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Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) As Mercutio strolled down the sidewalk casually checking behind him every now and then his eyes laid upon a luxurious hotel. Instantly he knew that there must be some vampires in there, so that's exactly why he walked into the building with bounce in his step like he was actually a somebody instead of a nobody human. Eyes flickered over to him as he confidently walked towards the restaurant bar with a smirk painted on his face. Oh how he enjoyed annoying people, and the look of disgust they always gave him. Now the look wasn't because he was ugly, because he isn't ugly at all. In fact he is extremely handsome for a human. The look was because of how he carried himself, which is that he's an arrogant jerk who's going to ruin your day.

Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) Mercutio ordered a scotch winking at the bartender just to annoy him. He noticed a woman, or lady is more like it stroll over to the bar. She seemed like she was pretty high up on the social scale. Just by the way she was dressed and how she presented herself gave everything away. His nose crinkled as the realization came to him that she was a vampire. He turned away facing the wall making it quite obvious he had no intention of giving her any attention. That's what all of them want, attention, and he was not going to give it to a stuck up rich vampire.

Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) He let out a sigh of relief as the snobby vampire left the bar area. He took a sip of his liquor as he searched the room. All eyes were on him, it must of become known that he was an unclaimed human. This didn't scare him though, he'd die before he'd become a slave. Then he felt this unbelievable pull towards the lady that had stood by him. It was strange, he had never felt anything like it before. His mind became like a warm place, like he was stoned or something. Mindlessly his feet moved towards the girl, and although his mind was screaming for him to stop his body didn't listen. Apart of him was drawn to her, and he didn't know if it was him or some sort of vampire thing but it felt real. This only sparked his hatred towards them, because they abuse their powers for their own selfish gain.

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He sat down across from the girl, not voluntarily of course. He crossed his arms and leaned back this time he was the one sporting the disgusted look. It took all he had not to look her in the eyes because for some reason his body was trying to force him to. He could feel the pull she had on him loosen but it was still there. His expression went emotionless giving away nothing, a trick he had learned, but it could prove un-useful if the girl had special gifts. He cursed in his mind hating that he felt so weak towards a girl, a girl who looked younger than him nonetheless. "It's not a death wish, I'm simply living the life I was promised in the constitution," He scoffed, "I don't care about your kinds influence on the government, I do as I please."

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Mercutio knew she was right about the government. Her kind had taken control over it awhile ago. But he still wouldn't change his mind about the constitution. "To you the constitution is probably outdated because you are probably older than the statue of liberty, but to me the constitution is still valid. So say what you'd like it won't change my mind. He leaned back against the booth roaming a hand through his short black hair as she asked her question. "I don't care whose territory it is, I walk wherever I feel like walking." He knew exactly what territory he was in, because he likes to study maps and such but he still didnt care where he went. In his mind he was still a free man, although now she is probably going to take him as her slave or whatever.

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