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Hey hey C:

Whatchoo like to roleplay?
Any cravings?

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments Sorry! Went to go have some tea.^-^
I prefer realistic, if that helps?c:
This probably doesn't mean anything, but I've been really wanting to play a character that has a child, if that's something you can build off of? :)

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No worries, I went shopping. ^^
Okay, like a single parent kind of thing?
Or like...something like this couple having recently moved in anf maybe theit friends just got married and asked the couple to take care of their child?

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments How'd that go? I love to shop.:3
More single parent type thing that maybe falls in love(I'm a sucker for romance) probably doesn't help all to much or give us much of a plot but it's somewhere to start,right?:3

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I didn't buy much! I got myself some spray thing (not perfume) and it was vanilla scented! ^^
I am so drawing a blank here, I'm so sorry! Were you expecting for the boy or girl to have the child?

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments I love vanilla scented things.^-^
Its no problem! I was thinking maybe the girl?
I don't know if you've delved into this sort of thing, but maybe, possibly, the mother could be a prositute trying to support her baby. Credit to my friend Nat here for coming up with the round about idea, but maybe she could get involved with a man and they wake up together in the same bed. She just assumes it was another night on the job until she realises the wedding ring on her wedding finger, and the truth of it is that they got married, or something like that? If it makes sense? c:

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Oh man I love that idea! :O That's so random but I love it! So they kind of got wasted and got married? Is that what you're saying?
And maybe the guy is a total bachelor with absolutely no responsibilities and whatnot so he wakes up with a band around his finger too and he starts flipping out because he hates everything marriage stands for. Like, maybe he could be a famous athlete or something and he's known to be a player and blah blah blah - he's always lived the high life with the prostitutes and the gambling and the money and stuff?

And then when he learns she has a kid and since maybe the pressure of the press is there, he lets her move in with the kid and then it could be totally hilariously cute how all three of them interact and stuff. O.O

I'm verbally vomiting things - sorry!

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments Really? That's great.^-^ I love that idea about him having no responsibilities. Maybe it couldn't have been a night on the job for her either? Maybe he didn't pay her so while he knows it was just a roll in the sheets she assumes that hes paid her, so maybe feels slightly...Awkward. Also could add to the fact that at first he doesn't realise that she actually is a prostitute that was having the night off, if that makes sense? So when he finds out it could be just sort of like...Oh, ok then.

Yea, and he could feel really dumb about it and stuff.xD Maybe the kid could be a little boy and he starts looking up to the guy since hes never had a father figure? c:

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Bahaha, yea, maybe that's what starts making him a little more responsible? The fact the little boy actually starts doing what the guy does. So like, maybe at first the guy swears in front of the little boy and the little boy goes off and repeats it to his mom and she goes to him and flips a shit and whatnot. Or maybe it could even be a little girl and the guy's never actually had a sentimental relationship with anyone because he's afraid of actually being affectionate (one night stands being but an act, of course) and so when the little girl comes, she like starts cligning to him and calling him daddy because, like you said, the kid's never had a father figure and at first he could just brush her off and be mean to her which would result in her crying and then once again, the mom would flip a shit because she's uber protective?

And I agree with everything else! C:

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments Either way she flips a shit.xD Yea, I was thinking that about the little girl as well.^-^ And then maybe said little girl could tell him she loves him and then it could melt his little old heart and he could start trying to make more of an effort and everything and the mum could see that and begins falling for him properly and it could just be super duper cute and everything and just n'aww.^_^

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Haha yeah! Like, maybe he's rude to the mom for what she is (a prostitute) but when it's just him and her little girl, maybe he's a lot sweeter because he's developed a sweet spot for kids? And she could catch him being nice to her daughter in secret and she falls for him then? Little by little?? Like he'll A sweet spot he never knew? Omg what if she went to daycare or something and he went and picked her up, right? And, like, he saw her getting picked on by some other little kids and then he gets her out of it and, like, starts talking to the kids like an adult would (a rich guy, anyway) and he could be like "Listen, twerps, I know people who know people who can bring the boogeyman into your closets and I'll make sure they kill you if you dare utter one more bad word about ___" Kind of thing...:3

