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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments Here 'tis! :D

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Haha, love the name change. xD

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments Thought you might.:3 I'll post my charrie as soon as I can.:)

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I'll start my charrie now. Is it alright if the whole thing's just basic; name, age, appearance, other? :))

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments Perfectly fine with me.:3 I prefer that sort of thing anyway.:)

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[Name] Ava Guinevere Prowley

[Age] 19


(view spoiler)

[Other] Ava has inherited a British accent due to the influence of her birthplace; Yorkshire, England. She also has a fondness for foreign literature.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments
[Name]James Ryan Jacobs 'Jamie'



His daughter, Evie, 6 years old;


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((Aw... Evie's such a cutie. C;))

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments Shes awesome! Sorry for the wait. I get indecisive about appearances.D:

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It's alright. ^.^ So... I was thinking maybe James and his best friend were together one night with a beer or something and in their drunken state, James got dared to sleep with Ava? C:

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments That sounds good.C: Ok, so how would that work intertwining Ava into it? Or would it sort of just be a start out post which would then lead on to the next day, something like that? :)

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I was thinking maybe James could think back to the night where he was dared and then he sees Ava and tries to do the whole arrogant bad-boy charm on her. xD

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments Yea, I get it.C: Maybe he could use his charm and then get turned down, and right in the middle of getting turned down he could get a call that Evie's woken up from a nightmare and is asking for her Daddy, and that could queue in a hasty exit which could follow on to the next day? c:

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Yeah, sure. x3

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments If you'd prefer it to go in a different way, just say, I don't mind.C:

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Maybe he could just spit it out that he wants her and in the middle of her slap, the call comes and he escapes being slapped? XD

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments That's be funny.xD And she could just stand there hand mid air like;'What the hell just happened?'

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LOL... exactly. xD

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments Sorry sorry!
Who did you want to start off?
I'm in the midst of finishing off my post to our other RP and have a few others I need to do, so if you wanted me to begin it might take a few days to post it up.:o

Also, how was school? C:

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:) It's fine, lovely.
Um... if you'd like me to start off, let me know. 'Cause I'm done with all my homework, LOL. D: #nerdforlyf

Great, actually! c: I mean, I got reunited with mah peeps and friends and I got some of the hardest but funniest teachers. :D Really, the only thing that killed my buzz was this guy who's trying to land the jackpot on all the ladies. D: I was the receptor of some very cheesy pick-up lines. Ughhhhh...

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments C:
Would you? I hate asking its just I have a few replies on my plate at the minute and I don't want to disapoint by not giving you one right away.:s
You got homework on the first day? :O Haha, it would take me the night before it was due in for me to actually do the homework set.

Ah good! That's always the best bit, seeing your friends again. As far as I'm aware I'll keep the same teachers I have now.D: I don't like a few of them, so that sucks. On the bright side, I get a Canadian Geography teacher and I'm literally fascinated by his accent.

Haha, at least you get cheesy pick-up lines.xD Although if I would have been in your position I would have been cringing.xD

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Of course! :D Anything to kill the boredom.
Haha, yeah. My teachers are a hard bunch. D:

Ooh, Canadian! Me likey! xD
Haha, trust me. You would. Dx

I'll post 'er up in about half an hour or so. :D Or less.

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99. That's what Ava got on her biology exam. A frigging 99. Not a 100.

But a 99.

Ava gritted her teeth as she took laboriously calm steps from the lecture theater. No way in hell was she going to stand for this shit. First of all, the semester was already coming to a slow end and no doubt the grades would be finalized and established sooner or later along with her grade point average. And while Ava would still relish in the fact that she maintained yet another 4.0, her academic records would forever be marred by that lone 99. Ava could just imagine it; the 99 standing out like a tulip in a field of daisies, mocking her in the sea of 100s where it was nestled in, edging out just the slightest bit.

And it was all her fault.

Ava sighed, biting her lip as she leaned against the wall, watching students fill in the hallway as they carried with them the din that only followed an immensely large group of college students chattering about god-knows-what. They didn't have to worry about it. The whole lot would perfectly be pleased with a 88. Ava shuddered at the mere thought of the number and pulled her books closer to her chest, looking down at her worn sneakers. But to live a life where grades were tossed to the sidewalk carelessly and where boyfriends, kisses, friends and popularity existed... well, it wasn't exactly something you could say no to, right?

