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Isis Jimmi rounded the corner into her the alley she regularly used as her short cut, but there was something very out of the ordinary here today. There was a man walking around the alley looking incredibly lost and more than a little hurt. He was walking to favor his bottom and she could see a hint of blood beginning to swap through his dark leather jacket. She didn't want to help him. Likely he was in some kind of trouble and she would be dragged into it the second she got herself invvrx. She sighed. He was hurt and she had to help. She cleared her throat, "Hey, you, do you need me to call you an ambulance?" she called as she came into sight from behind a large dumpster. That was all she could offer him, a call.

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Isis No trace of a smile crossed Jimmi's lips. He was a fool if he thought that he was going to trick her into thinking he was just fine. He looked like he had just fallen from a sky scraper for heaven's sake, and he no doubt had slashes on his back. She cursed herself for feeling the need to help a man who was so obviously trying to flirt in a situation like this.

She walked toward him and put her hand on his shoulder. She spun him around so his back was to her. "I'm not in the mood for your pathetic flirting," she practically snarled at him.

She put her hands on the back of his collar before ripping his leather jacket clean in half. His shirt was split similarly. There she saw the huge wounds on his back, and they were no stab wounds. Wings had been ripped from his back, being a demon she saw this sort of thing all the time. She was practically pulled toward angels after all, but only to destroy them. It was her basic demon nature. Fortunately, her human side usually allowed her to control herself.

She snapped her fingers and a small flame appeared to be dancing on her index finger. "This is going to hurt," she said, a smile hardly hidden in her voice. Seconds later she was turning his bleeding wounds into to scanned burn wounds. It would at least keep him from bleeding out until he could get them cleaned up and taken care if. "Clean those up and slap some ointment on them then you'll be fine. Unfortunately, I can't help you with your broken pride or your insolence."

Jimmi walked away from him toward the fence on the other side of the alley. Because of him she would barely be able to make it to class on time.

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Isis Jimmi reached into the pocket of her tight jeans, seconds later she flicked a fifty dollar bill at his feet. "There. Your shirt and your jacket are taken care of and now you need not speak to me ever again," she smirked at him. Her back was to him once again after her little smirk and she began to climb the fence, despite the fact that she was in stiletto boots. This was habit now and climbing the fence was simple, not to mention the fastest way for her to get to work.

She jumped down on the other side of the fence and started away from the alley. He was a handsome man, and somehow a little charming. She would give him that, but she still wanted nothing to do with him. He was a stranger, not to mention a fallen angel with a serious flirting, and likely ego, problem. She hated that little smug smirk her wore. She wanted to slap it right off of his face.

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Isis ((Shall we move somewhere else for them to meet again?))

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Isis ((Actually, I'm going to put her back here for a's the most logical place for them to meet again.))

After a long day of teaching children how to paint dolphins, as it was the theme for the week, Jimmi was finally headed home. She didn't know how much longer she could stay in this place working at the school. She had never stayed in a place this long and she didn't even like kids so it was a wonder she had even lasted this long. She supposed it was because of the art she got to do and the endless supply of art utensils whenever she wanted them. She wasn't quite sure, but there was definitely something keeping her in this town despite the fact that she knew it was about time to move on.

As she came to the fence at the end of the alley she began to climb up it. This time it was much slower. She was tired and her feet were starting to feel the effects of her heels. It wasn't bad, but it could be if she stayed in them too much longer. Luckily, she wouldn't have to be. She would be back in her own home in now time and then she could just lay down in her empty bed and relax.

The incident from earlier was all but forgotten.

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Isis Jimmi hopped down on the other side of the fence and then her heels clicked as she walked along the pavement toward the opening of the alley. She didn't pay attention to where she walked, there was no need to. She rounded the slight corner toward the exit and her foot hit something. She lost balance. She fell right onto the ground and her chin scraped the pavement along with her elbows and her palms.

She cursed and rolled onto her back, ignoring the fact that the ground she was laying on was probably filthy. And there he was. The reason her chin was now dripping blood. "You," she snarled at the angel sitting on a box "What the heck are you still doing here? Get out of the walk way!" She stood up, glaring at him the whole time...then she kicked him in the shin and started to storm off, elbows dripping blood down her forearms.

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Isis Jimmi hissed and turned her eyes on him, they were flaming with rage now, literally. Flames actually seemed to be moving behind her eyes and her pupils. She yanked her arm from him and made a fist, which immediately caught on fir. "Do. Not. Touch. Me," she snarled harshly in his direction "I will not hesitate to rip your throat out right here in this alley. I don't want your help. I want you gone."