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments Yea, and then eventually maybe he could overstep a line and go a bit to far and have the mum in tears and that could be when he realises she didn't exactly choose to be what she is, it was out of desperation and to make sure her child had a roof over its head, something like that? Then he could go out and get flowers and apologize and try to make it up to her? C: Then he could start getting feelings for her and it could be all cute and adorable.^-^
And I love the idea of him picking her up from daycare and being all protective and everything. It'd be so cute.C:

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Indeed, yes to everything!! C:
Now, I don't know if I'm pushing things too fast, but could I be the bachelor? I have a thing for play rich boys. ^^' They're really fun, haha.
But I'm totally cool with playing the mom, if that's what you'd like! :D

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments That's totally fine! I had my heart set on the mum anyway so I'm sort of glad you offered.^-^
Now, what sort of profile did you want to go for character wise? Simple, semi detailed or detailed? C:

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Great! :D I'm more comfortable with boys anyway, but I asked for two roleplays because I need to re-learn how to play girls, haha. :P
Hm, I guess it's up to you - I'll settle for anything! I don't know how I'll do it yet, haha.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments Haha, that's fine.C:
Usually I go for simple, since that means we'd be able to dive right in to roleplaying, but I sort of have a ready-made character lined up and shes pretty detailed, but if you'd prefer to go with simple that'd be also ok. I'm currently just looking to change her appearance and that's about it.C:

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Okie dokie! (:

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I already have an appearance for him already, haha. I'm in love with it but I got to ask if you're alright with him having a dog? ^^

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments Of course! Dogs are always fun.^-^

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Hehe alright, he's just an itty bitty dog but it makes it ironic, haha.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments

"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."
Vincent Van Gogh 

{Name}Lydia Rebeckah Quinton
{Nickname(s)}Lyds, Lyddie


(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)

Lydia is quite a...Complex girl, when it comes to her personality. To be frankly put, she is all over the place, but then again, what woman isn't? She is a range of things. Happy. Sad. Angry. Excitable. Everything. And she switches from each one with the drop of a hat, if you want to put it that way. At one point it was questioned whether she was bipolar, particularly during her teenage years, but since then has managed to settle down a bit more, and her mood swings happen a lot less currently. Although its surprising, considering how much of a chaos her life is. But her daughter keeps her grounded. That's what matters. She can usual keep herself in check.

At first meet, Lyddie may appear to be a cold, heartless bitch of whom doesn't care for anybody. An ice princess almost. She may seem dead inside, hollow, empty. However you would want to put it, at times she may look like a walking shell of a person. And she is. Sometimes. She has those days where she just wants to give up, to just not try anymore. To give in. It happens a lot, to be perfectly honest. But living the life she lives? Your entitled to get down on yourself a good few times. Its a give in. To be honest if she were to go to the doctors, its most likely she would be diagnosed with depression. But to be honest, if she were to go to the doctor she would probably be diagnosed with a lot of things.

Lyd is a very opinionated young woman with a fiery temper and a stubborn will to match. Although more often or not she refrains from voicing her opinion. After all, who would want to here the point of view of a person who is the lowest of the low in society? Nobody that's who. Nobody cares. It doesn't matter to anybody. Lyds can become very passionate about things that she loves. Although she loves very little in the world, apart from her daughter of course, of whom she loves with a fiery, burning feeling of protectiveness and care.. As mentioned before, she is very hard headed, and once her mind is made up about something, it is very hard to sway that particular view on that thing. With her lashing temper, she certainly isn't one to be messed with when angered, although she usually keeps a calm head about things, and it certainly is hard to get her riled up. 

Sure, she has her bitchy moments. But everybody does. Lydia is no angel, and hopes that nobody expects her to be. Not at all. She can be sneaky, sly, and anything else when she is required to get revenge for some reason. But be assured, there is always a good, valid reason. One that most would probably agree with. But again, overall she is quite a laid back type of girl. One thing that is one of Ember's somewhat lower traits, is that she never expresses her feelings. She keeps them bottled up inside of her, never cries, never just screams to let out anything, never burns off her anger. Which really, makes her a ticking time bomb, to be honest.

