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Here's #2!

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments Hello!
So how about you?
Any cravings or preferences? :)

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Aahh, nope, sadly! D:

Hum, something with a cancer patient maybe? Or amnesia?

Something like that, haha... >.>"

I'm no help!

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments Amnesia sounds interesting. I wouldn't mind doing something based along those lines.c:

Maybe best friend who tries to help the other remember after say, a car accident or a traumatic experience, something like that. Maybe there could be a factor of murder involved. Victim witnesses murder, is knocked out and consequently loses memory but murderers is still put to finish what he/she started and in the process victims best friend tries to help them gain their memory back.:3

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That could work! So does this mean the murderer is after them? And would we put that the amnesiac doesn't remember a lot about the best friend? It could be really cute when they finally do remember because maybe that's when the feelings splurge into love and everything. ^^'

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments Yep! That's along the lines I was thinking so I'm glad we're on the same page now.^-^ Maybe the best friend(The non- amnesiac one) could have already had feelings for the other, so it makes it ten times harder not to just, y'know, take advantage of those feelings he/she has been bottling up? c:

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Yeah! Aw, I feel so bad for the person who's not amnesiac. :( Could you imagine the person you loved not remembering you? Maybe even the night tha this person lost their memory, the best friend had set up something super special for the other best friend 'cause they were going to tell them and when they never came and their heart broke when they got a call saying the best friend was in the hospital or something? :O Haha, that's just a backstory, but yeah.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments Same. Geez, I don't know if I could cope.D: Aww, that's be so adorable and sad at the same time and just. ASDFGHJKL.D: Good backstory.C: I like it.:) Ok, anything else that needs to be added? Maybe the killer starts threatening the both of them or something as the amnesiac person begins to regain their memory? :)

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And then I feel bad for the amnesiac as well because I know someone who did have amnesia and she looked so miserable. Dx But then she remembered, haha. But yeah, I like the whole killer blackmail thing! :D

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments Good! Ok, so charries! :) So since I'm the girl in the other one, I'm the guy in this one, correct? Which character were you wanting to be amnesiac? I don't mind either, I think both a guy or girl could sort of slot into the role.:3

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If that's okay with you, yeah. (: Hum, mind if I take up the amnesiac slot? ^^

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments Sure thing! I think I'm gonna make my boy super sweet if he was going to plan to tell her he secretly loved her.:3 He'll probably be up tomorrow at some point since I'm about to go to bed.:/ But yea, I'll talk to you sometime tomorrow! :D Looking forward to seeing both of your charries, also, I don't mind if in this RP the charries are just simple. Like I said, for our other on Ember was sort of pre-made, so I thought I'd use her.:3

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I'm sure I'll have my characters up tonight! If not, then my guy will at least - I just downloaded this PC game and I have a feeling I'll be glued to that all night, haha. So I'll try to make some time for this. :P Alright! Good night, Chloe! :D

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Name: Lacey Ann Bourgeois

Age: 19

Date of Birth: June 30

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual


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Bubbly - Lacey's a warm person, always in high spirits, it's as if nothing could ever rain on her parade because she's got this sort of dome over it, which is bulletproof as well as impermeable. She can get a little annoying, especially in the mornings if you're one of those who like to sleep in the morning in the silence because she'll wake you up and you'll see a perky brown haired girl there, waiting for you to do something.
Selfless - It's always been about others, never herself. It's the many reasons why she's always volunteering somewhere, because she knows a world can't function without others lending a hand where it's needed; she won't expect anything in return either, she never does.
Innocent - I cannot begin to tell you how this is a bad thing. For one, her best friend is a total hottie and she's done nothing about it but hang out with him. Second, did I mention she's got a really hot best friend? Third of all, she just can't see anything bad about the world, she's never exactly been exposed to those demons of the night. That, and romance is so not her department. Of course she's dreamed of prince charming but she's convinced he's hiding from her out in the real world.
Doubtful - Aside from the very few trustworthy people she's got, Lacey doesn't trust others, though she won't tell them that. Someone will tell her something and the second she gets home, she has to go and check that it is, in fact, veritable and true to the bone. I guess you could say it's trust issues, but she'll say she's being careful.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments

[Name]Daniel Patrick Malorn


[Date of birth]November 8th




Like you, not completed yet, but again, now the basics are down its all good.C:

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Hot dayum *___*

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments I know right. *__*
*cough* Iknowright? *cough*.
^I certainly wouldn't be turning him down even if we were supposed to be 'just friends'. xD

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//le drool
Oh heck no! xD I'd be all over him already. How do you stay best friends with such beautiful entity?!