Sure, maybe she was renowned to be the smartest young lady to ever attend the educational institution and she supposed the multitude of trophies and certificates awarded to her for her excellency in school performance were nice. But how many times had she peered towards the audience and see no familiar faces but her family's? How many times had she had to sigh and accept that, no, it wasn't going to be her best friend applauding and smiling maniacally? She could just forget the thought of having a boyfriend; as far as she was concerned, the majority or all of the masculine population had the emotional range the size of a teaspoon and the only thing that would go on for them was sex. And food. Not that Ava could argue with the latter.

Ava pushed her way through the sea of students, regretting leaning against the wall the whole time the pupils filed in. And she was about to curse her dwindling luck further when she encountered a mishap in her placed footing. Hello, ground, she managed to coherently say in her head before she met gravity's intended fate for her.

Things were not looking good.

((Hope that was good! ^^ Sorry I posted late; had to go for track practice.))

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments Yep.:) This is one of the first on my list of replies today.^_^

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments

School, Jamie thought with little remorse, was a load of bullshit.

Ok, so maybe he might have thrown a few punches at that damned first year, but he'd been provoked and to hell with it, the kid deserved to be smacked around a few times and be put in his place. He shook his head silently as he finally escaped the headmasters clutches after being given another 'strike'. God those strikes were the bane of his life. Jamie raked a hand through his mahogany toned locks that more often than not resembled a ebony black, unless basking in the suns rays. His hand trailed down to the thin layer of stubble that has settled along his jawline. No doubt if Mama saw him right now she'd be taking him by the ear and demanding that he clean himself up.

Fortunately Mama wasn't here to kick his ass. For now anyway.

He could already feel the distinct ache settling on his knuckles, you know, the one you get after hitting something a bit too hard. He was starting to feel mild sympathy for the boy. It swiftly passed though, as he now let his chocolate brown orbs flicker around the empty hall. Damn. No girls hanging around. Jamie had been hoping to maybe pick one up. He sighed in a resigned manner, accepting the fact that he'd probably spend the night alone. At least he had Evie. His princess. She was the only girl, the only one that really mattered in all of this. She was the only one he loved.

Stuffing his hands into his pockets, Jamie quickly advanced his speed and sauntered around the corner, listening to the sounds of various students empty the halls as school ended. He had to get home today anyway. It had been a half day for Evie and he'd promised her they'd go out somewhere tonight. Girls weren't allowed today. Not that the idea would stop him. He'd just postpone getting with one until Evie went to bed. Maybe he'd ring Brit up again? She was always ready and willing with no strings. Just what he needed.

He continued musing over thinking over this when he stumbled over...Someone? Shit. SHIT. he managed to repeat twice in his head and he struggled to regain his footing, although managed to do so by bracing himself against the pale blue lockers. "What the hell?" He managed to get out as he whipped around to see a figure--Unmistakably a girls--Sprawled out across the floor. "Aw crap, sorry." He managed to blurt out as he quickly grabbed her arm, yanking the girl to her feet. He may be something of a delinquent, but if his Mama found out he wasn't using his good manners--Especially around a lady--Well there'd be hell to pay.

Jamie had yet to get a good look at her face, right now he was just staring at a mass of blonde hair. He glanced around the empty hall, eyes focusing in on a few books and he quickly managed to retrieve them. From what he had seen of her--Whoever her was, she looked pretty hot. Maybe he wouldn't be alone tonight after all, he thought idly as he held the books out for her to grab.

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Even as she was escorted to her feet, even before she heard the familiar husk that occupied the currently unknown male, even before she could designate the voice to a person, Ava knew she was in deep shit.

To see the ultimate Sex God standing over her - even a good foot taller as she found at their close proximity - her lips fell open not with the usual awe that would grace a feminine's countenance at seeing the striking male but shock. What the hell was he doing here, holding her books and apolog - wait, did he stumble over her? Realization dawned on her and she silently cursed herself. Of course. She was the one who even started the mess by tripping in the first place. Shit. She hoped she didn't knock up her cranium in the fall because, really, how could anyone forget that she had made a fool out of herself?

Oh crap. She better have not messed up her head in the process. She needed to get a PhD and forgetting everything would just result in utter failure. It wasn't possible to gain a concussion in a simple trip. A concussion was a minor traumatic brain injury that occurred when the cranium hit an object or when a moving object struck the head. It could affect how the brain worked for a while. For a while. Ava held the words as close as she could to her chest, closing her eyes for a moment. Oh thank god. It wasn't permanent. And most likely it wasn't a concussion. Her head wasn't pounding, at least.