Lyddie suffers with a lot of personal issues, illnesses, etc. Surprisingly, she is clean of any STD's, as her previous check up came back clear, of which she extremely happy about. But yes, she has a lot of problems. To begin with, she has severe migranes, of which leave her writhing in pain and wondering whether her brain is actually being crushed and beaten by bricks. And then there are the panic attacks. They creep up on her anywhere, at anytime. She can't stand anybody touching her whilst she attempts to calm herself, and afterwards is left exhausted, a lot of energy having been taken out of her. Although she avoids admitting it, just out of pure embarrassment, whilst it is her 'time of the month' its rare for her not the hemorrhage and she gets pains of which have her in tears. Of course there isn't much she can do about it. Not unless she is prepared to pay the bills for getting checked out at the doctors, seeing as how America doesn't have any form of NHS and medical care has to be paid for directly. And then there her little...Learning issue. You see, Ember has a mild case of dyslexia, of which she has been forced to listen to various bullies shouting names such as 'Idiot' 'Stupid' 'Dumb' Not to mention having to listen to the patronizing tones people used when she didn't understand something the first time it was explained to her. And although it might not seem that big of a deal, the names get to you after a while. So much so that she used to self harm, inflicting small scars upon her thighs. She long since stopped this now. Men don't like that sort of her thing. And its about the money, right?

One thing that Lydia is good at though? Is art. Shes extremely talented, although has never bared her work to anybody. She doesn't believe that she could ever be good enough. And it would take somebody special to convince her. She gets frustrated easily, especially when she can't understand something that's plainly simple to most, and comments that she is stupid, or an idiot hit her hard. To most they would just throw back an insult back, but things of which refer to her not being so smart sting more than they probably should, and she'll often hide herself away if this is to happen.

Born into an incredibly wealthy family, at the beginning of her life, it appeared that Lyddie would have it all. Good looks, a strong family unit and a load of money of which, to be honest, often burned a hole in her pocket. Things began going downhill at the tender age of 7. At the age of 7, she was diagnosed with dyslexia, and although her mother was quite supportive, doing whatever she could to aid her daughter in education, her father wasn't so nice, continuously pointing out things she got wrong, making a big deal of it and getting frustrated with her easily when she found it hard to understand something simple. And when it was found that her father was cheating on her mother, it was hardly a surprise. But her mother took him back, not wanting to be alone. But the strong family unit was broken. And broken for good.

After that things were shaky. The relationship between her parents was on the rocks, and being an only child Lyd had nobody to turn to. Apart from her grandmother of course. Now her grandmother was an elderly woman, and being her mothers mother, she was lacking in the money department. But money didn't matter to her. She just wanted love. And for a while, that was enough. She spent most days helping her grandmother, and was taught a few artistic tricks by the old woman. Everything was ok. And then the party happened, around almost two years ago now.

She can remember little. Just brief, foggy flashes. She had gotten a drink, been led up to a room. She can recall trying to fight the guy off, and the last thing she remembers is a sharp pain before it flashes out again. Fast forward to the morning and she gathered what happened. She had been drugged and sexually abused. She doesn't dwell on this fact though, after all, she has her daughter. Skip to nine months later, baby Isodelle was born, and now her baby girl is a year and 2 months old exactly, and growing fast.

Of course, her parents were not impressed by this, and when she tried to tell her dad what happened, he brushed her off, told her to pack her suitcase and leave. Her mother, on the other hand, attempted to stop her dad sending her away, but to no avail. Of course, due to the issue of her hemorrhaging easily, the birth of Issy wasn't easy, and there was a time when it was suspected she wouldn't make it. Her mother visited her then. Without her father knowing. She told her she was sorry, and that she would try her hardest to keep in touch. In the past year of her daughters life, she has heard from her mum only once. She doesn't hold it against her though. She knows how controlling her dad can be.

So essentially Lydia was pushed into a life of prostitution. She didn't ask for it, didn't want it. But with few companies wanting a dyslexic girl working for them, along with her various other complications, it was the only thing to turn to to actually provide for herself and her child. Every spare piece of money she scrapes up is spent on Issy, and when she goes out at night she leaves her daughter in safe hands, with her grandmother. She is the only person she trusts with her little girl.

Her daughter;
(view spoiler)

((I don't usually have characters this detailed, but this is one of my old ones.:o Probably still needs a bit of editing but I'm really tired right now, so here she is.C:))

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Name: Vincenzo Jorge LaFolie

Age: 21

Date of Birth: October 3

Gender: Male

Sexuality: It'd would be a lie if Vin said he only slept with women - the boy likes a variety in his life, what can he say?