Also! The fact that you said it would be hard for him not to push the limits with her amnesia and all - it kind of got me thinking:

What if he did say they were together, or even just dating? But, like, a little while into it. Maybe he could realize that she could use someone that's more of a best friend and then at some point, he just blurts out that they were together. BUT! I had in mind that maybe after awhile, she does remember and she realizes that he was lying about the two being together, but she also comes to realize that she really does love him (after seeing how loyal he was when she didn't remember him and blah blah blah) so she's not actually that mad but then I don't know what to do after that, haha. Like, I'd think that she'd either pretend to play amnesiac for some time, until she actually slips out something that only the old Lacey would know and then he starts to become suspicious and she tells him and it's all happy and blah blah blah. OR the second option was that when she remembered, she ditches whatever she's doing and runs all the way to where he is and then she just jumps on him and she tells him she loves him and then kisses him - be it alone or in front a bunch of their friends or whatever. ^^

Anyway, just an idea!

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments *cough* Isecondthat *cough*

Oh, I like that idea! I especially like the second one you said, where she remembers everything and just drops what she's doing and goes to him right away because it would just be super duper adorable and everything.^_^

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Whoo! ^^

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments Good lord the man is attractive. *__* Did you find out the name of the model, or just a few pictures of him? c: And I'll be finishing Daniel soon, I have to grab some lunch first then I'll get right on it.^_^

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Giovanni Bonamy *-*

Okie dokie! I have to hop in the shower because then I gotta go get my uniform for school, haha. ^^" I can start this one off though, since you're starting the other one. :P Maybe when she finally gets out of the hospital and Daniel's there to pick her up or something? That's what I got. x.x

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments *_*

Haha, same here, I just asked if you'd start the other one but disregard that and I'll start on it after lunch, and that sounds good, I like that idea.^-^

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Even his just...*_____*

Aah now I feel like a jerk! D: I can start the other one if you'd like. (: I just assumed - which I do a lot. >.<

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments How can somebody be blessed with such good looks? Just....*_*

It's fine, honestly! I only asked because I'm about to go grab some lunch but I can easily start it after I've eaten, no problem at all.:3 Don't feel guilty about anything.:D

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I don't know, man, I don't know. D:

Aah, okay! I won't feel guilty, haha. I forgot to ask what's your preferred tense to use? (:

Have a good lunch!

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Hey, I don't boyher during the actual roleplay but I'd just like to get an answer to my question so I can write my post. (:

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments Sorry! Didn't realise you'd posted.:o I honestly don't mind, I'm pretty happy with either so whatever you feel comfortable with.(:

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Okie dokes. (:

