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Jazmin skips into the meadow, drinking in the golden sunlight.

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Nali follows behind, smiling as Jaz skips. She could feel the animals moving around in the meadow.

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She sits down, calling a the small animals out. Soon enough bunnies and foxes, along with field mice and insects come out to surround them, begging for affection.

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"Can you speak to animals to?" Nali asks, curious.

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"No," she shames her head, "But I do connect well with them," she smiles, picking up a baby bunny.

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"That's cool, neither of my sisters really like animals as much as I do. I don't see shy, when there all so cute." a small fox walks up to her and she pets it. She smiles over at Jaz.

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Jazmin giggles., "Aren't they?" she agrees, letting a field mouse crawl up her arm.

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Nali Laughs softly at the mouse grinning at Jaz. A sparrow swooped down and landed on her head, making her giggle.

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Jaz laughs, frieghtening the mouse, causing it to go up to her neck, and scamper down her shirt. She squeels, jumping to her feet.

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Nali laughs, falling over.

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The poor mouse fell on its butt hard. "Shoo! shoo!" she demands, causing all the animals to run away.

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Nali was still laughing when the mouse scurried up her shirt in its rush to get away from Jaz. "EEP!" she wiggled around until the mouse scampered away.

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"That wasn't funny!" she says, but she cant help but giggle a little also.

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Nali smiles at her, giggling a little. she smiles at jaz.

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"Well, now its empty," she giggles, looming deep into the abandoned meadow.

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"You and me are still here" she points out.

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Jaz laughs. "True," she replies.

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Nali smiles at her. She really liked jaz, and wanted Her sisters to meet her new friend.
((My dearest Tina, I would so love it if you could make a brother for Jazmine that could be soul mates with Shy. I LOVE rping with you, and think that the romance would be interesting. All my Love!!))

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((lol, I would love to but in the description Jaz is an orphan! But I would still love to make you a mate! (: ))
"So," Jaz says, turning to her. "I guess we should give the animals some space. They probably hate me now," she jokes.

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((Yes!! Maybe a fellow orphan, like a brother?))"They don't hate you... they think your weird, but they don't hate you."

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Jaz giggles. "Which is EXACTLY what I am!" she yells loudly, pumping her fist in the air.
((Yah! he's gonna be a friend of hers from the orphanage! brb, I'm gonna make him!))

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((YAY!!)) Nali laughs again

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((MADE HIM!)) Jazmin giggles. "Lets get outran here, I said I would meet my friend Olly at the park. Wanna come?" she asks.

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"Sure, but I need you to meet my sister shy first, she wont let me hang with anyone the don't know." She looks at her apologetically.

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((sry, it didn't notify me!))
"Sure," she shrugs. She follows her out the meadow. ((to their place?))

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She was smiling and looking around, then looked at him.

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She laughs and leans against him

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She smiles at him. " Thats so cool!" She says to him

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She blushes and moves closer to him.

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She smiles at him and rests her head on his shoulder

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"just turned 19, why?"

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" Ya," She looks at him." is that a problem?"

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" I have a thing for younger guys."

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She turns her head and kisses him on the lips.

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She , oves closer and wraps her arms around his neck

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She kisses him deeper

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feeling like she couldnt stop herself, and not wanting to.

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She blushes brightly. " Im sorry,"

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She blushes deeper. " Really? I always thought I was bad at that."

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" Kate?" She said and looked at him. She felt jelouse

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" oh, ok." she tries to hide her jelousy with a bright smile

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She blushed.

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" How do you do that?" She asked, smiling at him

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She leans into him and rested her head on his shoulder.

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she sighs happily and watches the sun set

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"Sure, I guess. why?"

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She lauhghs a little, smiling.

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She grins and holds it carefully. " You should probably take ig back, I might breah em."

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" Sorry, im just really klutzy. "

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