Impatient - Vincenzo has an extremely short attention span, which is the reason he goes through so many women in a week. He can't handle being in the same place for an extended amount of time, nor is he able to read books because they take too long to read - he'd much prefer just watch the flipping movies, that's why they make 'em! He's also impatient when it comes to whiny brats.
Wealthy - Yes, it is a personality trait, at least it is for Vin. Money, money, money, it's all about being able to buy yourself a pair of thousand dollar slippers and not make a single dent in your bank account. He's taken it for granted, obviously, this is shown visibly when he starts bribing people with it, as well as bringing over some illegal women for a night of pleasure.
Capable - This man's very able to make ends meet, not only that, but he's able to make them last; such task is difficult when you're living the posh life. He's got many connections and sources and there isn't much that Vin can't do. "I'm like a rich superhero that comes with a price."
Irresponsible - Vincenzo is not held responsible for the mess he made. Never. It's always someone else or rather, something else - like the booze. He doesn't manage his money, he's got someone doing that for him, he doesn't clean his house, someone's hired to do it, so on, so forth. He doesn't like having to grow up and live life the way you're supposed to, because he doesn't need to!
Other: He's obviously not done but I've got the basics down so if I don't feel like putting his persona least I've got this, haha. ^^'

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments He looks great so far! :D

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Thanks! ^^

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Alright, well that's as detailed as I'm going to get for the character sheet. x.x

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments He's great! I'm still sort of on the fence about Embers appearance, so if it changes I'll let you know.:3
So want to get this ball rolling? We're starting from when they wake up right? And who's going to find out they're married first? Vince or Ember? :)

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Thanks! I might change Vince's appearance, too. ^^ So I'll let you know as well! I do want to get this ball rolling. (: Hm...I don't think Vince would notice to be honest. Would Ember take notice, haha?

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments I think I've found a better appearance for her, also, I'm changing her name to Lydia, since it suits the new appearance better, I'll put it up in a minute.c: She might notice, maybe she demands she takes him home and while shes wafting her hands around she notices.^-^

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Okie dokie! ^^
Alright! So maybe she can wake up and then wake him up urgently 'cause she usually doesn't sleep in and she really needs to get to her daughter kind of thing? (:

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Changed his appearance! ^^

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments Ok, edited! Yea, that's what I was thinking, and she gets all panicky and everything.c:

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

Haha yeah! :D It'll be funny. (:

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments Oh, and the appearance for Vince is just asdfghjkl. I love that model.c:
It will be! I hate to ask, but would you mind starting? :) I need to get some lunch and take a shower, plus my laptops running out of charge. D:

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Would you rather I start this one?
I'm bored and have nothing to do...

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments Hey.:)
Sorry I haven't already posted, I was super tired last night and distracted so my posts weren't up to scratch, I didn't want to give pu a starter post that wasn't any good.:/
I was about to start on this, but if you want to start it then be my guest, since I also have a few other replies to get to also.:3

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I can start so you only have our other roleplay to reply to in the meantime, haha. :) Gives you one less reply to type up. ^^

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments Are you sure? I'd be super grateful if you did.:3 But don't feel obliged to.C:

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Like I said...I'm bored out of my mind. :P I mean, I'm busy with A.V.A now but when I get my dose of forst person shooter, i'll write the post. (:

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments Ok, sounds good.^-^ I'll try get some other stuff done whilst you're typing.C:

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Hopefully we can get the ball rolling for both roleplays today! :D
I posted on our other one - I'm not sure if you saw or not. (:

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments Fingers crossed!
Yea, I saw, your post was like, amazing.:3 Hope I can live up to it.:)

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Psh, there's nothing amazing about it; yours will be better! That's the second time I've postedbfor a girl in months, the other person hasn't replied yet so I'm just like TT__TT
I need practice lol.
Can't wait for your reply!

