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Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments Here we are! I have an idea if you want to hear it.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Sure, what is it?

message 3: by Six (new)

Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments Okay so basically there's two best friends, girl 1 who is fun and outgoing and will do basically anything. She hangs out with guys but has always been best friends with girl 2, who is shy and quiet but has always loved girl 1, and one day girl 1 gets dared by the guys to kiss girl 2 and she does it because she never backs down and girl 2 feels really happy and they end up going way past just a kiss and stuff and yeah. I would like to be girl 1 but I won't mind being 2 if you don't want to be her.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

awesome idea! And ill be girl 2, shes more my style. Okay, where do you wanna start off?

message 5: by Six (new)

Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments Do you want to make charries or completely skip them? And I want to start basically just when my girl is making her way over to kiss her.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

cool, and yah, lets make the charries, sorry I forgot.

Name: Lauren Wellons
Personality: Shy, quiet, kind, doesn't like a lot of attention
other: is in love with her bestfriend, but too shy to do anything about it.

wait, and girl1 is known to be straight, right?

message 7: by Six (new)

Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments Yeah my girl thinks she's straight but isn't really sure. And I can't add pics sorry I'm on my mobile, ill describe how she looks though.

Name: Rose Hawthorne
Age: 18
Appearance: tall, long tan lean legs, long dark blonde hair, bright blue eyes, freckles across her nose and cheeks, full lips, a nice swimmers body (good firm butt, perky breasts and flat stomach)
Personality: outgoing, daring, active, funny, will never back down on a dare
Other: she thinks she's straight but doesn't know.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

oops, I forgot her age! Lauren is 18 too. Want me to start?

message 9: by Six (new)

Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments Sure!! So Rose is just about to come over, just letting you know.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)


Lauren hurridley finishes putting on her pale pink lipstick, Rose was coming in just a few minutes. She fluffs her hair for extra volume, trying her best to look good.

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Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments Rose drove over. She hadn't told her why she was going and was a little nervous but didn't know why.

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Laden waits for her in her room, glancing at the mirror every few seconds to make sure she didn't mess up her makeup. She tugs on the hem her soft green sundress, making sure it wasn't riding up.

message 13: by Six (new)

Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments She was wearing denim short shorts and a polka dot tight crop top. She pulled in and knocked on the door.

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She rushes down the stairs, her bare feet hitting each step hard. She opens the door wide. "Hey, Rose," she smiles, motioning for her to come in.

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Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments She smiled and walked in. "Hey. I need to tell you something." She told her.

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"Oh, what is it?" she asks curiously, leading her up to her room.

message 17: by Six (new)

Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments She grinned. "Well... I'm not sure." She said. "Maybe move closer..." She said softly.

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Lauren took a small step closer, their noses are almost touching. "Like this?" she breathes.

message 19: by Six (new)

Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments She nodded. "And your hand on my waist..." She murmured, moving her hand.

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With Roses's guidance, her hands found her wait, she she held her hips loosley. "Okay, and you put your arms around my neck," she teaches softly.

message 21: by Six (new)

Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments "I know. And I feel like having some fun with this, how about you?" She asked with a smirk and a devious look in her eyes.

message 22: by Six (new)

Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments ((Brb dinner))

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She blushes. "Yah," she agrees softly. She leans forward, centimeters away from her lips. "You can kiss me now," she whispers.

message 24: by Six (new)

Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments She smiled and pulled her close, pressing her lips to hers. She wanted more instantly, tangling a hand in her hair and moving the other one down, squeezing her cute little butt.

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Lauren gasps into her mouth, and abruptly starts kissing her harder. She slowly moves her hands north until shes cupping her breasts.

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Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments She grinned and stifled a giggle, squeezing her butt again and pulling her close as she moved to her breasts.

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She purrs with pleasure, niping at her ear gently.

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Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments She giggled softly and laid her down on her back, hovering over her. "I like your body." She murmured huskily.

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"To bad its all covered," she grins mischeviously, already taking off her dress. She tore it off to reaveal a pink lace thong and push up bra, which made her breasts bigger than they already were.

message 30: by Six (new)

Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments She grinned and looked up and down her. "Mmmm... I like this." She said, and straddled her hips, running her hands over her gently.

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

((should we switch to pm now?))
Lauren tingled all over. She leans forward, kissing her neck, sucking on her skin roughly.

message 32: by Six (new)

Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments ((Sure. You start?))

She moaned and leaned down to her, her hands moving to her breasts.

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

"Obviously without," she giggled. "And K to sure like you better nude, too," she teases, kissing her lightly.

message 34: by Six (new)

Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments She smiled and kissed her back. "Tonight we can continue." She said with a wink.

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She giggled, blushing. "I love you," she whispered softly.

message 36: by Six (new)

Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments She hugged her close. "I love you too honey. I just never realized it." She murmured.

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She smiled, hugging her tightly.

message 38: by Six (new)

Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments She hugged her back

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She pulled back just as she heard her mom open the front door.
"Honey I'm home!" she yells.

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Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments She winked and flopped on the couch

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She smiles."Hey mom!" she yells back halppily.

message 42: by Six (new)

Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments "Hello Mrs. Wellons!" Rose called after

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Her mom appeared in the doorway. "Do you guys wanna order pizza? Its getting to be about dinner time," says.

message 44: by Six (new)

Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments "Um.. Sure." She said with a smile.

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"You guys can order anything you want, okay?" She says, smiling at Rose. She had always loved her, treating her better than probably her own daughter.

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Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments She nodded and smiled back. "Where's the phone?" She asked

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She tossed her the home phone. "So, Chinese or pizza?" She asks.

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Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments "What do you want?" She asked her

message 49: by [deleted user] (new)

"Hm, Im kind of in the mood for you..." She teases, licking her lips seductivly.

message 50: by Six (new)

Six  (blueeyes1212) | 1608 comments ((It's okay!))

She grinned. "Later honey. Maybe later." She said softly.

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