She didn't do well with people grabbing at her, she never had been good at dealing with it. Her temper was so short that any gesture like the one he had made was instantly taken in the most negative way. Letting someone explain could get her killed and she wasn't going to allow that, it was better just to go on the defensive.

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Isis "No you may not touch my chin. I can bleed wherever I please and I can take care of myself," Jimmi told him "Just leave me alone." The fire had died out of her eyes by now, but they still managed to bore down on him. She turned around after this look and started back toward her place. She didn't care if he was trying to help, she didn't want his help. She didn't want to owe him anything or give him a reason to hang around. Angels got under her skin, even the fallen angels.

She wiped her bloody hands off on her jeans, not thinking about the horrible stains that it would make for later. The only important thing at this point was getting away from this guy.

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Isis "We're natural born enemies," Jimmi called back to him "I don't trust you in the least." She disappeared around the next corner just after speaking and then she was on her way home. She would be back in her own place in a few moments and she wouldn't have to worry about any angels grabbing her or trying to help her. That was all she was wanted right now.

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Isis ((I'm going to move her to the coffee shop for now))

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Isis ((And she will sit in the coffee shop I suppose))

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Isis ((I saw you got approved. Maybe I'll change my time line for my post a bit and put it in the future some))

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Isis Jimmi was on her way home from yet another day of work. She had been in this town for a long time now, longer than she had been anywhere since she was a child. It was nice to a have a routine and walk through the same dirty alley every day. There was just something comforting about the fact that she knew exactly what she was going to land on every time she climbed of the fence.

It had been a quiet few days and her new tattoo was just now beginning to peel...and she was already thinking about getting another one. She had the strange urge to see that angel again, the fallen one, Hynder. It was true that he didn't really interest her beyond his looks, but it was starting to turn out that his looks were very interesting indeed. She was hoping seeing him again would change her mind, or at least make it up. She was sick of seeing his chiseled face inside her head, it made her angry, and yet, it calmed her. She just wanted answers from herself.

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Isis Jimmi's heels clicked down on the other side of the fence just as she heard an irritated groan from just down the way. Her eyebrow raised in curiosity. She walked toward the direction the sound had come, and there he was. He was standing there in the alley looking gorgeous as usual. No, more gorgeous. Somehow his look of confused irritation made him all the more handsome. A small smile came onto her lips as she was unable to control it.

"Well hello there my little fallen angel," Jimmi chuckled softly and leaned against one of the walls lining the alley. "What is it you're doing back here? I thought I told you to stay away." She was joking, but only a little bit. She had told him to leave and she wished he would have, but then again, maybe she didn't. It was so nice to see that face again.

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Isis Jimmi looked him over, not bothering to even try to hide the fact that she was checking him over. "White suits you," she commented after a while "Too bad you don't have those pretty white wings anymore." She smirked at the little jab she had made at him. For some reason she wanted to get to him and see what really made him snap. It was just the most logical thing to do in her mind. One could learn a lot by the when and way that a person finally lost their cool and that was what she was going for. She wanted to know him better. "So, do tell me, how is it that a man such as yourself was dropped from the heavens? And...did it hurt?" Jimmi actually giggled lightly after that one. She could not name the number of times she had been asked that.

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Isis "Hmm," Jimmi closed her eyes "That's alright. I already know. I watched it all That poor little girl never saw it coming. Twas sad really. You should have known better than to stalk a little human like that. I do ever so wish it had been more interesting. A pathetic reason to lose your angeldom. Tsk tsk. The fall definitely looked like it hurt though. Oh! And the wings looked pretty delightful if I do say so myself, but I bet the scars look better." She waited for him to break under her words.

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Isis "You know angels can't fall in love with humans Hynder," Jimmi purred and her eyes flashed open "So why did you? I didn't think she was anything special at all. You never even really met her. She had no idea you even existed. What were you thinking?" She could see actions and hear words but she never knew what the people were thinking and it frustrated her. She genuinely wanted to know.

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Isis "You can't know someone by watching them," Jimmi responded to him "You made assumptions and your assumptions alone got her killed. The least you could have done was to actually meet her. Just because you saw her that way doesn't mean she even was that way. You painted her as you wanted her to be. It's sick. And everyone accuses me of being evil." She shook her head in disgust "I'm not even a full demon."

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Isis A huge smile spread across Jimmi's face, her plump lips turning upward in a way that rarely anyone ever saw. "Ah, so that's how to get to you, is it? Good to know." She started toward him and stopped just inches in front of him. She leaned forward and pressed a kiss onto his cheek. She moved aside and was walking away only seconds later. "Well, I guess I should be off. Good luck with whatever it is you're doing with your life these days."

