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Isis Jimmi needed a release. Her anger had been building up inside her all day despite the fact that she had skipped work and only sat around her house. She needed to have a little fun and let her mind, and body, relax for a while. Thus, she decided to take a little trip to the local club. She could meet someone there and have a fun time for a while and just let things fall into whatever pattern they so chose.

She changed her clothes, putting on something that was a little more provocative, and then she headed to the club. Unfortunately, her favorite paid of heels were left int he alley and she had to settle on a simpler paid of stilettos. It was yet another irritation to her that she hoped to soon forget.

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Isis Jimmi was immediately swept up by a couple of random men from town. She danced shamelessly with them until she grew bored of their faces and tore herself away. The puppy eyes that stared after her made no effect on her whatsoever. She made her way toward the bar and simply asked the man at the bar for the strongest thing that they had available. He looked reluctant but her charm won him over in a matter of seconds and he gave it to her on the house. It was nothing new.

Immediately she started to throw back the drink like it was nothing. Alcohol had no real effect on her unless it was extremely strong. After all, alcohol is the devil's nectar and she was nothing if not for the the devil's blood inside her.

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Isis Jimmi had downed her drink within a matter of minutes and then she was moving about the dance floor. She was getting bumped from one man to another and not a single one had so much as spike her curiosity. Everyone in this town was boring, overdone, unattractive, and with nothing to offer her. She was better off on her own at this point and she was considering leaving...but then she was bumped into someone familiar. It was a familiar shape in a way but more than that it was a familiar smell. She spun around and was face to face with Hynder. Her dancing stopped and she only stared at him for a few seconds before she was whisked away by yet another droll townsman.

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Isis Jimmi broke her way out of the crowd and off of the dance flood soon after this little incident. She ordered another drink and sat at the bar, trying not to think. She had come here to forget just that man and yet she had somehow ended up seeing him again. He was everywhere she went. His smell was all around her. His eyes always seemed to be boring right into her even when he wasn't around. She remembered how his shoulders felt under hands as she pressed him up against a wall. She constantly felt his scruffy cheek on her lips as if it was a torture.

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Isis Jimmi tried to flirt with the bartender in order to get her mind off of Hynder, but it was still not working very well. The bartender was cute enough, young, and even a little bit interesting. Basically, it was someone that she may have actually enjoyed had her mind not been preoccupied by another. She would still take the bartender back to her apartment when he was off of work, but he wouldn't really be a good time, only a distraction from the good time she really wanted.

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Isis Jimmi laughed at something the bartender said, genuinely laughed, and it practically rang through the entire place. She laughed so infrequently that when she did laugh, for real, it always came out loud. Fortunately for her, it was rather a beautiful laugh. She threw her hand over her mouth quickly despite this fact and a blush rose on her cheeks.

The bartender only grinned and leaned in toward her, whispering something into her ear which made her laugh again.

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Isis Jimmi's lips met the lips of the bartender, the two leaning over different side of the bars. It was something that could have looked romantic to someone viewing it, and it felt nice. It was good to be able to kiss a stranger, especially a stranger who could actually kiss well and make conversation. Hynder was still on her mind but he was slipping further into it thanks to the town's friendly bartender.

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Isis Jimmi found herself disappointed when the bartender pulled back but she felt all the more disappointed by the voice that stopped it. She turned to him and looked at him before reaching out and giving his arm a hard pinch. "What the hell is your problem?" she hissed lowly. "Why can't you just let me enjoy myself and forget about you? You don't need anything more to drink, so why are you ruining this for me?" She glared at him harshly.

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Isis "You disgust me," Jimmi told him before pushing him backward and stepping in front of him. She then grabbed the waiter by the front of his shirt and kissed him deeply. If he wasn't going to answer or move, he could watch. She was practically on top of the bar by now and the bartender looked almost startled, but he obviously wasn't displeased.

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Isis Jimmi laughed "You're the only one who is staring Hynder!" she said right to his face, a grin on her lips. "Why do you care what I do anyway? It's not like you weren't out on the dance floor with every woman in this place. I can do anything I please and you get absolutely no say in it what so ever. I can kiss that man if I want. In fact, I can fuck that man right here right now if I wanted to. Got it?"

She pulled herself away from him and went to turn back to the bartender, but he was gone. He had been scared away. Her face fell and she pushed past him toward the door...hurt.

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Isis "Sure, you can make it up to me," Jimmi started. "You can make it up to me by leaving me alone. I don't need a drunken, fallen angel doing anything for me. The best you can do for me is to stop following me. Ignore me when you see me. Pretend you never met me. I am so sick of having you stuck in my head and I don't want you messing anything else up for me. All I wanted was a peaceful night that I could get everything off my mind but you ruined it. You ruin everything. I want you gone." She turned and yanked his hand off of her arm and then pushed him backward, hard.

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Isis Jimmi started back toward her apartment but she soon found herself swiping at her eyes as tears streaked down her cheeks. She knew she had told him to leave but somehow it hurt that he had listened. Some part of her wished that he had fought, and another was relieved that this whole game was over. Her heart was breaking but her mind was rejoicing. It was complicated, to say the least, and now she was sobbing on the sidewalk.

