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Do you read only fact on prepping or do you also enjoy fiction?

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D.d. Eves (ddeves) | 11 comments Mod
What is your favorite prepping/dystopian read? I read all i can get my hands on. I have read some of the earliest but my favorites are the newest, Lights Out, One Second After, and The Patriots. One closest to my heart is the "Tragedy's A Comin'" by D.D.Eves, yes me. It came out this August. I would love to have a group read of any you would like to do. Then a discussion of course.

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Superaven | 5 comments Jeremy's Run #1 - 3 was a fun read. Going Home and the rest of the series by A. American were also fun. Enemies Foreign and Domestic series, though the first books held me more than the latter. Personally, I enjoy reading about the struggle to recognize and / or survive the big event and the process of adapting to a new reality. Once PA books evolve past that and focus more on general interactions between characters independent of their circumstances, I start to lose my interest.

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D.d. Eves (ddeves) | 11 comments Mod
Superaven, i agree with you totally. And i also lose interest if they bring in fantasy of any sort. i want it realistic. dont think i have read Jeremy's Run, i will check them out. i love A American also. Well, i read every one i can get a hold of, lol. I just finished Equipping Modern Patriots by Jonathan Hollerman and it was pretty good. I usually prefer books about EMP but i will read any of it. I just read The Flu by Jacqueline something or another, and it was great. i read both it and The Healing by her and it was even better. Well, happy reading and keep in touch.

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Superaven | 5 comments From the books you've mentioned, I think you'll enjoy Jeremy's Run. It also has the upside of having three books out, so once you're invested in the characters, you can continue to follow along. I'm waiting patiently for the fourth book, which is due in Spring according to the Author. I haven't read Flu or Healing, but when I get through my current book, I'll check those out. I did read Equipping Modern Patriots and thought it was a pretty solid read from what I recall. Downside of reading do many books from the same genre is many of them begin to blur together, at least for me.

Currently I'm reading American Meltdown: Book Two by Mark Goodwin. First book was pretty good, so I'm expecting the second to be a fun read as well. I also tend to prefer the EMP/CME story lines, but also really get into the economic collapse books as those seem to mirror much of what's on the news these days. Likewise, the books that straddle real world events and survival scenarios are my favorite reads, though I'm going to also admit that I've been reading more than my fair share of zombie novels while waiting for new prepper / survival novels to release.

Take care and happy reading.

Speak soon.

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D.d. Eves (ddeves) | 11 comments Mod
i looked back in my Kindle and i did read the first one of Jeremy's run. i didnt like the way it was cut off so you had to get the next book but since you liked it so much i will get the next two. Not to be pushing my own but you should try Tragedy's A Comin' by D.D.Eves, Me. Every one who has read it seems to love it and keeps after me to get this second one done. Yes, i too like the economic collapse which is what my book has going on. I will get on my Kindle today and purchase American Meltdown and the second book in Jeremys run. Thanks for the ideas as i cant seem to get enough of them. I even read the really stinkers in hopes something will spark my interest. And yes, they do seem to blur to me also. A sad fact for us Readers. LOL, i have not tried the zombie stories yet but i do love the walking dead series so i just may give them a chance. Any hints on a good one to give me a start?

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Superaven | 5 comments Oh wow, didn't know you'd authored a book, I'll definitely get on that next! So far, I'm not as excited about the second book in the American Meltdown series as the first. Seems to have evolved quickly into a second civil war story, which lacks a lot of the typical survival and preparedness build up I enjoy. Still worth the read, in my opinion, since the really good ones seem a bit far between. Can't remember if I recommended The End series by Michael Hopf, but that's another I did really like. Book 3 is due this summer.

As for Zombies, The Remaining series by D.J. Molles has become a bit of an Amazon cult classic. I recently finished The Purge of Babylon which was really fast paced and fun, followed by Book 2 that just released. All the various books from The Gathering Dead series by Stephen Knight were really excellent in my opinion. No Easy Hope from Surviving The Dead series by James Cook starts as a bit on the prepper side and then plunges quickly into the zombie apocalypse.

Also wanted to mention The Pendergast series by Douglas Preston... It's not prepping or zombies (well some books have zombie like monsters), but they are truly enjoyable reads. There are many in the series and it devoured each of them, but the first few were extra special.

Probably enough here to keep you busy through until next winter, but I'll keep suggesting the good ones as I remember.

I'll definitely read your book next. Excited to get the chance to discuss it with you.

Best regards...

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D.d. Eves (ddeves) | 11 comments Mod
Wow, i am excited to get at these you have suggested. i admit i will read the preppers frist, lol. But i just might give a zombie book a try for sure. Thanks for the input and i am also excited for you to read mine and let me know what you think. I know the first chapter has a couple grammer errors but the rest is good so i dont know if i want to go to the trouble of a rewrite or not. Guess i will ask you that question once you have read it. Happy reading friend. i look sharing your comments on anything you read. Dixie

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Superaven | 5 comments Thanks Dixie,

I've set aside my current book (Book 2 of American Meltdown), which I very rarely do. Seems it has evolved a bit too quick into a second civil war story rather than fully building out the preparedness and collapse story line that I enjoyed in the first book. That and I find myself distracted thinking about your book, so I'm going to come back to it and jump into yours.

