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Stoker's Manuscript.
Martin P Martin Aug 27, 2013 04:05PM
Stoker's Manuscript. Thank you, Royce Prouty. Not since Bram Stoker-himself...the 1st Horror Story...other than EA POE (thanks to my very Catholic education)...Whitley Streiber's The Hunger...Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles...F Paul Wilson's The Keep...Thomas Emson's Babylonian Vampire Chronicles (Skarlett, Krimson, Kardinal) has a single novel kept me up way past my bedtime. We're talking vampires here...I take Nothing away from Frankenstein, Rice's Wolf series, Rice's The Mummy or Mayfair Witches...HP Lovecraft...Vampires...nothing more. Vampires are like spouses...once they have their teeth in you, you're dinner. Prouty does continue the Dracula Myth...with panache, with style, with enough added information to leave me hungering for more. Especially Voivoide Dracula's demise...hints, suppositions, implications...especially where his sons are concerned...Medieval, at best...or as good as it gets...and it really doesn't get better than this. Now I find myself compelled to read Stoker again. The Barkeley brothers are as real they come...(I speak now of myself)...having spent more than 5 years in the Catholic seminary System, after 8 years of strict preVatican II education...this book complies with Stoker's Vision (19th Century mataphysics)..this book reveals 2 separate men as their beliefs, their words,their following actions...+ their separate and indistinct views of Good + Evil...I read this book twice...once to get thru it, the other to enjoy...more compelling the 2nd time. CS Lewis, in his Screwtape Latters, has Uncle Wormwood reminding his nephew, Screwtape, that the SURE way to win men's souls is to convince them that the Devil does not exist. Like Rice, Prouty's freshman effort had me thinking...not why not, but what IF...I wait for his 2nd Work...Royce,what about Radu?

Just finished this book and I loved it!!

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