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The XIIIth hour at Duskland (Stories of Duskland)
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Looking for a Dark Fantasy short story FREE read?

You can win a free e-copy of The XIIIth hour at Duskland The XIIIth hour at Duskland (Stories of Duskland, #1) by Isis Sousa in this "flash giveaway"!

It is very simple to participate: the first person who comments in this thread wins!

I will contact you via private message to deliver the e-book!

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Terry Grondahl | 3 comments Ok here is my creative comment based on chaos theory or the push towards uncertainty.

message 3: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Cardin | 7 comments Doh, already a winner =)

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Terry, that was a nice comment , indeed! :) I am messaging you to give your prize!

Thomas, there will be other opportunities! I will message you on the next giveaway! :)

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