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Hi!!!!sorry didn't get any notif....

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U there?

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I am now!

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Ya! So um do u know what the plot of the rp should be?

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Normally I'm a lot faster, but my computer is being slow! Anyways, plot..... you want a romance?

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Yup with like a kidnapping thing, so kidnapper falls in love with victim maybe something like that...

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There's a word for that but I can't think of it at the moment. Anyways, I'm down with that! You wanna be the guy or girl? And which gender kidnapps the other?

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Could I be the girl, and it kinda seems logical if the guy kidnaps the girl..XD

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Lol yep! That's good by me! So we kinda need a reason why he's kidnapping her. I think we should make it of necessity or something so that why even if they fall for each other he can't just let her go without consequences..

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ummm, he was like a fugitive in hiding, and she saw him sooo....

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Oops! Okay sounds good! I like it! Charries?

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Sure, just saying I'm not that detailed on the profile though

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Neither am I! It's all good. Just a basic thing is good!

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Name: Ella d' Caprio
Age: 18
Appearance: has an light complexion, and a tall slender body. She has shoulder lenght dark brown hair, and intriguing midnight eyes. She has a playful smile and generally has the looks that catches the opposing genders eyes.
Personality: she is fun- loving and kind, has many friends but only chooses to hang out with a few. She is intelligent and generally doesn't like to keep grudges. She's funny in a sarcastic sort of way.

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Name: Ryder Way
Age: 19
Gender: male
((You have to let me know if the link works!))
He's about 5'7" and very lean with some wiry muscles, although Ryder is mostly a small guy.
Bio: Ryder is best described as troubled. His childhood was spent being shuffled around by family members until he was supposed to live with his aunt, a rich woman with another daughter and no time for him. She was horrid to him, mentally abusing him by telling him how useless and worthless he is. By high school he had picked up a guitar, and made it his new best friend. Three suicide attempts and 34 gigs later, he ran when he was caught stealing some cash. That was before he turned 18, but since he has been, the offenses built up. The most threatening one hanging over his head was that of an alleged stabbing, that he claims he did not do. Either way, he's stuck on the run, though his goofy and hang loose personality shows through all the edginess.

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So where to start? Shall she see him do something "bad"?

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Sure shell be walking home or something.

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Okay, sounds good. Do you wanna start or should I?

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Um u please:)

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Ryder leaned against the wall, bouncing a little nervously while he waited for the man to meet him. He was supposed to give him a bit of cash for the weed he had rolled. After a glance at his iPod, Ryder realised the man was almost 20 minutes late. He growled in frustration, rolling his eyes. Some people annoyed him very much and standing in the open with a bag of dope was never a good idea. He looked around the area, hoping nobody noticed his random standing.

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Ella got on her bike and pedalled home. She got of after a while seeing a cluster of people heading home, she held her bike and wheeled it along. She turned the street and headed down towards the first street lights. She looked around and saw a man leaning against the wall looking frustrated. She then saw his hand and saw the roll her eyes widened and quickly looked hoping he didn't see her, there was a police station just around the corner.

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It was a nice night and there was too many people on the streets for his comfort. He started to turn, but a girl's eyes caught his. She was pretty; that was the first thing he thought, but after that, it registered that she had seen him and she looked awfully suspicious. Ryder casually started walking in her direction, calling out, "Excuse me, miss!" He slung the bag back over his shoulder and quickened his pace, hoping he was just being paranoid.