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Vɪɴᴄᴇɴᴢᴏ LᴀFᴏʟɪᴇ
When I feel the warmth of the rays hitting my back, I know that it has arrived, which is highly unfortunate because I had been enjoying myself in this bed. Well, a different kind of 'enjoying' than last night. Right now, I mean I'm enjoying the way my stomach has comfortably shaped itself into the memory foam bed. Both of my arms are tucked under the pillow on which half of my face is squished in. One of my legs are underneath the blanket and the other one isn't; I know this because I can feel my foot dangling off of the edge of my side of the bed. In much simpler terms, I'm really comfortable and I know that morning means that I have to go and call people to make sure everything is good and blah blah blah, the boring stuff.
You know what sounds good right about now? Pancakes. What better thing to eat after a wild night (I'm assuming it was wild because I can hardly remember it) than pancakes? Actually, let's make them chocolate chip pancakes, with a really nice cappuccino to go with it. Let's not forget the bacon either. Maybe I'll ask that they cut me up some fruit as well. Shit, I'm starving now. Fuck you, morning, for making me get out of this bed.
With much reluctance, I dare crack open an eye, only to be met with a furled mass of brown hair. So I got a brunette last night, huh? Funny, I think I had a brunette the night before last night. Guess I must be on some sort of roll. Whatever. I groan softly as I lift my head that feels like cement up. I dare to turn myself around and sit up. God, why does it have to be so fucking bright? I run a hand through my hair before running it down my face, annoyed. Okay, I just need to get out of this bed and I'll stop reconsidering the possibility of falling back asleep and hope the girl's gone when I do. She needs to get out now, I have people coming over this afternoon and her being here just ruins everything – they always do. And yes, by them, I mean what she does for a living. It's true, they serve for pleasure only, I don't need to feed her or whatever, that's not my job.
I slide my legs off the bed and press my hands on either side of the mattress and look down at the floor. I sigh and with a small push, I haul myself off the mattress and turn around to make sure we didn't ruin the room or something (you'd be surprised how many times it happens). Doesn't seem like we did much frolicking last night. I must have wanted to just get to the point. By the looks of her sleeping form, I had every reason to – she's got the whole kit.
I walk over to her side of the bed and yawn, taking a moment to scratch my chest thoughtfully. I look around and spot her shorts, I lean down and pick them up. I then I just began chucking them on her, one after one, her articles of clothing were piling on her. “Get up, get out.” I told her simply, crossing my arms over my chest for a small moment, seeing if she would wake up or not.
“You have five minutes to get out of my suite.” I had gotten a hotel penthouse room for the night because I had to meet a few people, as previously state, and I have a few issues with random people coming into my actual home and touching things I don't want them to touch – especially strangers.
I unfold my arms and begin to retrace the path of my clothing, starting with my boxers, followed by one of my socks, my pants, my watch (I don't know how we managed to take the time to take my watch off) and then my other sock. Finally, I find my button up shirt and get to work on doing up the buttons as I turn back around and make sure she's up and getting her clothes on. Now I gotta think; caviar or sushi? Maybe a little of both? Would the guys like that? I know James likes sushi but Alex likes the caviar. Oh what the hell, I'll get both.
Now, if only she'd get the fuck out of here – God they're so damn annoying in the morning.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments
[Lydia Quinton]

