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message 1: by Marie (new)

Marie D'Abreo (mdabreo) | 8 comments Hi, all.

I'm in the process of deciding whether to self-publish a series of graphic novels. (I have one other one with an agent, and I may self-publish that too, but I'm not clear yet how it's doing).

A couple of questions: 1) I've been researching and it seems CreateSpace is good, but there are no choices as far as paper and cover. And I want to make something of quality. Lulu seems to have more choices but seems pricey. Anyone self-published a beautiful graphic novel? :) 2) If I go with CreateSpace... in the unlikely even that it is so popular a trade publisher wants it, are there problems with rights? Can I only sell that title on Amazon/CreateSpace forever more?

Thanks for any input you have.

message 2: by Marie (new)

Marie D'Abreo (mdabreo) | 8 comments I think I'm slowly answering my own question. For anyone it may help in the future... I've pretty much decided to publish my graphic novel with Blurb, because their books look really beautiful, bookstore quality. And I'll ALSO print with CreateSpace so I can list it on Amazon too, where most of the traffic is.

The way I'll promote it is, "Paperback available on Amazon, and Hardback available on Blurb".

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