Now having cleared her momentary fears of potential brain damage - her brain was, after all, a national treasure - she cleared her bearings and allowed her light cerulean orbs take in the male standing in front of her. Immediately she pulled her arm from his grip, subconsciously rubbing her humerus as she stared at the male, blushing at the once-close contact they shared. God, imagine how it could have escalated. She could just see it.

Shaking herself from the rather vividly colorful images that filled her brain, she crossed her arms across her chest, tapping her foot whilst biting her lip as she counted another awkward minute pass. Shit. Why couldn't she be graceful in conversation like the others? It was one of the few faults that stuck with her, palpably adherent.

"I'm s-sorry for causing you trouble in losing your footing. I'm pretty sure no one would've enjoyed a fall, especially with me. W-We could just forget this happened. You know, just old news. Throw it in the bin, right?" She opted for a nervous laugh. "And thank you for collecting my books. It was awfully nice of you. Kind of like the weather, right? 'Cause the weather's superb right now and it's just lovely. My cup of tea. But tea for me's alright. Never really loved the stuff, nor hated it. But then again, it's all about the scones, right?" She hurried over and quickly took her haul of books from his arms.

"Anyways, I better get going. Nice chatting with you. Totally." She quickly started to scurry off in the opposite direction, hoping he wouldn't rush after her. Because, damn it, she screwed up immensely in front of him.


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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments Doing this one tomorrow since I replied to the other today.^_^

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Okie! ^^

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Odd. It was the first thing that came to mind. This situation was increasingly odd. She had just been sort of...Sprawled out on the floor in the empty corridor, and he hadn't seen her. It was occurring to him how out of sorts it sounded. And only backed up his previous notions that whoever was up there--God or Jesus, or whatever was the new fad currently--Didn't want him to be alone tonight. And Jamie was oh-so happy to oblige to them. Who was he to argue? I mean, he'd happily have the short blonde standing before him. Even with her hair still covering most of her face so he was unable to make it out properly.

So when Jamie did catch a glimpse of her face, of the sort of awe-struck expression on it, he was sure he was mimicking her reaction completely.

God damn he had finally hit the jackpot. Jamie's thoughts instantly were drew back to that night, and the distict bet he had made with his closest friend, Scooter. They'd both been pissed to high hell, and Scoot had bet him $100 that he couldn't fuck the school nerd by the end of the year. In the alcohol induced state he had been in, obviously Jamie had accepted. Maybe his luck was turning now and he wouldn't have to spare $100 at the end of the year like he had been planning to. Unlucky Scoot, he thought idly, cocky smirk now plastering over his features and only growing as she began to babble.

He let her finish her little speech, listening to her continue on, an amused look beginning to mask his features as he watched the sort of--Panic? Would it be panic?--well whatever it was, build up in her eyes and watched her muscles start to tense and ready herself for a quick escape. One, of course, that he wasn't going to let happen that easily. Now he had a hold of her he wasn't about to let her go off bat. Not without a proper introduction.

"Hey hey hey." His arm shot out quickly as she began to back away, and he made a few steps towards her to close the gap between them. "Now where're you scurrying off to so fast, hm?" he questioned, bemused by her. Which was quite hard to do when it came to Jamie these days. "You're Ava, right? Ava Prowley?" he only waited a heartbeat before continuing. "Well I'm Jamie Jacobs." Jamie stated with a firm nod, letting his eyes wander up and down, scanning her body before settling back on her face. Smile quick and eager, one of those knowing smiles.

"What are you up to tonight?" He locked in. Now she had no choice but to answer, or would seem rude if she were to leave without replying. It was a quick, easy line to, pin the girl down, so to speak. Now he had her caught.

((Apologies for the late reply, and for it being such awful quality.:s School started today so I'm getting back into the swing of things slowly.C:))

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Of all the girls that attended this university. Of all the the girls who harried themselves in physical beauty and little to no effort in academics. Of all the better choices he could have made with a more attractive young woman than her...

Why, of all people, did he choose her?

To Ava's insecure psyche, the only positive way she viewed herself was in the field of intelligence. And even that took much convincing, much of which fell under many earned certificates that honored her excellence and praise by her former pedagogues and classmates. And it had occurred to her a few moments ago that the only reason the almighty Sex God would be conversing with her was because she might have caught his eye well. But so many early mornings did she meet herself in the bathroom mirror. So many negative aspects stuck with her.