I'll follow up as I work my way through it. In the meantime, thought I'd push your thread back towards the original topic title and ask if or what non-fiction you read and have enjoyed. I feel a bit guilty sometimes spending so many hours with fiction, rather than putting equal effort into reading fact. Its great when a fiction story educates as well, but I'm often reminded that much of what I'm reading has little real world application as most stories devolve into action plot lines, which personally I feel are unrealistic if you aren't also getting proper training and plenty of experience which is tough where I live most of the year.

I've been working my way through The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse by Fernando "Ferfal" Aguirre which I thought might be a particularly on point fact based book, but find I disagree with some of the perspective. My background on my mother's side is Brazilian, so I feel I have a basic understanding of South American culture and some of what's discussed seems more inline with the realities of a non-first world country and obviously also strays from the specifics of government and basic culture here in the USA. So far, its a pretty interesting read and suspect much of it is sound advice backed by the author's own experience, but not sure it holds up as the authoritative book on the subject that have dubbed it as. In any case, thought I'd ask what non-fiction books on the subject you might recommend.

Best regards,


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D.d. Eves (ddeves) | 11 comments Mod
oh i read all i can on prepping, and on horses and on dogs and on herbal remedy's and american history. i read Mornings on horseback about Teddy Roosevelt and Lincoln Team of Rivals this last winter and both were excellent reads. I have read so many books on survival that i will have to get home and look at my shelves to tell you about my favorites. But the herbal books are among-st the favorites. last summer i read a few books on local wild herbs and was able to do some wild crafting with salves and had a very good success with them. I will get back with you when i get home tomorrow. So good to be communicating with some one who has some of the same interests. Keep prepping and keep reading. Never give up.

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D.d. Eves (ddeves) | 11 comments Mod
Ok, first off i did also read another great read off topic this last summer but i loved the info in the book and got a couple ideas from it, it was The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan and is about the Great American Dust bowl in the 1930s. It was fantastic with several good pictures. Ok, my favorites in teh way of non-fiction prepping are of course the complete set of Foxfire books. They are so packed with excellent information that i would suggest that you read them even if you can only get one of them at a time. I purchased my set on ebay but i do believe you can get them on Amazon also. The next good one that i do love is the book How o Survive The Endi of the World as we Know it by James Wesley Rawles. He has the huge web site Survival.Blog.com. I really enjoyed this book. Now i also love the books by Cody Lundin, the best being When All Hell Breaks Loose. He is a bit extreem but has some very valuable information. Tappan on Survival by Mel Tappan is also a good read as is The Prepper's Pocket Guide. Well i have read a few others and then passed them on but these have been my favorites so i keep them on my book shelf. I hope this helps some. again, Keep prepping and Keep reading, Never Give Up. dixie

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D.d. Eves (ddeves) | 11 comments Mod
just a note, i stopped in at Cabellas today and picked up a couple new books and will let you know how they turn out. the first one is Preppers Home Defense by Jim Cobb and the other is SAS Survival Handbook for any climate in any situation. by John Wiseman. It looks very good anyway, i shall let you know after i get through them. dixie

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Superaven | 5 comments Hey Dixie,

Sorry, been a brutal work week coupled with cross country travel. Haven't had much time to read or reply, but wanted to pop in and follow up with a comment so you weren't wondering if I'd disappeared. Will follow up again with some more book discussion as soon as the dust settles.

Hope you've been well.

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D.d. Eves (ddeves) | 11 comments Mod
not to worry. take care and talk at you later when you have time.

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D.d. Eves (ddeves) | 11 comments Mod
Sorry I have been incommunicado for so long. I have my second book out now, The Book Of Daniel, in paperback and kindle on amazon and also on nook. It is the second in the Tragedy series and I am about a third into the first draft of the third book, The Freedom Fighters. I have read so many new books from various readers...but my favorite this year was the
One Year After by William Forstchen. So many good reads out there now. I met my 100 books to read challenge again last year, that is two years in a row and hope to meet it again this year! Happy reading friends.

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David Crossley | 3 comments Hi D D. Just bought a Kindle copy of your Tragedy's A Comin'. Looking forward to reading it :-)

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D.d. Eves (ddeves) | 11 comments Mod
David wrote: "Hi D D. Just bought a Kindle copy of your Tragedy's A Comin'. Looking forward to reading it :-)"
I sure hope you enjoy it. Let me know your thoughts! I enjoy all feedback. :)

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David Crossley | 3 comments Will do. I'm currently reading another book I saw on Goodreads, will probably finish that Sunday and then on to yours. I'll get back to you :)

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D.d. Eves (ddeves) | 11 comments Mod
so cool Thanks!

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