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Bree After having left the woods, Ulrich was now walking through the town with his newly made friend, Eden. There was something about her that he found himself attracted to. True, she looked beautiful, but her smile and her honest to God nature was what made her unique.

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Eden smiled at him "alright where too?" She looked around the town as they walked, she glanced at him and smiled. She liked being around him, but she didn't know why

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Bree "I know a good sandwich place if that sounds good to you," Ulrich said. Some part of him wanted to hold her hand, and there was on overwhelming urge for him to put his arm around her. It wasn't as if he had just met her, it felt as if he'd known her for a life time.

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Eden smiled and him "that sounds great!" She looked around the town, before she knew what she was doing she reached for his and but pulled her hand back and blushed a little bit, she wanted to look at her chest to see if anything has happened, but she didn't

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Bree Ulrich hadn't noticed her trying to take his hand, but he did notice the sudden blush that had come to her cheeks. He couldn't help buts mile at this, then he said "We're here." Sure enough, they had arrived at a sandwich shop called 'The Bread Store.' He opened the door for her.

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Eden smiled at him "thank you" she walked in and looked around, she looked at Ulrich and smiled at him "what are you getting?"

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Bree "Well seeing as we're in a sandwich place, I think I'll be daring and get a sandwich," Ulrich said with and chuckle then he walked up to the counter with her.

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Eden smiled at him and followed with a slight giggle, she looked at the menu and couldn't decide, she was probably just going to get what he was getting

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Bree Ulrich ordered them both two ham sandwiches and two fountain drinks. He pulled out his wallet from his pocket and handed the cashier his card.

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Eden smiled at him "I can pay you back for the cost of mine" she put her hand in her pocket to get her wallet out and pay him back.

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Bree "You can pay me back later," Ulrich said then he handed her a cup to fill it up with any sods that she wanted.

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Eden nodded and took the cup "thanks" she smiled at him and went to fill up her soda, she was thinking about going to the bathroom to look at her chest and make sure that nothing was there

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Bree Ulrich looked over at her and said "If you want, I can get our food while you get a table or, freshen up." Freshen up referring to going to the bathroom.

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Eden nodded "yeah, I'll be right back" she went into the bathroom after putting her drink down at a table. She walked in and went to the mirror, she pulled down her shirt a little and found his name written on her chest. She stood there for a minute not really knowing what to do.

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Bree Once their sandwiches were done, Ulrich carried both of them to a table that had an umbrella giving shade outside. He sat himself down in one of the seats and set their food down then he waited for Eden to come out.

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Eden came out and found him "hey, go look at your chest l" she say down across from him and opened her sandwich and took a bit.

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Bree Ulrich had been taking a drink of his soda when she had said that, and he almost choked on it after hearing what she said. He swallowed after he had coughed hoarsely, and soon his shirt was stained by soda. He looked toward her with a raised eyebrow, and an incredulous smile. "You don't hear that from a girl everyday," he said.

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Eden snipes and rolled her eyes "well are you going to go and make sure that I'm right?" She took another bit if her food and looked at him with a small smile

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Bree Ulrich shrugged and said "I don't suppose I have anything to lose." He got out of his seat, took another drink of his soda then he walked into the public restroom. He unbuttoned the front of his shirt.

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Eden smiled and waited for him to come back, she was still trying to get what she had just seen into her head, she was a little confused

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Bree Ulrich had to take a second look, then a third one at what he saw tattooed across his chest. It was Eden's name. This seemed impossible to him because he'd just met her hours ago, and in all that time, he'd never once went to a tattoo shop.

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Eden took a sip of her drink as she waited for him, she wondered if he had passed out or something as she waited

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Bree Ulrich shook his head as he quickly buttoned his shirt back up, then he walked out of the restroom then he sat back down in his seat beside Eden.

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Eden looked at him "did you see it?" She took a bit of her sandwich and waited for him to run away or something like she had heard people did a lot

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Bree Ulrich took a bite of his sandwich, then when he swallowed, he said "If by it, you mean the elephant in the bathroom, then no. If you meant the tattoo I have been given that wasn't there seven hours ago, then yes, I saw that."

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Eden smiled at him "do you know about this stuff, like why you have the tattoo on your chest?" She took another bit and snipes at him

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Bree Ulrich shook his head. "I think I would've felt myself getting this tattoo, so no, I don't know anything. I suppose you do though," he said then he took a drink of his soda.

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Eden nodded "yeah, in this town, why you first see your sole mate, you get a tattoo of his or her name on your chest and the same with the other person l, it's painless and I think it's romantic" she smiled at him

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Bree Ulrich suddenly laughed and smiled at her. "That's incredible, and also insane. I believe that that kind of stuff of possible, but wow, it happened pretty quickly I'll admit,l" he said then he finished off his sandwich.

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Eden nodded "well it's this weird that that has you paired up with someone, so you and I were paired up" she smiled at him

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Bree "I'm alright with that. You're very beautiful and you're also very funny," Ulrich said with a smile at her then he took a drink of his soda.

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Eden blushed and looked down "I think you have me confused with some other girl" she smiled and finished her sandwich

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Bree "Well lets see, is there another possible girl whose name is Eden who is brilliantly funny, charming, and easily the most compassionate girl I know? I don't think so," Ulrich said then he finished off his soda.

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Eden smiled "well you got the beautiful part wrong" she looked at him and smiled then finished her soda

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Bree "And what if I believe that I've got that part right?" Ulrich asked with a cocked eyebrow and a bemused smile on his lips.

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Eden smiled at him "well then that's your opinion" she picked up her yeah and smiled at him

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Bree "I believe in my own opinion strongly," Ulrich said then he found that his smile had not once left his lips.

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Eden smiled "well I hope your opinion is true" she put her trash in the trash can and looked at him "want to walk around town?"

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Bree "Sure, that would be nice." Ulrich stood up then he put his own trash in the trash can then he held out his hand for Eden to take. "Shall we?" he asked.

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Eden smiled and took his hand "we shall" she started walking with him, she smiled at him and kept walking

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Bree Ulrich walked with her for a while, then he looked towards her and her usual hat. "You know, while you do look beautiful, you'd look even better without a hat to hide part of your face," he said.

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Eden smiled at him "I wear it to hide my ears" she giggled a little bit "in case you haven't guessed, I'm an elf" she told him and looked down

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Bree "I knew there was a reason that you looked as stunning as you do," Ulrich said with a chuckle then he gave her a side smile as they walked across a pedestrian cross walk.

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Eden smiled and blushed a little "your human right?" She smiled at him as she stepped onto the other sidewalk

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Bree "Yes, and if you don't believe me, you can check my ears and see if they're pointed like your's," Ulrich offered to her.

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Eden smiled "I believe you" she looked at him and smiled then took off her hat "see, my ears are really pointy" she sighed

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Bree Ulrich's hand reached up and touched the ear that was closest to him. His finger brushed against the pointed top of it then he followed the curve of it downward. "Amazing," he said.

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Eden smiled "most people think it's weird" she looked at him with her smile still on her face and then went to put her hat back on

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Bree "Weird is never always bad though," Ulrich pointed out to her with a smile.

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