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jenny (sungkew) Before recent events, Bridgette never would have considered herself the type of girl to lounge around in such a place as the Brothel. In her mind, it was a place of wenches and scoundrels - two things that she was not. And yet, here she was, fitting right into the locale. Albeit, she didn't appear to look the same as all the other women lounging about, but that didn't mean she stuck out. Her light colored eyelashes were coated with a dark pigment from the makeup she'd applied as well as her lips painted with a scarlet color. Ironically, it was the same tint as the dark blood that ran through her veins. She thought of this as her finger ran lightly over the lipstick, coming back with a faint red tinge. It was strange, she thought, that the world had diminished this much. Bridgette never used to wear makeup; she never used to sell herself out like this; she never used to make a living doing the thing she hated. But nowadays, that was better than doing nothing. Doing nothing only meant hardships and death - two things other things she'd rather not encounter. However, it wasn't like this life was much better. Selling out one's body to another's was hardly much of a life at all.

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 178 comments Falsarius Sanguii strode into the brothel confidently. He looked around, comfortable in the environs, examining the produce. He needed a new slave after he had sucked the last dry. He walked in further, and his eyes were drawn to a girl in particular, with what seemed to be dried blood on her lips, but what he knew was make-up, however enticing. He walked over to her.

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jenny (sungkew) Noticing the encounter she had been presented with, Bridgette glanced up at the man who'd approached her. A small scowl was on her face though she dare not hide it. Though she may have been in a joint such as this and he may have been just a tad intimidating, she didn't feel the need to succumb to every will he may have had. Leaning against a nearby wall, Bridgette crossed her arms over her chest, covering whatever cleavage may have been revealed prior. "Can I help you?" Her voice asked, laced with attitude. To her, she didn't find this activity enjoyable in the slightest. In fact, she found it disgraceful. But in times like this, a girl has to do what a girl has to do, even if she despises it.

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 178 comments "I see you are somewhat... unhappy with your current circumstances. I am Falsarius Sanguii, a Weapons Master. I am kind to those who do not oppose me, and I have need of a... servant. I have no need for your blood, only your consent. I am a Psi-Vampire, do you know what that means?" He looked at her admiringly.

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jenny (sungkew) At Falsarius' words, Bridgette simply eyed him carefully. In her mind, she was thinking not so nice thoughts: Somewhat unhappy. Yeah, right. No, she was more than unhappy. To put it frankly, she was pissed off about her current situation. His admiring look sent shivers down her spine as she tried to understand just what it was he was asking for. She knew of the Psi-Vampires and what their needs were. Bridgette just didn't know if she was up to that. "I know what it means." She stated simply, not giving an answer as to whether or not he had her consent. In truth, Bridgette was trying to comprehend why it was he was asking this of her. There were much more suitable candidates in this Brothel. Why her? Regardless of this fact however, Bridgette decided that taking this might do good for her. Sure, the situation wasn't exactly what she would call amazing, but it was better than getting picked up randomly throughout the next several months.

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 178 comments "I would treat you well, if you were compliant. There is no need for you not to live a palatable life. You will have security, not having to flaunt yourself to any passer-by. You will be clothed and fed, you will have shelter, all for such a small price in return. I will not deny that I like you, and that that is the primary reason for making this offer. I do not pity you, but I am seriously proposing a better life for you."

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jenny (sungkew) His words were confusing to Bridgette. Clothes, food, shelter all for a small price. It didn't seem realistic. Though she may have been reckless and mouthy, Bridgette wasn't stupid. In recent times, she'd accepted that things were different. She just hadn't accepted things were this way for her. She didn't believe that she should be put down just for being what she was, but this vampire seemed to somewhat understand that - or at least, to an extent. A better life... in exchange for a small price. What was the price? Her freedom? Was that really small? "A better life." She said aloud, testing out the words in a way. They didn't seem real.

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 178 comments Sensing her thoughts he spoke. "What freedom do you really have here? Being bought and sold constantly by strangers; but I would not force anything upon you. This decision is yours to make. The life I speak of is real enough, and an enticing prospect, I propose, for the both of us."

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jenny (sungkew) Bridgette narrowed her eyes slightly at his last sentence. However, she was trying to let go of her doubts. She should take this deal, she knew, but she was still hesitant. Bridgette didn't like to just jump into things on the spur of the moment, but the vampire was right. She couldn't just stay here and wait for a better offer because another wouldn't come. This was better than anything she'd ever be lucky enough to earn. Sighing quietly, she held out her hand in a handshaking manner. "You've got a deal, Fal." Whether or not the nickname would be accepted was unknown to her. However, Bridgette didn't care. If there was a problem with it, she was sure she'd figure out in a moment.

