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This is the character sheet for the agency building of magic:





Appearance: (Picture or a very good description)
Hair Color:
Skin Color:
Eye Color:
Hair Style:
Clothing they normally wear:
Tattoo: (The tattoo must relate to top power)



Top Power: (One power must be there top power and it must relate to there tattoo)
Powers: (Up to four)

Dominance: (Beginner, Junior, Middle, High, Advanced)



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Name: Dawn
Nickname: Dusk (vampire form)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: Dawn is very sweet and kindhearted. She's terribly loyal, and brave, though she's not very strong. When Dawn transforms into a vampire, she becomes seemingly heartless, powerful, dark, and fearless. Dusk is virtually unbeatable as a vampire, and she uses it to their advantage.

Appearance: (Picture or a very good description)


Hair Color:
Dawn: Sometimes Pink, or maybe strawberry blonde if you look at it in a certain way.
Dusk: Silver
Skin Color:
Dawn&Dusk: They both have relatively pale skin that burns under the sun.
Eye Color:
Dawn: Green
Dusk: Red
Hair Style:
Dawn&Dusk: Long, knee length straight hair
Clothing they normally wear:
Tight clothing, usually involving black and a leather jacket.
Tattoo: (The tattoo must relate to top power) A dark red shining moon on her backbone

History: Dusk is the real character, though now days she only appears when Dawn transforms. Dusk was too strong from the minute she was born. Powerful magical authorities cursed her, singling out her good and bad side, and making only her good side stay out during the day. However, whenever Dawn wishes to, she may transform to the red-eyed, silver haired, powerful, unbeatable, Dusk. The Agency recruited her, because they needed Dusk's talent, even though Dawn was still very young. She works usually as a field agent for certain things gone wrong.

~Her friends
~Those who are loyal to her
~People she can trust
(This is for Dawn. Dusk doesn't like much.))
~Cocky people
~People who hurt the innocent

Top Power: (One power must be there top power and it must relate to there tattoo)
Combat. When Dusk is out, she is one of the strongest vampires alive, which is why she had to be contained and concealed. She is lethal with fighting, strength, speed, and agility are unbelievable.

Powers: (Up to four)
Super strength/speed/agility (or fighting ability)
Mind Control (can interrupt dreams, make you feel or see things)
Shadow control

Dominance: (Beginner, Junior, Middle, High, Advanced)



Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} | 495 comments Mod

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} | 495 comments Mod
Name: Storm Arazia
Nickname: Magic

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Personality: Shy, kind, hard working, strong, powerful

Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Very pale
Eye Color: Purple and pink
Hair Style: flat
Clothing they normally wear: Black clothes
Tattoo: A wolf howling to a moon with a dragon surrounded by fire in the background

History: Storm hasn't talked much thanks to both parents dying when he was young. His mother died giving birth to him and his father died by a dragon attacking the city. He stays quiet because he doesn't want everybody knowing his parents are both dead. Even though the girls are all over them, most of them don't even know his parents died. He stays away from the girls, and hides that special someone inside. Even though his father died by a dragon, he has a connection to dragons.

Likes: Kind people, dragons, magic, the magic academy building, nice and pretty girls
Dislikes: Girls that are all over him

Top Power: Shape Shifting

Dominance: Advanced

Family: All dead

Other: As you can see his powers relate to his personality. I suggest you all do the same.

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Angel of Death | 44 comments Mod
Thanks :) Yours too!

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Emma Name: Isadora
Nickname: Izzy. She only answers to this nickname, so don't try to call her anything else.

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Personality: Izzy is stubborn, persistent and impulsive- three traits that make life interesting for anyone around her. She'll often do things without thinking them through. She doesn't like being ordered around and often responds to people with sarcasm. She doesn't really like meeting new people, so she pretends to be antisocial in public- this is when she gets a lot of reading. Often people don't really approach you while you've got your head in a book, she's found.

Hair Color: Unlike in the picture, Izzy has dark brown hair.
Skin Color: A slight tan
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Style: Long, mostly straight, but with slight waves and bangs.
Clothing they normally wear:

Tattoo: Izzy has a couple of tattoos, all nature- looking. She has an ivy vine Like that on her stomach, and a flower design on both wrists.

History: She doesn't like to talk about it, but Isadora's parents were both murdered when she was 13. She had been out with friends, watching a movie, and when she returned, she found her parent's bodies. Having no other family, she was put into the foster care system, until her 18th birthday. She now has a small house that she managed to buy with the money she's been saving all these years.

Likes: Music, the outoors, being by herself, quiet places
Dislikes: Obnoxious people, 'girly girls', self-centered people, snakes

Top Power: Nature Control
Powers: Nature Control, Minor shapeshifting abilities (She can slightly alter her appearance, but not by much.)