Where am I?
That's probably the first thought that popped into my head as I awoke. This is a super comfy bed, I have to say. Best one I've slept in. I'd know. I've slept in a lot of different beds, places, etc. You get the picture. I get around. A lot. For money. If you want to put it in simple terms I'm a prositute. Or a whore. Most people just refer to me as that. Is it sad that some days I forget my own name? Hell would only know. Although its my fault, I remind myself. Every time I start to sadden, I remind myself its my fault. I could have not gone to the party, which would have eliminated 'that' experience altogether. I could have not drunk, again, eliminating 'that' incident again. Or, I could have aborted the baby afterwards. But there was no way on gods earth I would have done that.
I'm happy, to an extent, with my decisions.
I have a beautiful daughter to show for it at least.
The bed is sort of...Molding my body. Shit, must have hit the jackpot last night, I think idly as I squeeze my eyes tightly shut as rays of sunlight peek threw half open curtains, straining against my eyes as I bury my head into the plush pillow beneath me. Fuck, has it got like, goose feathers in it or something? Jesus its comfortable. I could happily lie here for the rest of the day. The sheet is strewn across me, my knees are bent and I'm laying on my right side. I vaguely feel movement beside me, but I have yet to study who I was so clearly with the night before.
I assume hes already paid me. Its a policy I have. Can't risk being conned out of money. Its the reason I have this godforsaken job anyway. If a 'job' is what you would class it as. I hate it. I hate that part of my life. This part of me right here? I hate it with my heart and soul. But I can't change it. Can I?
With this question still in mind--A question I spend many a morning pondering over the movements now become a lot my energized and I feel my...What? Lover? Rise from the bed and begin moving around the room. Then somethings being thrown on me. Then another thing. And another. I crack my eyes open just a millimeter or so as a velvety voice--His voice--Fills the air. Not the worse I had been treated. That was a sure thing. I'm not going to lie. A lot of the men I get with are complete assholes. To the extent that maybe they'll throw a punch or two at me if I'm not gone early enough. But it comes with the job right? My own fault, again. Who else do I have to blame? It would be ridiculous to do so. And it wouldn't change the situation at all. Better to accept things the way they are.
I squint slightly, rubbing my eyes with a fisted hand as I force myself to sit up, pulling the cover with me. Yes, I know its pretty pointless considering last night, and what I do for a living. But I like the think I have some form of modesty in me. My head is now pounding from the simple movement. Oh hell I have a whopper of a hangover. What a joy to deal with. I begin rummaging through my clothes. First the bra, that's first and I make a mild attempt at turning from him, clasping it up before now going for the panties I had been wearing. Its a skimpy pair, since most of my...Clients? Prefer that sort of thing. I slip into these before going for the shorts, now sliding off the bed to get into them.. Yes. They are particularly...Revealing. As is the little crop top I had also paired them with. The skyscraper heels don't do a thing for the whole outfit either. It now occurs to me, after combing a hand through my no doubt messy locks a few times, and looking out the window, that I'm on a time schedule.
And have no idea of the time.
Great. Now I have to talk to him. I hate that part of the whole process. Interacting. "You uh...Wouldn't happen to have the time?" My voice is a little husky, a combination from the hangover and having just woken up. But I haven't got time to dwell on it. I need the time.

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments ((IDEA;
I was thinking about it last night.:3 Ok, so Vince basically treats Lyd like crap, right? And you know how is said about him overstepping a line to which he has to make it up to her? Well I thought of a way he could do that.:)
So, maybe, despite the way he treats her, Lyddie suggests that they try get to know each other a bit better. So he obviously hates the idea, but she insists so he has to go along with it. But he could be super snide and cruel and be like; 'When was your first time. I bet you can't remember it with your job profession.' jabbing at her like that. And of course that would have been at the party when somebody drugged her drink. And she could begin to play along, saying that she does barely remember it, and then like, saying why it is she doesn't remember it much before storming off etc etc.
It sounded a lot better in my head.
I'm rubbish at explaining.
But you get the idea? O.O

-On a side note I changed Issy's appearance.^-^))

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[ I've seen her new appearance ^^
And we can do that, haha. :P Wait until you hear Vin's first time - my poor baby T.T But yeah, he'd be jerkish to her because of what she does. (: ]

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments ((The newest new one? I just changed it like, half an hour ago.C:
I sorta thought it over, thought it would be a good way for it to lead up to hurting her, then comes the understanding and it'll be all perfect.C: Oh! And then we could have him have an evil ex who keeps pressuring him to divorce Lyddie already and get it over with.
Oh I wanna know what happened to Vin now. T-T :o))

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[ I still see the old one then. ^^ She's got brown hair and green eyes kind of thing?
I think it should be more of a snobby rich friend who's a gold digger and super snide telling him to divorce Lydie. But I think that should be after the argument and whatnot because then he could decide to hely Lydie out a little because he feels like an ass and maybe he could be like "Well I think you'd marry your first, too; but then again, it's kind of hard to marry your hand." And then it puts the girl in a bad spot and even though he's lied about Lydie and himself being each other's firsts, it makes the girl look really bad and their 'marriage' good?
As you said, it sounds a lot better in my head. e.e
T.T I'll find some way to squeeze it in at some point. ;-; ]

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wanderer (chloemai) | 321 comments ((Yea, that's the old one. My spoilers keep playing up.D:
Oh, I like that idea.^-^ I still think at some point maybe one of the girls he has been with corners him and he gets caught in an awkward situation with her--Which Lyddie then sees and assumes it for the worst.
But how would the 'first' thing sort of work since Lyd has a daughter? Or she could have just been his first? And then the media could do some digging and obviously eventually it would come out that she had been a prostitute and such.
It sounds good! C:

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[ Yeah that works. (:
I'm thinking one of Vin's friends would tell her what happened to him, seeing as he sure as hell wouldn't. Probably his best friend or something. ]

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