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Ella reluctantly turned around, and faced him. He was cute in a skater boy sort of way, but then again she couldn't let his looks distract her from remembering he was doing something illegal. She faced him and forced a smile
" yes" she said

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"Have you happened to see a man yeh high and kinda grubby walking around? He was supposed to meet me, but the idiot has yet to show." When lying, Ryder always found it best to stick to a truth. It was true he was looking for the man, but he wasn't here to ask for her help. He mostly needed to see what she was thinking. His best smile came out and he pushed hair away from his face

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Ella inside was screaming at her to run, but she held her ground. She ignored the description and went on to say
" Sorry no, but I hope you find him" she responded

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"Yeah, right. Well thank you." He held his ground as well, looking deep into her eyes and not looking away. The gaze was charged and he was sure they both knew it. Ryder fidgeted slightly, weighing his options. He couldn't be completely sure she had seen too much, but he had grown out of these kinda of risks and could not afford to be caught.

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Ella forced a smile
"Well I got to go now" she said quickly mmoving her bike and speeding up to a jog.

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"I don't think that's a good idea." Ryder said, taking a step closer. "I think you know too much." His decision was made a small nervous twitch she made, alerting him that she probably knew much more than she was letting on. He sighed and took more steps towards her. "Why don't we go for a walk and talk?"

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Ella stood frozen for second,before throwing her bike on the ground and sprinting of towards the police station as fast as she could.

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Ryder looked around and ran after her, grabbing her arm. "No wait!" He locked his arm through hers, slowing her down and dragging her down an alley, clamping his hand over her mouth. "Stop it! Stop it! You're making things worse!"

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Ella gasped and tried screaming, she started pushing him away with her hands desperate to get away.

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"I'm not going to let you go now miss. You should have just listened to what I had to say. Now I don't have a choice." He sighed and held onto her tightly, trying to think of where he could bring her and regroup himself, the drug deal all but forgotten. Maybe he had a friend near here somewhere...

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Ella choked back a sob, and gave up on pushing him off. Instead she tried a new lead. Carefully controlling her breath, she slowly traced a finger along his face and then around the jawline. Ella then moved her body ever so slightly towards his.

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"Ha-ha, that's not going to work." Ryder told her, but despite his words, his body seemed to think otherwise: his grip loosened slightly and his mind wandered.

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But Ella could tell it was, she winked at and started running her fingers down the front of his coat, she only needed a little more space.

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Ryder slid his hands down so they wrapped around her wrists. The grip was lax, so she could still move at will, but he held on in case he needed to grab her. "You're not going anywhere, unless it's with me." He informed her, keeping his eyes locked on hers.

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Ella was able to move her legs now. She bought up her knees and hit him hard in his spot. He groaned and let go of her, she ran away and looked around frantically wondering where to go. She knew the police station was to obvious so she turned left and decided to get lost in woods. She looked back and didn't see him, so she continued running into the dark jungle. She finally stopped breathing hard and shut her eyes leaning against the tree
( this is her last run away so maybe kidnap her here?)

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((Oh shit. One min, I'll reply!))

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(its fine if ur busy..)))XD

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((School just ended haha))

Ryder cussed loudly, reaching for her and missing at first. He clenched his jaw; it had hurt a lot. But he jogged after her, still cussing, and caught up enough to grab her shirt. "No, you can't go!" He wrapped his arms around her, trying to make it look like a lovers quarrel if anybody was noticing them. He didn't let go at all this time and dragged her in the direction of where his car was.

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Ella tried digging her heels into the ground to stop him from taking her but he was surprisingly strong.

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"That's what I thought." He lowered his voice to a whisper, leaning into her ear. "If you don't stop resisting, it'll be a lot worse." Already he was beating himself up for this; it was not gonna end well, he could feel it. But it was done and he needed to do it right.

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ella stopped in front of his car breathing hard
"I promise I won't tell anyone" she begged. She looked around to see if anyone could help, but it was dark and not a single soul was near them.

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"I don't believe you." Ryder told her bluntly. They got to his very beat up civic and he opened the door with one hand. Then he pushed her into the passenger seat and climbed over her to the drivers. "I can't believe your making me do this." He groaned and started the car.

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She stared at him
"I'm not making you do this, infact you don't have to" she yelled. She tried opening the doors but they were locked. she sat rigid as her mind started pounding.

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