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Olly stopped in the parking lot, and cut the engine. He opens his door, stepping out onto the pavement.

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Shy opened her door to, blocking the sun with her hand

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He smiles, lacing his fingers through hers as he walked down to the lake.

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She smiles back, blushing a little.

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He plops down on the sand, swiftly pulling her down with him into his lap. "How'd you get there?" He laughs, kissing her gently.

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She smiles and blushes, but kisses him back. " Jee, im not sure." She giggles

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He smiles. "So, what would you say if I named a frozen yougurt flavor after you?" He asks casually.

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" That no one would eat a flavor named Shy."

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"Well, that's too bad for them," he laughs. "I think it'll be called Shy Love. After all, you inspired it," he whispered in her ear, sniping her lobe gently.

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She giggled a little, blushing. She rested her head in his shoulder

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He turned his mouth to hers, kissing her gently.

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she admires against his lips, moving closer

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((Lol, admires?))
He smiles against her lips, placing his hands on her waist, gently pulling her closer until she was practically sitting on his lap.

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(( Oops, i ment smiles. Darm phone. XD)) She leans into him, trying to get as close as she can

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((lol :D))
He sticks his tongue into her mouth gently, while crushing her against him.

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She moans and straddels his lap

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He smiles against her lips. "We'll, someones feeling passionate today," he mumbles.

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She smiles. " Ya, i guess." She pushes him back and rests ontop of him, kissing down his neck,

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He bites back a moan, clutching her waist tightly.

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He nips hisear lobe before sucking on his lips roughly/

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He kisses her roughly, sucking on her tongue gently.

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She moans a little before pullling back. " God i missed you."

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"Its only been a few hours," he laughs, although he missed her crazy also.

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" Seems like forever." She said and nuzzled his neck.

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"He luaghed quietly, closing his arms around her, pulling her closer. "I missed you too," he admits softly.

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She nuzzles his neck more

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"Shy?" He asks suddenly.

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"Hhhmmm?" she says as she nibbles his ear

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"Will.... Will you..... Marry me?" He finally asks, finding it hard to concentrate.

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She stops nibbling and sits up. "What?"

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"Um, will you marry me?" He asks again, finding it harder to say the second time. He plays with the hem of her shirt, not wanting to look up to see her face.

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She sits there, stunned and not expecting it. "But you... you just met me." she says quietly, still trying to proccess the question.

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"Yeah," he admits reluctantly. "But I love you," he says softly, finally looking up into her eyes.

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She smiled brightly and giggled, throwing her arms around his neck and kisses him. " Yes!"(( I wont be on tomarrow until later... so by for the next 24 hrs.))

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He smiled widely against her lips, kissing her back happily. He pulled back slightly. "I love you so much," he whispered, caressing her cheek.

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" I love you to!"she said and smiled

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He smiled softly at her, positivley glowing. "Oh, wait!" he exclaimed, rummaging around in his pocket. He finally found what he was looking for, taking out a small blue velvet box.

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"Oh, olly! You didn't have to get me a ring." She said and blushed

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He grinned. "Yes, I did," he said, opening the box carefully. It then revealed a beautiful pure silver ring, with a good sized rose on it, a small diamond in the middle of it. "Don't worry though, it used to be my Mothers," he assured her as hebjust noticed the expensive richness of it.

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She gasped and looked at the ring with wide eyes. "Oh, no I couldn't Olly." She said and shook her head, thinking she didn't deserve something this pretty.

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"Yeah, you can," he assured her. "I always said someone special would get it. Someone even more precious than any of this silver and diamonds could ever be," he said.

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She lushed deeply and tears came to her eye's. "Olly really, it was your mothers, I don't deserve it."

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"yes, you deserve it more than you know." he said gently. He takes out the ring, and pushes it onto her ring finger. "See? Perfect," he smiled, his eyes watering.

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She threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly. "I love you so much Olly!" she gushed

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He hugged her back tightly. "Ai loveyou more than you could ever know," he murmured in her ear.

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She felt tears slip out of her eyes and wiped at them. SHe smiled at him and looked down at the ring, grinning. "I cant believe im going to mary the best guy in the world."

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"And I cant believe I'm going to marry.... well, you," he joked, laughing. "Beautiful, smart, kind, you," he continued with a adoring smile.

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She blushed again and moved into his lap, snuggling against him. "The girls are going to freak." SHe said, with a rueful smile.

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((sorry!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so terrible! I'm never gonna leave u guys again!!! lol))
He chuckled. "I don't doubt it. Considering not so long ago you were refusing to believe that we were mates," he smirked.

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