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments Ok! :3

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Lᴀᴄᴇʏ Bᴏᴜʀɢᴇᴏɪs

As much as it frightens me to say it, I'm glad I'm soon going to be looking at other colours rather than just white. I'm sitting here on the side of my hospital bed – a bed I've considered my own for the past three weeks – as the nurse carefully finishes wrapping the gauze around my head. Her name is Sandra and she's a sweet woman, I love her. It makes me a little sad to leave her, actually, because it's as if she seems more familiar than the people I'm supposed to have known my whole life. Alright, maybe I should do a little recap as to what exactly I do remember: I can recall myself walking down a dark street, on my way to something I can't remember either, but I do know I wanted to grab a shortcut. So, I turned into an alleyway; that's all I remember. After that, it's waking up in a hospital bed with people in white coats hustling and bustling, none of them aware that I was awake. Then came the round of questions and the nurse (which was Sandra) told me that I was already making progress since I knew my name. But then I know the results began climbing lower and lower, especially when I wasn't able to recall my birthday, or even the colour of my eyes (which I found out are this sort of hazelnut colour with what I like claim are gold specks, but maybe I've been staring in the mirror a little too long). A few hours later, a group of four people came in and at first I remembered being really confused because all of their eyes were focused on me – I didn't know them, at least I though I didn't. That was until I met a certain pair of eyes, a little darker than mine – dad. And then it clicked in me that this was my family. I felt really guilty that I couldn't remember anyone but my dad, but they assured me I wasn't hurting their feelings or anything, but I knew I had.
And then a boy came in, a really good looking one, might I add. At first I thought he had the wrong room or something, but then I realized I was supposed to know him too. He said his name was Daniel and he kind of just stared at me for a few moments as i willed myself to remember something about the good looking guy; had he been my boyfriend? A friend? Turns out, once I had politely apologized to the handsome man that I hadn't a clue as to whom he was, he said that we were best friends. In simple terms, I felt like a total idiot.
Three weeks later, here I am, ready to leave this hospital and go back home (wherever that is). Daniel's picking me up and I told him I'd meet him at the front of the hospital. You know what sucks the most? Crutches. I have to wear crutches because I have a small concussion from the fall I took and the doctors didn't want me getting dizzy and falling. Well, actually, I just have one crutch, so that's not so bad.
“Did you hear what I said, Lacey?” I snap out of my thoughts when Sandra flashes me this smile, which makes me want to cry.
“I'm sorry, what did you say?”
“I said that you're free to go now.” No. I don't want you to say that, tell me I have to stay a little longer because of something, anything. What if I can't remember anything else? What if people get mad because I can't remember? I'm scared of not being able to remember. Without knowing, I felt a blur of tears wash my vision and it's only when Sandra pulls me up and into her arms, do I realize that I'm crying. I weep quietly into her shoulder, trying not to make my head pound as to provoke a headache later on.
After I've said my goodbyes to Sandra (promising that we'd get together), I made my way down the elevator, holding the tissues in my hand as I dabbed my eyes slowly. I wasn't crying anymore, but I still felt a little sad. With my third extension and both of my legs, I let an old lady through before I made my way over to the front hospital door after I've signed myself out (being of legal age does have its advantages). I watch as the automated doors opened, signalling me that I ought to step out and breathe in the fresh air. I wonder what kind of car Daniel has, and what colour it is. I take a few steps outside and find a bench to sit on as I wait.
Maybe this won't be so bad, maybe I'll remember something. If anything, I really want to remember my room, I want to find someplace where I can be familiar and a total stranger at the same time. Maybe I made myself some sort of journal? I wonder if I kept one, I really hope I did.

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[Daniel Malorn]

