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He holds her hand as they walk up to the counter. "Which movie do you wanna see?" He asks her and pulls her close

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" Ok," Gets the tickets and walks he to the counter to get popcorn, soda and candy

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He sets everything down and moves his arm around her.

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He kisses her back, smiling against her lips

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He ran his hand up and down her arm as he popped a few pieces of candy in his mouth

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He held a piece of candy to her mouth and he watched her

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He slipped it in, grinning as he drank some soda.

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He kissed the top of her head and held her close.

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" I thought we could go for a walk to the meadow, then run as wolves.

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He smiled at her and walked her out of the theatre.

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He walks at a leisurely pace and pulls her in closer. " Alright, tell me more about you." He smiles down at her.

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" Really?" He looks at her, surprised and excited. " What about?"

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" I think it would be wonderful. Would you let me read it?" He asks

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" I won't. I bet itll be amazing." He smiled at her and kisses her cheek

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" I like it." He says and stops her to plant a kiss on her lips

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He smiles against her lips and pulls away. " I love you."

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" Ok, what else?" He smiles down at her.

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