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Isis Jimmi smirked to herself as she walked away and rounded the corner towards her home. The demon part of her had absolutely loved seeing him break down and hurt. On the other hand, her human side had felt almost sad for him and that had been the reason for the kiss.

((skipping to the next morning))

Jimmi walked into the alley. It was just past the crack of dawn and the sun was just starting to come up. The alley would have look creepy to anyone who wasn't part demon, but she was, and this was really her element. It was dark, cool, and quiet.

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Isis Jimmi spun around and looked at him. How did she know that he would be along? "Are you stalking me fallen angel?" she asked him, her hands falling into place on her hips. She looked at him sternly and waited for his response. He definitely appeared to be stalking her. He was always around no matter where she seemed to go. She saw him constantly. And yet, she didn't really seem to mind.

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Isis "Wait!" Jimmi called immediately without even thinking about it. "Why are you the one saying sorry? I'm the one who made you go off in the first place." She hadn't moved from the spot she was in and her hands were still sitting on her hips. She was genuinely curious as to his random change of heart. Last she had seen him he had been pissed and now he was telling her he was sorry. It didn't make any sense."

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Isis Jimmi suddenly found that she was completely and utterly furious. She growled to herself and then before she knew what she was doing she had chased him down and slammed him against the wall. She pinned him there, eyes blazing and set right onto his. "You're not an angel anymore," she told him fiercely "You're no better than the normal human being at this point...and you cannot walk away from me like that."

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Isis Jimmi pulled back her hand and balled it into a fist. It flamed up and she growled angrily. "You disgust me. You're an ignorant bastard." She was furious with him and she didn't even know why. There was no logical reason for her to act this way, none at all. Just something about the way he was acting was getting to her nerves. Of course, her nerves weren't very strong and she was easily angered, but this was something else all together.

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Isis Jimmi responded only with a snarl before slamming him back hard against the wall and storming away from him. She couldn't have answered him even if she wanted him because she honestly had no idea what the answer really was. Maybe it was the fact that he had practically ignored her. Maybe it was the fact that he showed up near this place yet again when she wanted only a simple day. Maybe it was only the fact that he had apologized. She couldn't figure out what had come over her.

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Isis Jimmi took out her phone and she called in sick to work. There was simply no way that she could be around a bunch of children when she was this dangerously mad. She then tore off the heels she was wearing and she chucked them as hard as she could at the fence before walking back to her apartment barefooted.

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Isis ((Sure, you can decide where we go next if you want))

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Isis ((Sure I'll put here there right now))

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Isis Jimmi didn't take her usual route in the morning considering she didn't have to go to work, but she still went for a walk. It was just a short walk to get some exercise and help her sleep, but she detoured toward the alley anyway. She knew he wouldn't be there but some part of her needed to check just in case. It never hurt to have a dream, not really anyway.

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Isis Jimmi peaked around the corner of the alley...and she saw him. He was standing against a wall looking just about as lost as she felt herself. He was as handsome as ever but somehow he looked ill, or maybe he looked broken. She wasn't exactly sure which of the two it was but she felt bad for him none the less. She stepped into the alley and looked at him shyly. "Hi," she whispered "What are you doing here?" She obviously wasn't going to work as she was in a sports bra and sneakers rather than her usual heels.

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Isis Jimmi walked over toward him a little and shook her head "Not that doesn't sound stupid because I don't know why I'm here either. I didn't need to be here...I" She looked at him and shrugged. She didn't expect him to understand in any way, shape or form, but she still wished he would.

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Isis Jimmi let the slightest smile come onto her lips "Thank you again for saving me. I can't say I have ever been save before then, but it was actually kind of nice. Or, maybe that was just because you were the one doing the saving." She turned her dark eyes onto him for a moment then down onto her feet.

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Isis Jimmi looked up at him confidently and took a deep breath. "Just...just kiss me already! Stop playing these games and kiss me or leave me alone. You're the man, you're the one who is supposed to do this. I've waited and waited but you're obviously not going to make a move. So kiss me or go. It's your choice, but either way I'm going home knowing for sure."

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Isis As soon as Hynder's lips met her own the whole world seemed to come into focus at last. All the pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly together for the first time since she had laid eye upon this particular fallen angel. His lips felt like heaven, or so she imagined. His arms around her waist seemed to enfold her in just the right way. It was as if they had been made for each other specifically.

When she finally pulled back she looked up at him seriously. "Don't you dare walk away from me ever again," she hissed at him "You were such an idiot to have done it in the first place. Well, I guess I was an idiot too. I never really wanted you to leave me alone..." She gave him a dazzling smile. "Don't ever listen to me again."