Lacey's coming home today. After three, long and drawn out weeks that had been rough on the lot of us she was finally able to return home. And I got the gift of picking her up from that godforsaken hospital she had been locked up in for the past few weeks. Jesus, I wouldn't be sad to see that thing behind me. I hated hospitals in general. So my best friend being cooped up there for a while wasn't a fun experience. Only being able to see her by going somewhere of which I hated. It was like some cruel joke. Not anymore though.
Lacey was coming home.
I can still remember that call. Clear as day I can remember that damned call that wrecked...Well it wrecked everything. And it fucking hurt like hell in the process. I'd had everything planned. All this fancy lunch, down to every detail. I kid you not, I'd been shitting myself about it for the past week, probably when I decided to make that reservation at Lace's favourite Cafe, then I was going to take her for this stroll down the beach(I'm told girls like that gooey stuff) and then I was going to Confess. I loved her. Loved her with every breath in my body. And then that call that had shattered basically everything we had. But I wouldn't give up.
I would get my Lacey back. I'd sworn myself to it.
"Lizzie?!" I called out into the otherwise silent house. The cat, Marmite, was at my feet, his tail wrapping around my legs as he rubbed his dappled fur against my bare calf, the light purring emitting from him the only other sound filling the quiet. "Yea?" The feminine voice returned about a minute after, and a few seconds later I can hear light footsteps padding along the landing and making their way downstairs before a blonde head pokes around the book. "I'm now leaving, you ok by yourself?" I question as she comes into full view. Lizzie's always been a skinny one. Those sort of pixie looks. Slim stature--All angles--a slender neck and this face with slightly slanted brown eyes paired with high cheekbones and naturally arched eyebrows. She had that mop of gold hair cut into a choppy, more boyish style recently out of what she called practicality. It suited her though. More than the longer styled look. She was my little sister. I loved her. A lot. I guess you could say I was a protective big brother. I don't think so. I just...Look out for her, y'know? Its not like I put a GPS on her phone. I've heard some people do that. No, that would be overstepping a line.
"You know I'll be fin-"
"Remember to-"
"Yea yea. Keep the doors locked. Check before answering the door. Don't answer the phone, don't go out until you're back. I know Danny. I'll be fine. I'm 15 now, remember?" she said with a small shake of her head before hugging me briefly. 15. I didn't see her as 15 though. I still saw her as that little girl that needed taking care of. I guess after the accident--The one that had left us orphans--I'd become more careful. I couldn't bare loosing Lizzie as well. Finding out I'd basically lost Lacey was hard enough.
I find my grin quickly, shaking my head and returning her hug with a small squeeze. "Ok, well, I'll be back soon, ok? If you want me to pick anything up from the convenience store I have my phone on me." I state, to which she simply nods before I pull away, fishing my keys from my pocket. "Wish me luck." I tell her before kissing her on the forehead and drawing away to the front door, hearing her voice drift to my ear with a quiet 'good luck'. Which is cut off as I close the front door behind me. I toss the keys through the window of my car as I approach before following suit. You see, the drivers door is stiff and I have yet to earn enough money to fix it. So for now the window acts as a sort of get through, if you will. Geez, when I try to explain it it sounds bad. But its actually quite entertaining. I can remember the first time I tried getting out of the window I had fallen on my ass. Lacey had found that funny, I can remember.
Skip the drive and I'm pulling up at the hospital, jerkily pulling to a halt as the engine rattled to a stop. Ok. Now to find Lacey. I maneuvered myself out of my beloved, cherry red Chevy, raking a hand through my hair a few times and letting my brown eyes rake over the place before zeroing in on a bench. There she is. Slowly I begin my walk over, tucking my hands into the pockets of my jean shorts of which a rolled up to just above the knee. I can feel my vans sort of scuffing against the pavement as my pace quickens--Even though I try to stay calm, I can feel excitement building. "Lace?" I call out as I approach closer, since she isn't looking my way and I don't want to scare her or anything. That's the last thing I want to do right now. Even if we had enjoyed a few games of 'Silly buggers' when she had...Well, had her memory.

((Hope that's ok.:3 My RPing skills tend to be better when I have my character interacting with somebody. At least in first person anyway.C:))

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[ I call bull on the 'living up to the post' you sneaky person! How am I supposed to live up to that? :P ]

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments ((Aww thank you.^_^
Next on my list is to reply to our other one.:3 I'm letting my laptop charge first though.:)
And your post will be amazingly awesome. I can see it now.:)))

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[Okie dokes! Haha I'm working on it right now. ^^]