Take her hair, for one. It was a total bitch to brush out in the morning - even worse when it was midterms: Ava always managed to rake herself into frantic mutters of memorized texts and such and in the process, her hair was the victim of being pulled in frustration and pushed back in exhaustion. Letting alone her hair, it took her well over an hour to get ready and look presentable. But never could she - even after being the real early bird and being patient with her appearance - pull off that effortless look that all those other girls managed to put on. It was the reason why she just prided herself in going out makeup-free. If you were going to look like shit anyways, she had reasoned long before, at least have the decency to flaunt it.

She now hesitantly twirled a lock of her blonde hair around her index finger as she jolted in shock when his arm just barely brushed her. Crap, she thought as he started to introduce himself. None was necessary, however. She was one of those people who knew everyone but didn't really know them. One of those introverts, only turned to when in serious need of help with an essay or a worksheet.

The eyes did it for her. How they casually lingered at her body. Oh goodness. What she was witnessing, no, involved in, was none other than a courtship. A temporary one, mind you. A one-night stand.

Now she wasn't a feminist. Sure, some of the things previous feminine figures fiercely stood up for made sense. She herself would have launched in agreement on allowing women to have their right to vote in elections. But the idea of young women falling at the feet of men, dressing themselves in scanty outfits and caking their countenances with a shitload of makeup, well, that was unnerving. And especially for a male of such importance here, she now thought, just for the sake of having something to boast about his lovely techniques in bed, all the while not caring that they were but a minor thought... that was just disgusting. Setting your bodies out on the streets for the fact of boasting that you slept with the Sex God... it was downright stupid. Where was the romance? That first date in a restaurant? All it was left of the act was a quick kiss, a moan, and bam, it was done. Fast and easy. A mere thought.

And all of it was just to sleep with a very good-looking guy.

Ava braced herself for the iciness that was about to be laced with her words. But she didn't need to worry. Her hesitance was perfect to serve as the heavy piano dropping on him. The huge ton of rejection that was about to fall on him would probably be enough to turn down his ego down a few notches.

"Well, you see," she paused, pretending to think. "I'm a little busy tonight. I have to do some studying. Finals are approaching, you know. So I think I'll save my night for a biology textbook." She fixed a sickly sweet smile before turning on her heel.

1-0 Ava.

((I'll try to reply today for our other RP. Shouldn't take long 'cause I got some ideas for Sethie-poo. >:3))

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Still Jamie continued to stand, towering above her as he awaited a reply. To any person, he would seem like a straight-forward 'guys guy' if you will. With it only appearing that he had three things on his mind. Sleep, food and sex. Although it probably went in the opposite order. Yet those that knew him--Which were few and far between--would be aware that in actual fact Jamie was probably one of the most complex guys out there. Maybe it was down to the pure fact that he'd created himself to appear as a 'normal' guy, and that he stood behind that wall as a barrier to whom he truly was. Not many had seen the real side of him.

Not many ever would in his mind.

He took the time now--whilst he was waiting--to get a better look at her. She wasn't actually that bad in terms of appearance. Actually, most people, if they didn't know about her studious lifestyle and her being the most prestigious studyer there was--AKA being a nerd--then many would class her as pretty, he was sure. Maybe go as far to say she was beautiful. But in his opinion, the term 'beautiful' was taken to lightly. The word beautiful was made for somebody with a nice personality. Attractive could describe looks. But beautiful could only describe the personality.

Of course, Jamie would never risk telling somebody that. It'd be like social suicide.

He was drawn back to attention at her words, pursing his lips at her statement and almost managing a smirk at the smile that was sent his way, the one that was oh-so clearly fake. She thought she'd be able to slip away from the offer so easily? She was wrong. Jamie had had his fair share of being turned down and wasn't an amateur toward it. He knew how to charm the ladies back to his side.

To put it quite frankly, he wasn't deterred by her attempt at a brisk getaway.

In fact, it just made the bet all the more fun. He enjoyed a girl that played hard to get--Even if it wasn't how it worked in her mind. When he won them over and persuaded them around it just made the victory, if you will, all the more satisfying.

Again, he managed to catch her arm before she suceeded in leaving, whirled her back around to face him and making sure his grip wasn't tight--He'd learned the hard way that women didn't like to be handled roughly. He had to have permission for that. That thought in itself brought on his million-dollar smile that he made sure to shine her way. "Now, baby, I heard that you study an awful lot. You know, you should give that mind of yours a break. Switch off, have some fun." He soothed, voice like smooth syrup as he spoke, his hand now lingering gently on her arm.

