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message 1: by Dasha (new)

Dasha This book will tell men how to deal with and entertain us?

message 2: by Walter (new)

Walter Parchomenko Hello Dasha,

Thank you for your question about my Ukrainian & Russian Bride Guide. You ask if my guide is intended to help foreign men "deal with and entertain us" [Russian and Ukrainian women]. Let me stress that foreign men (sex tourists) hunting for young, Barbie-like women in these countries will be sorely disappointed by my book. My book is for serious, marriage-minded foreign men and Ukrainian and Russian women who today are typically divided and victimized by a scam-ridden minefield. More specifically, my guide treats marriage-minded men and women searching for decent, attractive partners across a cultural divide with empathy and respect, not as losers as so often is the case. Both sides are typically exploited and manipulated by many unethical and unprofessional Ukrainian and Russian dating and marriage agencies for maximum profit. My guide discourages online romances with "perfect strangers," and echoes the words of sincere Ukrainian and Russian women: "One meeting is worth a thousand emails." Importantly, it provides a detailed online and in-country roadmap to minimize dangers in this potentially life-changing search.

I hope this clears up some of your confusion, Dasha. Thank you for taking time to write.

Best wishes,
-Walter Parchomenko

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