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Isis "You look like an idiot," Jimmi said before giggling. She was joking of course, but he did look a little silly with that big smile on his face. Though, she probably looked the exact same way now that she thought of it.

"So, what happened to that girl you were with yesterday? She sure looked...pretty," she shrugged and waited for his response. Was he still with the other girl? The thought of this made her want to snap someone in half, but she hid this feeling the best that she could.

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Isis Jimmi rolled her eyes "Oh please. I know that you are, or at least were, a bit of a man whore, dear. And lets not forget how you fell in love with a girl you never met. I think there may be plenty of girls who are you cup of tea..." She knew what she was saying was true, but it hurt her to say it aloud somehow. She had never been much of a jealous girl before, now she was it appeared.

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Isis Jimmi pretended to think about it. "Hmmmm, I dunno," she said and put her own hand to her chin in thought "I'm not sure I like you that much..." She stuck her tongue out at him then giggled before she nodded. "Fine, yes, I'll go on a date with you, but you're paying. Got it? Good. I'll let you choose the location and everything though. You can pick me up from my place whenever you want."

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Isis "Oh, I forget that people can't see things the same way I do," Jimmi admitted "Um, do you have a phone I can type it into or something? Or, better yet, let me just walk you there and show you. It's less than a block away from here." She slipped out of his grasp before grabbing onto his arm and dragging him along out of the alley.

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Isis Jimmi smiled "Well, maybe I'll see inside your place sometime then." She gave him a wink before pulling him up the front steps to her apartment. "It's small but it does what it needs to do." She opened the door and immediately a small, alien-like creature started to twist around her legs affectionately. She grinned and picked it up. "This is my cat Mimo," she turned and showed him "He;ll bite if he doesn't like you, so, watch out."

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Isis "Most animals don't like me, probably because I'm a demon, but I fell in love with Mimo the second I saw him and he didn't try to attack me. Plus, he's adorable and he creeps people out. It's a win win situation," Jimmi replied to him before pulling him into the house. "Well, this is it. Not much, like I said, but enough for me. You can pick me up here whenever."

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Isis Jimmi raised an eyebrow "How nice are we talking? Like, throw on a skirt and a blouse or full blown formal? You've got to give a girl a few more details than that." She set Mimo on the couch then put her hands on her hips while she waited for his response to her question.

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Isis Jimmi punched him in the arm playfully, but even her playful was pretty hard. "Don't make me turn you into ash, fallen angel," she purred with a smirk on her face "Because you know I will." She moved up closer to him and batted her long eye lashes. She was a beautiful girl in her way.

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Isis She looked him in the eyes, her own challenge face put into place. "And why is that?" she asked him "Because you're attractive? No, I could care less about that. There are other attractive men in the world. Because you've kissed me? No, I can kiss other men. Because you're a fallen angel? No, I've met others and I've killed one of them too. Why then? Why wouldn't I burn you up?"

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Isis Jimmi laughed and ran her thumb gently over his lips "You know you're attractive and you use it to your advantage. It really isn't fair to all those innocent woman in the world. But, now I get to use you to make them all jealous. They'll all want to murder me and I'll get to laugh in their faces. It will be wonderful." She put her arms around his waist and yanked him closer.

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Isis "Actually, yes. Yes, I would love to see them try and murder you then fall flat on their faces. Though I must admit they will probably be murdered themselves if they try too many times. Now, tell me, why aren't you kissing me right now?" She raised an eyebrow at him and gave a smirk.

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Isis Jimmi's eyes snapped shut much the same as Hynder's did. Her arms slid up around his neck. Her body pressed to his lightly. Their lips molded perfectly. She had a feeling that kissing him would never be tiring. She could spend the rest of forever in this exact stance and never grow bored.

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Isis She shivered against him just slightly and nipped at his lower lip. She couldn't really help herself at this point. He made her mind turn into soup and then she started to do things without even really being aware of it. She pressed to him a little more. They melded together just right.

((I'm off to bed, night))

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Isis She smiled when his lips parted, then she let her own mouth do the work. She had kissed plenty of men in her time but this was the first she really felt meant something, or felt good. It was truly something amazing...and she hadn't breathed in a while. She pulled back, breathing rather hard.

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Isis Jimmi found herself giggling softly at his question. "Oh shut up, you're just as out of breath as I am. Now, would you like something to drink? Or, are you even staying?" She raised one perfectly shaped eyebrow at him. She would admit she spent a lot of time on her appearance, but it was more for herself than anyone else. She liked to look as if she took care of herself because there wasn't much else to care for in her life.

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