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Lᴀᴄᴇʏ Bᴏᴜʀɢᴇᴏɪs

Sitting here on this bench, I’m able to look at the trees in a different way and I’m not exactly sure if that’s a good thing or not. The sky seems a little bluer than I remember it back in the hospital courtyard; the grass seems plusher and the cars drive faster. One thing I’m not impressed with are the smokers out in their little corner, I can smell their smoke from here and it sickens be right down to the bone. Personally, I’d make it so that no one would be allowed to smoke cigarettes anywhere on hospital property; on the other hand, some people are here to visit and it’s a little inconvenient to walk all the way off the premises and back to see your loved one, possibly on death’s bed. Couldn’t they be just a little more sympathetic of those having recently gotten out of the building? As if to emphasize how it’s bugging me, my lungs force a small cough, not enjoying the vague smell – I’ve always had a sensitive sense of smell.
I like to play games with myself, I know how cheesy that sounds but it’s the only thing keeping me occupied right now. With every car that enters the hospital parking lot, I dare myself to guess if it’s Daniel or not. Usually, I’m wrong because I keep assuming that every car is Daniel’s. Probably because a part of me is eager to get out – I really want to see about the journal thing. I sigh just as an old man passes me. Naturally, I give him a polite smile and in return, he shows me his gums – the ghost of a smile. He looks completely adorable. Has it ever occurred to you that old people are just like babies once they’ve lost their teeth? I mean, I’m not trying to sound rude or anything but I think it’s really cute, and their eyes seem to shine a little brighter as well.
For some reason unbeknownst to be, my thoughts drift to Josiah, my eldest brother. He serves the military and I guess the day I had lost my memory had been the day he had come back home to us. I guess that must’ve sucked, huh? The only thing I’m able to feel about that is guilt; the doctors have tried telling me that none of this is my fault and it’s only my brain under a state of shock and if I give it a little time, then things would start coming back to me. Well, it’s been three weeks and I’m a little scared to ask how long ‘a little time’ truly is. I’ve Googled some stories and some of them never remember. I hope I’m not one of those poor, unfortunate souls –I’d be devasted. Then again, maybe it’s a way to start anew, without any remorse of past mistakes you might not have wanted to remember, you know?
Out of the corner of my eye – my peripheral vision – a bright coloured automobile catches my eye and I’m instantly drawn to it. I watch it drive down the busy road and I see it turn into the hospital parking lot and I’m suddenly wishing that it’s Daniel’s car. I watch as it parks and then a boy slips it out from the…window? What? Oh, who cares? It’s him! I look off into the distance and send a silent prayer up to whoever wants to hear it.
Next thing I know, my name’s being called and I look up to see an approaching figure. There he is, in all his handsome glory. I think it’d be pretty neat if he would have told me that we were a couple – I’d had felt as if I’d accomplished something – in getting a tremendously good looking guy to be my boyfriend. I guess I wasn’t into him before I lost my memory?
“Hi,” I greet casually, grabbing my crutch and setting the knob on the ground so I don’t slip and fall and forget how to walk or something. I haul myself up and do one of those little hop things to adjust my position. Now I’m leaning on my extension of a leg and look at Dan, smiling slightly. “Thanks for picking me up, I really appreciate it.” Figure that he had to make time out of his busy schedule. He must be busy, right? A guy like him was always busy.
“Cool car, by the way…I really like the colour.” I wonder if I liked it before I lost my recognition of his face. The thought suddenly strikes me and my eyes widen for a brief second. “Was that…was that the right thing to say? I-I mean…did I even like the colour red?” One thing I don’t want to do is be different than the other Lacey. I don’t want to upset anyone by acting different. Do I like the same foods? The same movies? Had I been able to tell a joke and make people laugh?
On second thought, I don’t want to get out of here.
“I’m sorry…”

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments ((Apologies for not replying to this yet.:/ My mum confiscated my laptop off of me so I'm typing on my ipod. My reply probably won't be up until later in the day tomorrow or on Monday if push comes to shove. Again, really sorry.:( Hopefully my mum will give it back soon though.:/))

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments
[Daniel Malorn]

I'm watching her almost cautiously. Shes like the old Lace. What I mean is...Oh hell, even I don't know what I mean. She looks...Normal. Y'know? Just like she looked before the whole incident. But shes different now, as difficult as that might be to expect. She can't remember anything, anyone--Except her dad. God, it kills me from the inside out, all those sacred memories we had together--Good and bad--She doesn't remember any of it. I think the worst part of it is the fact that to start with, she looked exactly like the Lace I had fallen in love with. But she wasn't there anymore. Or was she? I just couldn't wrap my head around it. But I'd get her memories back. Whatever it took, I'd make sure those memories came back and she remembered everything. That was my sole purpose right now. Making her remember.
Theres this thing in the back of my mind though. I don't really know what to make of it, I mean, its only been three weeks, right? But theres something. Like, what if she never remembers? Oh got just the thought had me scared crapless. I don't even want to consider it, but at the same time its this huge thing. The elephant in the room, if you will. Everybody's thinking about it--Even Lace I know. But as yet, nobody has actually had the courage to sort of step up and discuss what they'd do if she didn't gain any memories back. I don't think anybody wants to consider it as yet. We're all just...Waiting, really.
I snap out of my thoughts as her voice penetrates my mind, and I manage to widen my smile a bit more. "No worries. I had nothing to do and I haven't seen you in a few days, so this is...Nice." I decide to use the simplistic word, wincing as I do so. Nice? Its just nice? I'm lying as well. I had had previous plans arranged, but the very idea of being able to escort Lacey from the hospital had me dropping everything I was going to do and rearing and ready to drive down there right away.
A lot of my guy friends have already dubbed me as 'whipped'. I don't give a shit though. This is Lacey we're on about here.
"Thanks." I give out an unshaky laugh, but my smile grows more. That must mean something, right? She used to worship my car(Maybe not worship, she'd have killed me for using that word) but bottom line was that she liked my car. A lot. Part of the reason I bought it truth be told. But then she begind talking again, and I sort of feel confused for a second before it clicks. She wants to make sure that she stays the same. How am I supposed to reassure that? I mean...How? "Hey, hey." I lay a hand on her shoulder in an attempt to calm her, smiling softly. "You loved the colour red. In fact you sort of forced me into buying the car in the first place. I'll tell you the story during the drive, yea?" I question. "C'mon Ace, lets get out of here." I say, now using my pet name for her. It sends a pang through me, that she probably--or most definitely-- doesn't remember mine. But that's not her fault, I remind myself. Its the person that hit hers fault, that whos fault it is. And even though I don't know them, I hate them with a passion. Not only because they are a suspected murderer. But because in the process they also took Lacey away too.

