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Is it okay to read this book if you're a Christian( Serra, convince my Mom)?
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My Mom thinks I shouldn't read this book because it might be "inappropriate". Despite the fact that I'm 21 and have read alot more"adult" books by now, and I am still a good Christian girl!!!( She wouldn't believe it but I am saving my purity for marriage and that is really hard these days) But she says "Under my Roof, you should live by my rules!" I really want to read this because I was a big fan of Mrs. Ellinsen's fanfics on LiveJournal--before she deleted them all :( and I need to convince my Mom that they're "appropriate" so I can finally READ a whole book of her writing!!!!
She didn't used to be so strict. It's just all of a sudden she wants to screen everything I or my sisters see, listen to, or read. Ever since the church got a new pastor. Little does she know I've read far more adult stuff on fanfiction sites or my Kindle(thanx, Dad, best x-mas present ever). It's not like she doesn't wear down the corners of the dirty parts in those Judith McNaught bodice rippers she keeps under her bed, hipacrite!
Pastor Chase is of the more charismatic tradition of worship. A lot of people left when he took over, but Mom and her friends stayed. Everybody listens to this guy. He's been warning parents to guard us against "all that is of Babylon". Basically anything too "worldy" or not having any righteous message in it. But especially anything that seems possibly "demonic". He can get really scary sometimes, all the women sweat and shiver when he comes to the climax of his sermons. Mom even rocks in her seat and moans whenever he gets loud. She says it's the holy spirit. Creepy if you ask me.
In any case, my sisters had to give up their Harry Potter and Percy Jackson books and I was "strongly advised" to give up all my old vampire stuff, or anything Chase put on the list, or anything with a dark cover, really ( I told her I threw them away but really they're at Dad's place). She doesn't like the looks of this one, she's read the blurb and says she's heard of "The Necronomicon" and Pastor Chase said it was a real book that Satanists use and even though I know that's probably bullsh*t it scares me a little to think their might be a little bit truth in it, and what if I get possessed? I mean probably not. But what if?
I'll probably read the book anyway, because I'm convicted in my heart that Serra is a pure and good person doing God's Work. But there's no hope for my sisters, which is a pity because they're becoming teenagers( 13 and 15) and this is exactly the sort of thing they will need, to get through this difficult period. An example of a good relationship to read, that will encourage them to wait for the right man. Even if I can prove there's no sex in it, Mom will not like the "demonic" aspect of it. I've shown her that Serra is a practicing Christian and mother of five, but she says that Mrs. Ellinsen's denomination are all apostates and can't be trusted to give witness to the Word. I don't know what to do!

So basically, TLDR version: Can people who have read the book tell me
1. is it inappropriate for my (13 and 15 y.o.) sisters
2. does it encourage pre-marital sex?
3. is it demonic or pagan?
4. how do I convince my Mom that it's not any of the above? ( Serra, if you read this let me know!)

Oh my god dear I didn't know your mother was against you reading this masterpiece. This must be excruciating to read me blabber about how much I love this book. Let me answer her question from christian mom to christian mom. You do not need to read the following this is just between mom and mom.

Dear Bianca's mom;

You are obviously a very troubled woman who is uncertain to be able to provide right advice for your daughter and rightly so as you appear to have renounced your wifely duties and to have an unhealthy fascination for ecclesiastic men that comes not from their sermons but from how they are in uniforms (this never ends well outside of TV shows on ABC trust me I know). Do not blame your innocent daughter for revealing your faults your whole neighborhood already pretty certqinly knows and she innocently attributes it to piety. Here is the answers of a good Christian woman to your uncertainties :

1. It is perfectly age appropriate for little girls in their early teens. Your great-great grandmother was probably in her early teens when she delivered her first child without pain medication. Smothering children doesn't help them as much as making them scared once and for all unless it involves DIVORCE the videos of a certain demonic Northern Irish overlord or the movie Left Behind (even faith should have limits).

2. It does not encourage pre-marital sex. The description of a self-consuming hedonist destroyed by her own self-consuming vanity Ms. Epistola is an example. It might also displease you, but it doesn't encourage post-marital sex with an ecclesiastic either (How dare you !). You are not well-placed to accuse Mrs Elinsen a woman of good morals who raised her five children in the Christian faith UNDER THE SAME ROOF AS THEIR FATHER.

3. The bible depicts creatures who are not christian but are converted. Like a modern Pilgrimm's Progress this book describes the travel of a wonderful alien abomination untill his eventual redemption. Saint Brigit was converted to despite being a Celtic godess. Today the Church Of Ireland despite its papist heresy has more followers than ours and does a better work at transmitting the good parts of its imperfect message due to its accepting nature. For they do not judge the straw in someone else's eye they shall be saved. Or something of the sort. Then again the reason why some can judge us their superiority HOW CAN YOU JUDGE MRS ELINSEN...

Here it is ! Anaprotestants are an interesting branch of our faith and though they will mostly be damned a few of them will be saved as pagans HAVE YOU NOT READ DANTE'S INFERNO ?

Bianca Nightshadow Thanks Violet and everyone who responded for your advice. I'm not sure Mom is ready for this letter, (there are some things in that I'd rather not thi ...more
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4.I don't know, but may the bridge of the lamb aid you upon this endeavor.

Maybe as a last resort you can ask a close friend to purchase it for you. After all, everyone should read Serra's masterpiece.

Honestly, it's not demonic, but its not Christian. There are other Gods and stuff. But it's fantasy so that should count for something and it certainly doesn't encourage pre-martial sex, except for the main character being totally sexy! I think you're an adult and should read it if you want to but your sisters aren't and if your mom isn't cool with the Eldritch Gods I can see why she might want to ban it for them. But if you have a Kindle, just buy it and read it yourself. You'll love it. It's like my new favorite book!

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