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Hunter parks the car, hurridley getting out. He opens the door for Tali, pulling her up to her feet.

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She crushes herself against him and kisses him.

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Hunter kisses her back hard, stumbling into his house.

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She kicks his door shut and presses him against it, kissing him deeply.

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Blunter snakes in his tongue, rubbing it against hers affectionately.

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(( Blunter, lol))
She moans and rubs herself against him.

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((lol! XD))
Hunter moves his hips along with her, grinding her roughly.

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She whimpers. She pushes herself against him harder, loving the feelings she created inside her

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He moans and leads her to his bedroom. He grins at her as he pushes her on the bed, jumping on top of her.
((do you wanna skip or pm?))

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((Whichever you want))

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((um, we can just skip to the next morning...))
Hunter slowly wakes up, his arms wrapped around Tali. He slowly recalls what happened last night, and he smiles widely.

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She mumbles in her sleep, moving closer to Hunter.

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Hunter cuddels with her as he waits for her to wake up. He kisses her forehead softly.

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She stirs, opening her eyes and smiling at him sleepily.

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"Morning sleepy head," he greets her, kissing her lightly.

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" Morning." She mumbles against his lips.

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Hunter smiles, puling away. "Are you away yet?" he teases her.

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" uh uh" she mumbles, burying her head in the pillow.

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Hunter laughs, uncovering her face. He gives her a passionate kiss to wake up her senses. "Better?" he asks.

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" Almost." she pushes him back and starts kissing him deeply.

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Hunter falls with her, kissing her back agressivly.

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She slips her tongue into his mouth, playing with his as her hands roam over his bare chest.

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Hunter smiles, pulling away from her lips to kiss her neck, biting down gently.

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She moaned and pressed herself into him.

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She moaned and pressed herself into him.

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Hunter chuckles, "We should really get breakfast," he murmurs, kissing her neck harder.

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"Screw breakfast." she straddles him and kisses him passionately.

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Hunter laughs, kissing her hard. He bites on her lower lip, sucking it slightly.

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She moans and kisses his neck, giving him a hickey.

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Hunter groans, licking the sensitive skin under her ear. He sucks on her lobe, hoboing gently.

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She moans and starts grinding against him.

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Hunter moans softly, sucking on her neck hard.

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She grinds harder whimpering.

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Hunger groans loudly, grinding against her also, except more agressivly and harder.

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She cries out softly and bends down kissing him.

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Hunger kisses her back hard, almost as if he might swallow her whole.

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She moans loudly, whimpering a little.

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Hunter presses her to him hard, sucking down her neck. When he gets to her shoulder he bites down slightly.

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Shy cries out, loving the feel of his mouth. She starts grinding against him.

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Hunter groans. "So... about... that..... breakfast?" Be says between pants and kisses.

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" Hmm?" she kisses down his neck

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"You seem pretty hungry...." he jokes, rubbing against her lightly.

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She moans."Ya..."

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He slowly pulls away. "Come one," he says, reluctantly getting out of bed. He pulls on his boxers, and leads the way to the kitchen.

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She pouts, but follows him. She slips on his shirt as they walk.

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Hunter makes his way to the kitchen. "What do you wanna eat?" He asks.

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" you"

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Hunter chuckles. "Tempting, but I'm gonna make pancakes," he decides.

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" ok" she smiles

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