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Kristin I like that Martin asked them who Jon's mother was before he agreed to give them the project. The writer's seem genuinely passionate about the project.

Any thoughts?

Line I've got no idea what you're talking about...
Elaborate, please...?

Kristin There is a show on Sundance (I think) called The Writer's Room. They interview writer's from the best shows on television. So far they have done Breaking Bad, Dexter, New Girl, and a few more. I just watched the Game Of Thrones episode last night. I was just wondering what other people thought of the writers.

Line Okay... Haven't seen it, so don't have an input... :S

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S I never realized that Jon's mother was such an important subject in GOT.

Kristin S wrote: "I never realized that Jon's mother was such an important subject in GOT."

How important it is really depends on who the mother was. If it was just some whore then it isn't important at all.

Since Martin made a point of asking them that specific question, it has to be important.

I am so stuck on it being Lyanna Stark that I can't imagine them saying someone else.

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S I figured it was Lyanna, then he must be Robert's child, right?

Kristin No. The theory is that Rhaegar Targaryen took Lyanna as a second wife. Robert thought that Rhaegar "took" Lyanna and went to war to get her back. Rhaegar, we know, was killed in that war and Robert won the crown. Unfortunately Lyanna died. The theory says that Lyanna had a child with Rhaegar (Jon). Since Targaryens were being butchered, Ned kept Jon's true identity a secret and raised him as his own (The big secret Lyanna made Ned swear to keep). All who knew of Lyanna and Rhaegar were dead already so it worked.

This would make Jon the heir to the Iron Throne, even ahead of Dany.

*Look into this theory, I didn't really do it justice.

Amber I haven't seen it, but someone mentioned this in another thread, now I'll have to give it a watch.

Do they ever say the answer that was given and please GRRM?

I'm torn between thinking they gave the cannonical answer, and it made him happy that they weren't just going to be asshats or if they went with Lyanna because it's a huge fan theory and pretty much everyone agrees that Lyanna simply must be his mother. (Father is always being debated, but I hardly ever see debate against Lyanna)

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S Man, you guys must have encyclopedic minds, because I read the first 4 bks twice, and am still trying to recall who Rhaegar was.

Amber Oh man S, how can you forget his brutal murder by hammer?!

I mean, that must have been pretty nasty right?

Stephen Logsdon It was the Writers Room on the Sundance channel, and you can see the full interview on YouTube, even if its a little grainy. I read the the five books as they were first published, and only once each, starting in 1996. This riddle has me wanting to re-read the series, but I don't for the sake of the tv show, which I am loving. One question: aren't the Targarians supposed to be blond?

Stephen Logsdon If it was Lyanna, would it have been kept secret from Catelyn?

Amber Targaryen's are known for having White/Silver hair and purple eyes, but not all Targaryen's have these features, they're just common and it depends on the parentage. It's more common when they inbreed suggesting they're recessive traits.
And not all people with those features are Targaryen, it's just shows they have valyrian genetics/ancestry. The features seem to occur a bit in Dorne as well and a few of the free cities.

Stephen Logsdon What you say makes sense, but I'm failing to see motivation. Catelyn is very proud, and I see that in her behavior towards Jon, and many other things. I could see this if she hated (with a vengeance) the Targarians, but I don't recall any such ill feelings. If there were, I could see a practical man like Eddard keeping it a secret. Otherwise, why create such animosity in the family. What I need to do is reread the entire set.

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