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The Handmaid's Tale (The Handmaid's Tale, #1)
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Nadia | 2 comments I am looking forward to a re-reading of the Handmaid's Tale! One of my favourites as a Super Librarian here in the Netherlands. Check out my youtube one-minute review on the website Why I Love this Book! In Dutch obviously. I am curious to read the book with you all and see what remains of my recollection 15 years later!

Jessica | 464 comments I love, love, loved this book! Read a couple of months ago. Atwood is my new favorite lady!

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Nadia | 2 comments This is also an interesting post! Book Riot on the Handmaid's Tale

Cecily | 44 comments Another Bookriot post about this book, fighting book-banning, one step at a time:

(Eleventh grade is sixteen-year olds, isn't it?)

Jessica | 464 comments You know it saddens me that parents get in such crazy anger over an assigned book for an english course. It also infuriates me. This might sound odd/over the top but I always have this image pop in my head, in regards to these parents. After reading so much dystopian literature lately (Fahrenheit 451, The Handmaid's Tale, Brave New World, Animal Farm, 1984) it's hard not to see things in odd ways. The parents become the government or firemen sworn to protect us all from books. It sounds crazy but, to me, they aren't very different from each other in these extreme moments.

And...end soap box.

I give that professor, mentioned above, a 5 star rating for sticking to his guns and his stance on the book. There is so much to be gained from this book. It's frightening, brilliant, and a warning to all of us. As a woman, myself, I found this book to be an eye opener. I feel like, for most of my life, I have taken what rites women do have for granted. We have come so far and it could all be taken away so quickly.

Cecily | 44 comments I heartily agree with you, Jessica. Often the books people want banned actually convey very positive and moral messages, albeit by showing the opposite. They can provide a wonderful way to discuss difficult topics.

Age appropriateness is a different matter (though I think 16 is fine for Handmaid). Banning is bad, but delaying can be good (read something too young, and it may put you off it for life0.

Samantha Glasser Banning books never made any sense to me. The only outcome is that the book becomes more desirable.

Maricarmen Estrada M This book was so different from the literature I had read before. Atwood is brilliant. Her writing is so beautiful, but at the same time unsettling, so you have all these contradictory feelings while reading. Her deep sense of femininity makes you question so many things. I simply loved this book

Holly (hollycoulson) I first read The Handmaid's Tale when I was 15, and I don't think it affected me that much. It changed the way I thought about literature, because it's just such a fabulous book and propelled me into a love for dystopian fiction. I'd definitely say no younger though, there are some sensitive subjects that I think need a level of maturity to fully understand.

Atwood, for me, is one of the best writers out there. I got 4 of her books for my birthday, and I can't wait to start reading them!

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