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Mm, well what about something vital to this fantasy world goes missing? Which makes this huge breakout happen across the whole land? And a group of kids decide they don't want their home to be destroyed (the 'kids' all being different species and stuff) and so they set out on an adventure in order to, like, save their homes and their world?

That's super vague and totally cliche, sorry! :(

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Why do notifications fail me?! Okay, I'm willing to hear your idea - I'm so sorry about not replying earlier. :S
But I like the idea of someone going missing - makes it more mysterious. (:

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Hi, I'm so sorry, school's been hectic and I temporarily lost my fire of roleplaying and whatnot. (: But I really like the idea!

I'm thinking that maybe some sort of forgotten Empire from the Great Under has decided to rise back into power? But they started by taking the King? Like..that's a vague idea, but yeah. >.<

Like I said...I've just been bleh. ;-;

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T.T I swear I'm not ignoring you, this is starting to get a little ridiculous.

What was your idea? (:

Haha, I'll be honest I didn't get much of that but I got the main gist of things. But yeah...like it should be some ancient, forgotten Empire that maybe created both of the kingdoms in the hopes that he'd grow more powerful above so he could go and destroy the other castles but as time went on, people got more intelligent and forgot about their creator and s/he is now but a legend written in ink kind of thing? So s/he's making their big return and s/he isn't happy with the way the two kingdoms have turned on one another.

But s/he's also selfish and evil, right? So s/he takes one of the Kings and from there a war breaks out (the rebellion and whatnot) and blah...I'm losing heat. :(

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Gr. >:(

Maybe this 'leading councilman' could be the ancient empire's vessel to the earth kind of thing? The eyes and ears of the kingdom? :O So we merge everything together?

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Is it just me but is this starting to sound like AC, too? xD

Love it! :D
So I guess we should start thinking about the characters we're going to have involved?

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I think the outcome of it and the fact that these are fantasy creatures are going to bring out the uniqueness in the roleplay. (: Just...no hooded figures. xD

Hum, at the bare minimum - two. (: We can always have multiple characters and not roleplay all of them at the same time.

So, I was thinking that maybe there should be some sort of royal character (obviously?). I dunno. T.T Maybe some sort of arranged marriage had been in order but with the uprising and whatnot, it can shake things up?

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Yep, that sounds good to me. (: Hum, any other characters to plan out? Like, obviously the councilman and maybe a few of his little spies kind of thing? Eyes and ears?

And, uh...I'm not sure. T.T

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I love the idea of someone being one of the councilman's workers - adds drama and betrayal. Maybe one of the royals who were going to get married only agreed in order to get closer to the throne?

And we need some members of the rebellion as well.

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