister Shy"

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"Hey," she greets, sticking out her hand to shake.

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((back)) Shy takes her hand and shakes, though catiously

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She pulls her hand away after a few moments. "Nice to meets you," she says, smiling sincerely.

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Shy smiled back, knowing she had to cruel intentions. "Pleasures mine. Can I ask where you two are going?"

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"We are planning to go meet my friend Olly at the park," she informs her. "Would you like to join us?"

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"I have to finish unpask- is olly a boy?" She shoots a look at her younger sister, not liking the idea of her baby being with boys.

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Jazmin nods. "Yup. Don't worry though, he's practicaally my big brother," she assured her.

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"I'll get my coat." She was not leaving her little angel with a BIG brother.

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Jazmin waits until Shy gets back, before they make their way to the park.
((to the park!))

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