((Again, sorry for the wait.D: Hope this is ok though! C:))

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[ I changed Lacey's appearance -- just a heads up. (:

And do you think we should skip to somewhere...not as hard to write and conjure things with? Like, the ending to your post seemed like a good little conclusion for a skip scene. :o I just don't think whatever I'll write will be relevant to anything...

But I don't really know where to skip to if we were going to. >.< ]

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments [I like her new appearance.c:

Yea, that's alright.:)
Hmm, places to skip to...
How about...I don't know. Maybe Danny takes her to like, their special spot. And it sort of sparks something in her, something similar to that?~]

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[ Thanks. (:

Aw, that sounds cute, haha. Yeah, let's do that and then maybe it triggers a memory and maybe it's like, the two of them hugging and that's when she starts thinking that they had been a couple? It's a smooth way to implant the idea we had, haha. >.> Yay? Nay? ]

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments [Welcome.:)

Yay, Definite yay. I think we should do that. I love cute moments, just asdfghjkl. And I don't know where we'd put it, but I think they should have an argument at some point and end up kissing each other. But that angry sort of passionate kiss. Maybe even in the rain as well if we push the boat out a bit.;)

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[ akdjfrl;jslfl is the right word to use, lol. Good choice of word there. ;D

Yes. Let's the push the boat as far as we can, haha. Cute moments are just adorbs, okay? Ok. Ah, this is going to be adorable! ]

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments [Why thank you. I pride myself in my use of words.;D

Woo! Ok, pushing the boat out then.c: So are you beginning this one? Where he sort of just drives her out to the middle of knowhere and such?

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[ You should, your vocabulary is very... expressive. ;D

I can begin this one after I write a post up! ^^ Okay and where is their special spot exactly? In the middle of nowhere? :O

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments [What can I say? I just have a way with words.;)

Ok, sounds good! My laptop is about to run out of charge, but I'll start on Vin and Lyd's RP, and then finish it after my laptop is fully charged again.
That's what I was thinking. Maybe a special place in the local forest, and they carved their names into a tree or something? Or built their own tree house or something? :)))

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[ Hehe ;)

Yuussshhhh or maybe they've got, like, this secret little cove thing off the shore of a beach that's tied in with the forest right beside it? Something like that? Because maybe then whenever they do have their argument, it could be, like, thundering and they're by the beach and the waves are crazy and the rain is pouring and then the kiss is just so dramatic and they're both soaked and -- yyeah..... o.o ]

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments [Oh, that sounds awesome.^-^ Oh! And since we have the killer to factor into this all, maybe he could sot of, use their special place against them. I don't know why, but I like the idea of somewhere along the way, them being in the woods and the killer sort of starts a fire to try burn them alive.
AND YUSH! They could take refuge from the storm in the cove and begin fighting, and Lacey could be like 'I'm leaving' *Goes off into the rain* And then Danny would follow her and grab her hand and it could be like;
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