Dominance: (Beginner, Junior, Middle, High, Advanced) Middle

Family: N/A

Other: She has a cat called puffle

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Could Morale be her friend like how I put on Morales sheet?

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Emma Is that to me?

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} | 495 comments Mod
Yes.... Izzie... Morale.... Friends maybe...

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Emma Sounds cool :)

Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} | 495 comments Mod
Yeah, cause Morale wants to be stronger so she can join the Agency, and she needs a member with her in order to get in. So maybe that could be Izzie.

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Emma Sounds fun :D

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Yep :)

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Name: Smith
Nickname: Black

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Personality: Drunk, fighty person, idiotic


Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Tan
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Style: Flat
Clothing they normally wear: Ragged ripped jeans and white jacket
Tattoo: Fire breathing dragon on his chest

History: Smith has tried to beat Storm ever since he was 14. They fought and fought, Smith especially. No one knows why they hate eachother, but Smith and Storm won't tell.

Likes: Wine, beer, beating Storm
Dislikes: Storm

Top Power: All Dragon powers
~Super Strength
~Super Speed

Dominance: High

Family: Hannah - mother
Bob - father


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Raven (howlisawesome) Name: Crystal

Nickname: Chrissy, (but she doesn't like being called it.)

age: 18

gender: Female

personality: seemingly nice, and sweet, very smart. Her niceness can be deceiving though, if you really annoy or bother her. She will friend you if she really trusts you but it's very cautious about friending someone in general. But overall, She is friendly and very nice.

hair color: Blonde

hairstyle: long,wavy, always worn down with a ribbon or headband

eye color: dark blue

clothing: (normally worn) Very fashion forward, a layered white shirt with a colorful jean jacket over it, skinny, dark wash jeans, heels or flats, dangley jewelry, patterned scarf. (that's just an example, she is always sporting different looks.)

tattoo: a smiling dazed angel, holding a sword with both hands, staring into nothing. (on her upper arm.)

history: Her parents were stage parents and perfectionists. They tried to make her the perfect, ideal child. She was enrolled in so many activities and her parents never gave her a break. She felt trapped. One day, after doing volleyball practice, chorus, and the chess club, she came home from school extremely stressed. She felt Angry with her parents and she went to confront them. When she stared at them she suddenly felt pressure in her eyes. She was wishing that her parents would leave her alone for once. All of a sudden the pressure in her eyes stopped and her parents were dazed. They suddenly got up and left the house,they never came back. well, she got what she wished for, they would finally leave her alone. It was then that she realized that her special power was hypnosis. She never regretted what she did.

Likes: Trustworthy people, Training, ( physically and mentally,) Chocolate, fashion, funny people, Giving advice, working hard.

dislikes: dense, clueless, people,
feeling pressured, fear, getting lost, and losing.

Special power: hypnosis

powers: charm, telekinesis, confusion, super speed.

Dominance: advanced

family: all disappeared

other: she is very social, always loving to be at a party or event.

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Raven (howlisawesome) whew! I finally finished! It took a good 20 minutes! Please approve.

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Approved :)

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Raven (howlisawesome) Yay!!

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Raven (howlisawesome) Name: Jasper

nickname: none

age: 19

Gender: male

personality: very adventurous, social, sarcastic, sweet, joking, brave, a little bit sensitive


hair color: Blonde

eye color: blue

hairstyle: flat blonde hair that spikes up a bit in the front.

clothing: loose and tight fitted tees, loose, comfy jeans.

tattoo: a mighty tiger with sharp teeth, blood dripping from it's mouth, and growling.

history: His parents were shocked when they saw that the boy they gave birth to, was born with muscular dystrophy. They found out that he had it when he was 6. Muscular dystrophy makes muscles weaken over time until the person needs a wheelchair to get around because he can't walk or lift anything. His parents didn't want to live with this soon- to- be disabled kid, so they experimented on him, trying to strengthen his muscles so it wouldn't eventually turn to fatty tissue. Well... It worked, sort of. he became extremely strong and in excellent shape. But he soon realized that his excessive muscle made him a little TOO strong. His parents soon feared him and told him one day that they were going out to dinner. They never came home. Heartbroken and alone, he realized that if Society was going to accept him, he was going to have to learn to control his power. He did eventually. He now just wants to be accepted and loved, because he never truly was.

likes: caring people, dancing, hanging with friends, cupcakes, Morale, exploring, having a good time

dislikes: Hurtful people, forgetting, people who get drunk, un-social people, swimming, being helpless.

top power: super strength

powers: extreme flexibility, super speed, flight

Dominance: high

family: gone, gone gone

other: He is very chatty and easily makes friends.

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Raven (howlisawesome) Finally! I finished another character! yay! Please approve

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Raven (howlisawesome) :)

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