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Isis Jimmi growled to herself then swiped fiercely at her eyes. She was not going to cry over some stranger of a fallen angel. Hell, he was the most annoying person she had ever met and he only ruined everything. There was no reason to even be thinking about him at this point. She held her head up high and started on her way, kicking at just about everything in her path as she went. She eventually came across a bench with a man on it and she kicked that too before continuing on her rampage.

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Isis Jimmi turned and growled fiercely at the yeller. Her eyes went up in flames, her hair caught fire, her fist burned brightly. She was going to kill that man if he said one more word. Her sadness had turned into a deep fury and she would kill just about anyone who stepped into her path at this point. Her temper was not controlled in the least.

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Isis Jimmi was very relieved when the man sat back down. She didn't have to kill him after all. She just continued on her way until she found her own bench a few yards from him and sat down by herself. It was going to be a long painful night of emotional turmoil it appeared and he was trying to brace herself. She would go home to her cat and lay on her bed. Maybe she would try to distract herself with a movie or a book. She didn't know. It was too hard to focus at this point and all she could do was stare straight ahead.

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Isis Jimmi stood up, still only staring off at nothing and paying zero attention to her surroundings. She bumped right into someone and went flat down on her bottom. She snapped out of her little trance and groaned. She wished she could blame that on whoever she bumped into, but that was her fault alone.

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Isis Jimmi rolled her eyes. That was just lovely. Whoever she had bumped into wasn't even gentleman enough to help her up. She shook her head and used to the bench to pull herself to her feet. She groaned softly once more and rubbed her now aching bottom. It was going to be a long night indeed.

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Isis Jimmi made it back to her apartment and pulled Mimo, her cat, into her arms. She held back tears and snuggled her face into his hairless side. She had no idea why this was all so difficult. It was just a stupid fallen angel.

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Isis ((You can choose again))

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Isis ((I'm gonna go with the beach can be a few weeks after their blow up or something))

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Isis ((Rawrg...fine))

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Griffin walked in, he looked around and sighed, it was late and vary dark outside and in he club. He walked over to the bar and sat down, he ordered a beer and waited for it as he watched the dance floor.

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By the time he noticed her sitting over there he was a little over tipsy. He smiled and got up stumbling a little as he walked over to her "hey baby" he said as he got to her then grabbed her and kissed her roughly, he didn't know what he was doing, the alcohol taking over him.

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Griffin chuckled "I think there is something wrong with you babe, who wouldn't want me?" He stepped back up close to her again and put one of his hands on her hip

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Griffin grabbed her hand after she hit him and held it tightly "why do you want me to go sweetheart?" He looked into her eyes

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Griffin put both of his hands on her hips "you knows that I'm not those things, you just think I am" he pulled her close to him.

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He pulled her closer to where they were touching then kissed her on the lips roughly, he held onto her tightly.

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Griffin smiled as he kissed her then pulled away "see darling, you want me" he still held her close with his arms around her waist.

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Griffin nodded "one thing, you have to give me one more kiss" he smiled at her not letting go yet

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Griffin shrugged and kissed her again rubbing her back as he did, he then pulled away and smiled at her "okay, I'll let go now" he let go of her but still stood with his body against hers

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Griffin looked at her "bye" he walked out of the club. He was still vary dunk so he didn't walk that well, he walked to his house and ignored his family as he walked to his room

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((want to skip to like the next day at there work?))

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((you first?))

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((but I did it the last 3 times))

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((lol it's okay :)))

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Peter walked inside with a smile, he liked it here when he was stressed out . He walked over to a table and sat down alone, he looked around and watched the people dancing. He got a water in a fancy glass to make it look like liquor.

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Peter looked up at her and smiled "hello there" he winked at her, he had a sexy grin on his face as he looked at her, she was pretty attractive so he didn't mind talking to her for a while.

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Peter shrugged "I think a better question is, why is such a beautiful lady like yourself doing without a date?" He killed her up and down with his sexy smile as he looked her up and down

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Peter smiled and stood up then held a hand out to her "shall we dance then?" He out on his sexy smile as he talked to her

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Peter smiled at her and took her over to the dance floor, he started dancing in front of her, he pulled her close and started to move his body against hers

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Peter smiled at her and shrugged "I guess I am" he put his hands on her hips and pulled her closer as he danced with her, he liked taking girls home and then having them leave in the morning, it was just something that he did every month.

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Peter smiled at her and chuckled "I think I'm okay at it, what to know what I'm better at?" He looked at her and winked at her

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He chuckled and smiled a he danced with her, she was pretty and funny, she would be a good one night stand, or maybe two night, he wasn't sure yet.

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Peter nodded "alright" he smiled and walked out to the back ally with her, he took her by the hips and smiled at her, he kissed her softly.

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Peter nodded "my name is peter, what's your name?" He still held her close as he talked to her, he liked the feeling of her body against his.

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Peter smiled and kissed her back, he wanted to take her home already, he picked her up and kissed her roughly, he smiled as he kissed her

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Pyre smiled and pulled away "do you want to come to my house? You know, have some fun?" He kissed her neck as he waited for a answer, he thought that he might actually like this girl, like really like her, he always determined that by taking them home, but he knew from the start that he liked her

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He smiled and sucked on her neck a little as he held her, then pulled away and left a hickey "I java my ways for charming a girl into staying the night" he kissed her softly then put her down, he kissed her again softly

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