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Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Hunter stood on shaking legs as she pushed into the building by large Blood Vamps. From a distance, you could tell that the life had been practically sucked out of her. Her naturally pale skin was a sickly white and dark circles sat below her ice blue eyes. Her blonde hair lay lifeless down her back in straight stands. If you were to look under her baggy black sweater, you'd see that her bones stuck out and were clearing visible. But even through the imperfections, it was clear that Hunter was a beautiful girl. She was petite and natural grace beckoned males to her. Especially male Vampires.
Hunter was suddenly pulled to a stop when a large pale hand came down on her shoulder and halted her. She looked warily up at the large man through her thick dark lashes. Her blue gaze was met by an unnatural Red. On instinct, Hunter automatically looked away. Those blood red eyes reminded her of the man that had stared in her Nightmares for the past two and a half years. Valentine. He'd kept her as his own personal blood and sex slave since she was 17, using her as he pleased. That was, till his life came to an untimely end. No one knew what had happened to Valentine, well except Hunter. She knew exactly what had happened to that retched man. She'd watched as finally stopped fighting and gave into to death. That was Hunter's little secret. Not that it'd done much good, because here she stood, about to get a new Master. She thought she'd be able to go back to the outskirts and try to find some familiar human faces, but no such luck.
the man with the red eyes, jerked his head toward a near by room, mumbling that she should go change. Sighing and used to the routine, Hunter went into the room, shutting the door, but not locking it behind her. Hunter pulled off her sweater and jeans, as she walked towards the rack of clothing. There was a vanity to the side of the room that was full of make up and hair product. She made diligent work in choosing an outfit and applying her makeup. She then went to the shelves the contained the masks. This was her favorite part. She loved that she could wear the masks and hide herself from the life suckers outside the room. It was like her own personal shield.

her outfit:(view spoiler)

message 2: by Kayleigh (new)

Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Hunter had just curled the last strand of her hair when a loud knocking announced that her time was up. Giving herself one last once over in the mirror, she made her way over to the door. The large man from earlier stood, his eyes watched her every move and he didn't do much to hide his hunger as he stared. Ignoring him, Hunter waltzed past him and into the main room. She took note of all the vampires that stood around the bar as she walked farther into the room and towards a darker corner. She hoped that she hadn't brought too much attention to herself and would of gone unnoticed by the potential masters.
Hunter watched in disgust as girls her age and younger showed themselves off to the vampires. These were the girls that actually liked being blood slaves. They enjoyed being fed on, the after affects were similar to being high. You became kind of numb. For a while, after Hunter had lost her family, she too had enjoyed it. It had taken away the pain and sorrow she was feeling. But now, years later, Hunter has come to despise it.

message 3: by Kayleigh (new)

Kayleigh (kayleighkingwrites) Hunter was so focused on finding an escape that she hadn't yet seen the man standing in the darkened corner with her. Her eyes darted around under her lace mask looking for a door, window, or just something that would help her with her escape. She refused to be made a slave to another vampire like Valentine. She didn't want to be shoved into a cellar every night and held there till they called for her. She wanted to be outside. God how she longed to feel the sun on her skin. It'd been over a year since she'd seen the light of day. Valentine had lived in a windowless stone castle on the outskirts of town. He made sure that all of his slaves and staff stayed within the stone walls after a couple of his blood slaves Escaped. Hunter of course had helped with their escaped, planned the whole thing out. The four girls had been younger then her and Hunter did everything in her power to make sure they got out of Valentine's hold. She used to volunteer when he'd come for the girls. She'd protected them and the first chance she got, she helped them leave the hell-hole. Since the day they had escaped, she'd never been outside.
Hunter's daydreams of the outside world were abruptly interrupted when she ran into a brick wall. Dazed, her ice blue gaze shot up and collided with a man's. She gasped and jumped back a foot, "Oh crap, I'm so sorry." She said quickly and bowed her head, showing respect for the vampire in front of her. "I wasn't paying attention." She added.

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