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message 1: by Baqash (new)

Baqash | 106 comments i just read divergent,which I enjoyed even though it wasn't spectacular. however, after reading some of the reviews i'm wondering if the sequel is worth it. waiting list at 4 libraries. 7.00 from amazon.

has anyone here read the sequel?

message 2: by Myra (new)

Myra (myraelise) | 34 comments I haven't read these, but two of my friends have. One said it was better than the first, the other said it was the worst second-in-a-trilogy book she's ever read. I'd say wait for it rather than buy it based on that.

message 3: by Baqash (new)

Baqash | 106 comments thanks

message 4: by Connie N. (new)

Connie N. Myra wrote: worst second-in-a-trilogy book

Yeah, I heard the same thing so I've been dragging my feet with this one.

message 5: by Baqash (new)

Baqash | 106 comments it just came into the library, faster than i expected. i let you know

message 6: by Baqash (new)

Baqash | 106 comments OK. there is so much i want to hate about this sequel to Divergent.However, you get to the end and feel compelled to read the third and final entry to the triology. There are places it drags, there are places of seeming unnecessary teenage angst, there are times you feel like this is just a transition book to get to the last one. But you may read it much faster than you anticipate because it begins to drag you along and you have no choice but to go. I'm afraid i'm not much help on solving the read or don't read question.

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