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Maggie .:*Adrian's Soulmate*:. | 12 comments The summer finale was EPIC!!!!! Beware of major spoilers in this thread; if you haven't seen the summer finale yet DO NOT READ!!!!!

So it was revealed that there are two redcoats, and one of them is indeed Cece. However, she is not the head A. The other redcoat is quite possibly Ali, who was confirmed as still alive by Mrs. Grunwald, who was the one who pulled her out of the ground. It was also confirmed by Mrs. Grunwald that the person following Ali was a guy. Hanna also had this suspicion when they visited A's lair and found a closet of black, men's jackets. At the very end of the episode, Mrs. Grunwald warns the girls to get out of Ravenswood, but instead they crash a party where it is expected that Ali will be there. (The party will be the 2-hour Halloween special on October 22nd.) Then (prepare to cry, or die, or both) we see a man (presumably A) in the lair. The camera pans around, and we see Ezra. Dressed in all black. He looks around, slams the door of the closet of suits, and walks out angry. It is assumed that he is the head A, because the hashtag at the end of the episode was #EzrA.
I know. I'm crying and dying.
Proceed to freak out.

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Tatem | 51 comments I cant believe that Ezra is part of the A team. But Why does Ezra want Ail Dead?? Did he really Love Aria or was it all a sick game???


Sasha Tommo~the way of the wind~  | 99 comments NOT EZRAAAAAAAAAAA

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Jynx1104 | 1 comments I just don't know what to think.
I've always been very suspicious of Ezra since the Halloween train. I don't think it's going to be one of those "did it for Aria" kinda things. I think he's deep in this plot. But is he the real -A? Still debating it.

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Julia  (juliavdc) | 64 comments I hate Ezra. I've never liked him, but I sure hate him now. I think he's been using Aria.

And I definitely think Ali is alive. When the liars asked "then whose funeral did we go to?" I immediately thought "Courtney."
After all, the Coroner did announce that the body they found was Ali, but since they were identical twins, and this is a fictitious story, it could very well mean that Courtney was a character.

Divergentlyinglegend | 9 comments Part of me thinks that Ezra joined The A Team because he wanted to get back at Aria for choosing Jake over him. I really hope that's all. Although, Ms. Grunwald said he was dAngerous:(:( Ahhhhhh!!:(:(

Divergentlyinglegend | 9 comments @Jynx1104, y were u suspicious of Ezra on the Halloween train?

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Tatem | 51 comments I thought he was there to be with aria

Sasha Tommo~the way of the wind~  | 99 comments uhhh!! I was so surprised I swear I thought it would be Hanna's mom or jenna or shauna...NOT EZRAA

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Julia  (juliavdc) | 64 comments Yeah!!

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Tatem | 51 comments I know now my big question is why does Ezra want Ali dead

message 13: by Julia (new)

Julia  (juliavdc) | 64 comments Mm, yes.

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Tatem | 51 comments I can't wait tell the Halloween episode. another of my question does Ezra really love aria or no

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Tatem | 51 comments then who body did they find if it wasn't ali back in session 1

Sasha Tommo~the way of the wind~  | 99 comments Courtney I think

Sasha Tommo~the way of the wind~  | 99 comments Ezra meeting Aria was a coincidence, if you remember. I think Ezra was -A before this, and when he met Aria he used it to his advantage. Ezra may not want Ali dead... I think Ali is the second redcoat and she killed Courtney, then Ali took CeCe, Mona, and Ezra under her arm and made them -A

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Julia  (juliavdc) | 64 comments Ooh, yeah!!!!!! Or maybe Ali/Redcoat has some dirt on Ezra, and told him that they can join them, or they would tell the whole world whatever secret he has.

Sasha Tommo~the way of the wind~  | 99 comments that's true, and you're probably right. maybe she knew something about Maggie or something he did in college... we'll find out

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Tatem | 51 comments True but still Ezra A he was the last person I ever thought he was it I thought Jason would be A

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Nik (anxious-morality) I WAS CRYIG SO HARD!!! My mom was like ' I never liked him, the thing with him and Aria is wrong' and I wa like ' SHUT UP! You think the thing with Emily and Paige is wrong! So your a hater!!' I was so upset!!!! WHY EZRA!?!? IF THEY TAKE CALEB NEXT IM GONNA BUST SOME HEADS!!

Sasha Tommo~the way of the wind~  | 99 comments omg. if they take Caleb..... Jakaskxjndkxkckskxjndjckdnckkkdbhqlsqqqiwktsrayl

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Tatem | 51 comments I will be so mad if they take Caleb too

Sasha Tommo~the way of the wind~  | 99 comments DONT TOUCH MY CALEB-EY

what about Paige.. OHNO

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Trinity  (tsundokuproblem) I always suspected Ezra, but then just shrugged it off. I was right!!!

I always thought Aria was A because she was the Black Swan! The director said there was no coincidences in Ravenswood. Look:

Then, when they got those Magic 8 Balls in the mail, it just so happened that Aria got the ball with 'A' on it, instead of any other part of the sentence.

Just a theory. BUT OMG THAT EPISODE!

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Trinity  (tsundokuproblem) Was I the only one creeped out by those eyes we got a glimpse of when the girls were in the lair??? Do you think it was the red coat that lead them there???

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Julia  (juliavdc) | 64 comments How did they not notice that!!! Freaky!
I think that was Ali.

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Julia (bookscannotgetold) | 1 comments Julia wrote: "How did they not notice that!!! Freaky!
I think that was Ali."

ok from what I saw it looked a lot like a boys eyes!
hi i'm Julia by the way. I still don't believe Ezra is part of the A team! because he is to nice and I am just thinking of options here, but why have C.C standing at Ezra's door if he was part of the A-Team? any opinions? (plz message me I will not reply on here.)

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Trinity  (tsundokuproblem) She might've been out there to make sure he said whatever he needed to say right. I have no idea. Maybe they're working together, maybe not. That was a little confusing for me too. :-)

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Julia  (juliavdc) | 64 comments That moment when you realize that you're taller than Ashley Benson/Hanna......... (She's 5'4")

Sasha Tommo~the way of the wind~  | 99 comments haha I'm almost as tall as her (5' 1")

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Julia  (juliavdc) | 64 comments I'm 5'5". XP
I'm the second tallest of all my friends....the tallest of them is 5'7"!!!!!!

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Julia  (juliavdc) | 64 comments Marlene King just tweeted "who knows how to say Pretty Little Liars in French?"

In French, (loosely translated) it means "Assez peu menteurs."
Could it mean anything?

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Julia  (juliavdc) | 64 comments Just asked my friend, the proper translation is "Jolie petites menteuses."

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