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message 1: by Allison, Ze Manager (new) - rated it 5 stars

Allison (allisonmarcus) | 52 comments Mod
1. Overall thought of the movie?
2. Do you think it followed the book well?
3. What did you think about the cast?
4. Do you think they will make all of the books into movies?
5. Did you think Valentine was super weird in the movie?

message 2: by Chloe, I'm back!!!! (new) - rated it 5 stars

Chloe | 38 comments Mod
Well, I'm going to see it on Sunday, so we'll see about that, but I really have high hopes. My friend just watched it and loved it, and a lot of reviews I read said you'll like it only if you read the book. So I can't wait. Oh, ad look! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2848310/?... That there is the City of Ashes page on IMDb. Eeek! 2014. I really hope they follow through. Even though I haven't even seen the first yet. *Embarrassed coughing*

message 3: by Allison, Ze Manager (new) - rated it 5 stars

Allison (allisonmarcus) | 52 comments Mod
The movie was super well done. It followed the book quite well, i must say. I really didn't have high hopes for this movie, I have to admit. *sighs* But it was a pleasant surprise, so. I only had a problem with the actors of Jace and Valentine, and sort of Alec (i mean, he got the personality down but, seriously, he's like in his 30s) and I hated the soundtrack. Besides that, it was great! I was pleasantly surprised by Lily Collins too. She did pretty good. The movie could have made some little plot changes to match the book better, but hey, nothing is ever perfect. I absolutely love the person who is playing Simon. He was so good! The movie is a must see!

message 4: by Meg (new) - added it

Meg F. | 2 comments Hey, do you guys still do discussions on here?

message 5: by Allison, Ze Manager (new) - rated it 5 stars

Allison (allisonmarcus) | 52 comments Mod

Diana Diprima | 2 comments OK! SO!

I thought the movie was TERRIBLE. they changed way too much of the story.. things happened in different orders and different ways than they did in the book. they also added completely new scenes that ever even happened in the book. like valentine coming to the institute? and the portal being in the institute? yeah no.. that never happened.. at all.. AND in the book, HODGE TRAPS CLARY BEHIND A MAGICAL BARRIER AND GIVES VALENTINE THE REAL CUP... how is this going to work in the secnd movie now that he only has a fake one? what, is it going to repeat getting the cup instead of the mortal sword? Also, they gave away WAY too many spoilers.. spoilers that you don't even find out until you're well into the THIRD book.. it was just horrible the way they changed the story line..

as far as the cast.. I agree it was mixed and i honestly don't know why they are all british... unless everyone form Idris is supposed to be? BUT

jamie.. played a good jace.. he looks the part although he's not as built as they made jace sound in the book.. But he for the most part LOOKS like I imagined and the way he acts definitly portrays a good jace.

Lily I feel was a good fit for clary.. She's small and delicate looking like she was described in the book.. yes her hair wasn't as red as it showed on the covers but I like the darker hair better because it's weird to imagine her with bright orange hair.. its supposed to be RED not orange..

Luke was a good match.. no aruements. I also liked the character for Simon and Jocelyn. They were all good matches.

I had a HUGE problem with valentine.. they didnt get his appearance or personality AT ALL... he is not supposed to be evil like that... he is supposed to be a charasmatic person who strongly believes what he is doing is RIGHT.. and his appearance.. he is supposed to be a big man and well built with WHITE hair.. not scrawny with dark hair like in the movie..

Jemima doesnt fit isabelle as i imagined... Isabelle is supposed to be tall, elegant and BEAUTIFUL...

Also Kevin.. he does not fit alec right.. acting wise or appearance wise.. he looks too old and his appearance is too strong and bold.. i pictured alec to be more of a pretty boy than he looks in the movie..


Diana Diprima | 2 comments I did however LOVE the sets... the institute was beautiful... the set designer did an amazing job with all the sets.. the institute... the library.. the city of bones..

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