((Sorry! I started on my reply yesterday but I was exhausted so I skipped finishing off and went to bed(my bad) But here it is.c: Also, sorry if I sounded like a bitch the other day. I was just in one of those moods, y'know? Where you have no reason to actually be angry but you are anyway? Yea. So apologies if I seemed a bit abrupt or anything.:s c:))

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It was one of those things Ava had tried to plan. Those things that she knew she would have succeeded in. Being an overachiever only enhanced those feelings for accomplishing perfection every single time.

And so, it was why Ava was beyond pissed when the male clearly did not get a message that she didn't want to be his pet for the night, instead grabbing her arm and ready to enlighten her with another of his doozies that he probably hoped would win her over.

God help him, wasn't he bored with winning all the time?

Clearly, he wasn't used to the harsh, cold reality in life. And that was mainly what irked her. People like him who always had it easy in life and didn't need to worry about shit because their parents would easily provide the money and help they needed without any given hesitation. His arrogance just made it worse; given that he had an easy childhood, he thought he could get anything he wanted and win satisfaction. Well, that clearly wasn't going to happen now. Serve him right with cold, hard rejection and then she'll see who'd be smiling then.

Bitch mode activated.

"Look," she began hesitantly, not used to being a bitch to anyone. But it needed to happen. It'd be good, even, to show him that he wasn't always going to win everything in life. Consider it a generous act of help. "I'm not exactly keen on the idea on being your newest conquest. Just get that in your head, okay? And don't tell me to give my mind a break. I'll do as I please to and right now, I'd like to go prepare for the finals, in the hope that I won't screw up too majorly on them." She pulled her arm from his grip, staring at him coldly before turning on her heel again.

Victory was sweet.

((Aw, it's okay. :) And I understand; sometimes, you just want to run someone with a sword even though you're not exactly mad at them? ^^ And don't worry about it. Your post was lovely like always. :*))

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments ((I might not get round to this for a few days because I have a lot of replies to get around to.:o Sorreh.D:))

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((Oh. Okie.))

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments ((I know its bad, its just my replies have been sort of piling up, you were first on my list today and I have to stick to something otherwise I'll only be replying to one person. Really sorry.;-;))

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((It's alright, luhv. :)))

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Instead of being surprised, or taken aback as she yanked her arm away, Jamie simply let his own slip back to his side, his motions fluid and cool. Not at all betraying that he was fazed by her attitude. He wasn't. It just seemed to him that this would be harder than first anticipated. And as mentioned before, Jamie was always up for a good challenge. In fact, he was almost looking forward to this girl standing right before him. She seemed different than most. Not playing hard to get, but actually, genuinely not wanting to be with him. Which was, when he thought about it, a ridiculous notion. But still, made the game that much more interesting, right?

'Look.' Oh, attitidue from the small blonde. Jamie liked that, quite a lot in fact. Which was odd, considering most of the girls he got with didn't have half a brain cell that functioned in the correct manner and could barely add two and two together. of course, there had been her. But those memories were to painful to even brush across, let alone dwell on. So he simply let them slip away into the darkest corners of his mind once again, tuning in to what shortie was saying again.

Although, before he could really begin to listen in, or at least make the effort to act like he was listening in, Jamie's phone began going off in his pocket. Now, normally, upon reading the caller ID he would simply dismiss is and slip his cell away. However, it was his mother. Number one rule; Never ignore your mum. And considering she was also taking care of Evie for him, it made it all the more important that he took the call.

"Hold those thoughts for me a moment doll." he stated casually, holding up his indesx finger in gesture. "Just need to take this real quick."

With that he held the mobile to his ear and was off conversing. Quite a few 'Its ok darling's and 'I'll be there soon baby girl's were thrown into his speech casually as he reassured down the phone. Within a few minutes he had hung up and had slipped the device into the front pocket off his jeans once more, giving off an apologetic shrug. "Unfortunately babe, we're gonna have to cut this conversation short." he began, backing away. "Don't worry though, I'm pretty sure we can pick this back up next week. Don't you worry your pretty blonde head about it." he gave her a quick flash of a grin, before turning around and sauntering out of the school.

She certainly would be interesting, Jamie mused silently as he headed home.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 1825 comments [I'm so happy I finally posted this. I've been trying to write it for about a week now.:o Even if you don't reply, I'm so happy.:3]

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