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 178 comments Falsarius smiled. "This is welcome news." He thought for a moment, "You may call me whatever you desire, the closer you feel to me the less painful your service shall be, and I shall endeavour to make it as anaesthetic as possible."

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jenny (sungkew) "Oh joy." Bridgette said, knowing she was pushing her limits. She'd learned that talking out of turn was something she was hardly ever permitted to take part in, but that didn't mean she'd ever stop. That just wasn't going to happen. Though he may have wanted her to cooperate with him, it couldn't be promised that she would. Bridgette thought of herself as her own person regardless of her situation. Being held down wasn't something she did well.
A second after she had these thoughts, Bridgette realized she hadn't even given her name. Her hand went back to cross over her chest as she spoke for the second time without him talking, "I'm Bridgette."

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 178 comments "Bridgette," He said, flexing the name over his tongue, "A strong name," Falsarius concluded, "Shall we depart? Or have you some desire to linger in this foul place?"

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jenny (sungkew) A small laugh escaped Bridgette at the thought of staying here any longer than necessary. Someone would have to be insane, she thought, to want to be stuck in a place like this. "No, I'm fine." Her eyes flickered around the place for a minute before she simply shrugged. There wasn't anyone here she could say her goodbyes too and, while this was a simple fact, it depressed her in a way. It was saddening to think she wasn't missed when departing from locations. "I'm perfectly read to depart."

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 178 comments He extended his hand to her, meaningfully. "We shall make for my estate. Are you alright with horses?"

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jenny (sungkew) Bridgette smirked a tad at the mention of horses, "I am completely alright with horses." In fact, Bridgette was beyond alright with horses. A little known fact was that they were some of her favorite animals. As a child, her mother used to take her up to one of the local ranges and have her ride. The memories were sweet on Bridgette's tongue as she glanced at Falsarius' hand. She didn't know exactly what to make of the gesture - it seemed a tad formal for her tastes - but she went along with it, placing her hand in his.

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 178 comments He smiled and led her out of the Brothel, and introduced her to Night's Wind, a great jet black destrier with blood red eyes sparkling with malign intelligence. Falsarius approached warily, "Night's Wind." He introduced the beast, "Take care, he is no mindless charger."

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jenny (sungkew) Bridgette's eyes wandered over the stead in front of her, her eyes catching on its scarlet orifices. So many red eyes. She drew her gaze from it and lifted her hand steadily and slow to lay it upon the horse's muzzle. She was rewarded with a small snort but only continued to stroke it lightly, taking heed of the words she had been giving. "Night's wind?" Her voice asked, eyes drifting to Falsarius. She'd never understood why it was people gave their animals such strange names. What was wrong with simple ones? But alas, it wasn't up to her and it wasn't like Falsarius was really much of a person. Though he may have been giving her a place to stay, Bridgette saw this as no more than a business proposition with a vampire. There was nothing in the way of friendships.

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 178 comments Falsarius leapt atop his steed easily, despite its size, and proffered his hand to help up Bridgette. Night's Wind visibly tensed, sensing his master's thoughts, and Falsarius bent and whispered something into his ear, then proffered the hand again down to Bridgette.

message 19: by jenny (new)

jenny (sungkew) Feeling the horse tense under her palm, Bridgette retracted her hand, her eyes wandering around for a second. They found their way to Falsarius' hand and she scoffed a tad. So much physical contact. The thought was quickly pushed to the back of her mind in slight distaste. Reaching up, she grasped Falsarius' hand firmly, preparing herself to be hauled up a second later. In that moment, she was glad she'd rode a horse before.

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 178 comments Falsarius pulled her onto the horse, them both riding bareback, him behind her, guiding the horse into a trot with his knees. Seeing that she appeared comfortable, he kicked Night's Wind into a gallop; she would soon see the reasoning behind his name.

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jenny (sungkew) Bridgette was beginning to reconsider her love of horses. Going at this gallop wasn't too awful, but it seemed the steed was picking up speed with every second. "Y-you don't have to go too fast, you know?" Her eyes drifted down to the ground as it passed by, "I don't feel like falling off and breaking my neck." That last part was immensely true. She also had the feeling that, not only would it be an awful tragedy for her, but it would most likely not be the best outcome to this whole business proposition.

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 178 comments Falsarius lightly put his heels to the horses side and their pace slowed. "It matters not, for we are arrived." He leapt off the horse and again offered his hand to help Bridgette down.

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