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yah um hi im shimmi soo (bethanybooks) | 30 comments I have had various discussions with Potterheads about the Hufflepuff house. Some say Hufflepuff is a perfectly fine, humble and kind house, while others think Hufflepuff is 'meh' or boring. What do you think about probably the least popular (but still cool) house?

message 2: by Kathy (new)

Kathy | 905 comments I totally think that Hufflepuff gets a bad rep! What's wrong with being kind and friendly? The sorting hat chose them because that is their main trait, it doesn't mean that they aren't brave or smart as well. If I could choose, I'd want to be in Hufflepuff out of all of the houses.

message 3: by Mpiggy (new)

Mpiggy I like Hufflepuff, they have all the real good traits, like loyalty and kindness and friendship and so on. But I would never choose to be in it. Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, but never Hufflepuff. Even Slytherin would be cool to be in, although I'd never be in it. But this is what I think: Gryffindor has all these adventures (love it!), Ravenclaw gets these mysteries (awesome!), Slytherin plans schemes and pranks kind of thing (except mean), and then Hufflepuff... they're the people who are in the background, agreeing with whoever's side they're on. But I went on this site to see which house I was sorted into and I got Hufflepuff!! I was so mad, and now I'm never going on the site ever ever ever again. But I think they're fine, just not much fun.

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