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Todd Unravels
Melissa Melissa Aug 27, 2013 12:07PM
Did anyone think it was odd that Todd told that story to the waitress about his dad showing him how to break his mom's arm? Is that pickup line? And he hits his pregnant girlfriend I thought the unraveling of Todd was very interesting. How he was trying to keep his drinking in control and then he just starts going all out and drinking in the day and at dive bars.
And yet, he just keeps telling himself that he can live as he chooses and press forward.

The book just said the tests were clean. It never said anything about why he was itching.


M Sep 06, 2013 09:41AM   0 votes
Didn't he also make comments that the waitress wasn't exactly a looker, but he still sought her out as another hook up? He truly was unraveling and had no qualms about more risky behavior and actions.

Speaking of the itching, that just reminded me of how Todd has his itching genitals and at the end Jodi has this bizarre itching/crawling sensation in her hair... Symbolic connection there?

Yes, I thought about the 'timing' of that scene too, Melissa. ...

The climax was building --
Jodi was falling apart --
Todd was falling apart --
The twenty year 'non-marriage' had fallen --

I have a question: Does anyone know the laws about 'common law' marriages today? If 'nothing' is signed on paper -- Jodi would 'still' be considered just a girlfriend ---correct? My husband and I were having this conversation last night ---he says 'no'....(we have common laws today)...
I don't think so ...(not with nothing signed)

Pamela I've been married for 10 years. I'm sure if I was in a common-law relationship and just finished "The Silent Wife," and reading what Jodi was or wasn' ...more
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Elyse Walters Amen! :)
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I'm curious to know, did the book ever metion what Todd's test results was? I know it said his leison cleared up, but what was all that itching about???

Is it possible the itching was all in his head due to his mental unravelling?

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